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07:48PM | 04/19/01
How can I remove a stripped bolt from my lawn mower? In trying to loosen the bolt to remove the lawn mower blade I stripped the head of the bolt. Figuring rust may have played a part I have tried WD40 but still cannot loosen the bolt with the correct size wrench nor using a vice grip. Any healp would be greatly appreciated.

Jim D

12:56AM | 04/20/01
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If most of the head of the bolt is gone, you may be forced to drill the bolt out. Take a file and flatten/smooth the top of what's left of the bolt. Use a center punch to help keep the drill bit from sliding around. Use a fairly small bit the first time, and then step up a couple sizes each time until you're about 2 sizes under the original bolt size. If you do this carefully, you won't damage the original threads and the original bolt can be removed with needle-nosed pliers (if it doesn't simply come out with the drill bit as you extract it). Good luck!


06:13PM | 04/20/01
If you know a welder or have a welding shop in your area take the mower to him, show him the broken bolt and ask him to weld a new nut onto the top of the remaining bolt, if it is done properly you will be able to remove the old bolt with no problem. Have seen my husband do this on everything from car engines to our old lawn mower. He welds to the bolt thru the hole in the new nut, really neat.


10:06AM | 04/21/01
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I'd take a run down to your local hardware store/Home Depot/Canadian Tire and pick up a bolt remover or a set of them. They are tapered and spireled CCW. You drill out the correct size hole in the bolt, insert the bolt remover, then use a wrench to remove it. The bolt remover will bit into the bolt and it should come out fairly easily. We used a set like this a fair bit when I worked in the maintenance department at an automotive plant because some bolts were over-torqued or siezed and sheared off.

Good luck.

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