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11:50AM | 08/02/17
How can I get a golf ball out of my bathtub drain?
The ball got suctioned to drain hole you can see the ball
It's half in the hole and half out. I can not pull it out due to the suction.


02:19PM | 08/02/17
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What methods have you tried so far? I've had some glass cups get stuck in sink drains and successfully removed them using butter knifes. Not sure how much space you have to work with between the ball and drain, but try finding something sturdy, but think like a butter knife and wedging it in between.


08:12PM | 08/06/17
There is no "suction" on the ball, because pressure is relieved through the overflow valve.

Drill a hole in the ball, at an angle, not straight down. Screw a screw in the hole, and try to "lever" or wiggle the ball out. If you don't have enough grip use two screws, at different angles.

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07:38AM | 09/01/17
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Couldnt help but see this thread. First of all how did it get there if you dont mind me asking?

The idea of drilling a hole through it above is excellent. Is there enough protruding to get purchase on it with a set of needle nose pliers?


08:18PM | 07/29/18
I sucked mine out of my kitchen sink with a vacuum hose.


10:54PM | 05/31/19
The vacuum hose is brilliant!!


05:09PM | 06/01/19
Try a 9 iron.


11:56AM | 08/09/21


05:32AM | 08/20/21
You cannot use a drill under the water so that is out. You have to own a vacuum cleaner with a hose and not all people do. You can also use a shop vac,


11:06AM | 08/28/21
My sister came over with her 3 young kids and they got one stuck in my drain as well. I too have kiddos but also ran into this situation having never had it happen before I came across this thread online and I almost was turned away till I saw the vacuum idea, though it is a simple thing to think of I was frazzled and couldn't come up with this very simple solution myself so from a mom with 2 young kids I thank you so much for the vacuum idea whomever you are lol

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