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06:04AM | 03/29/03
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We are having such a terrible time trying to find options for converting under the deck to a porch area. We would like to screen in the area, since it is a walkout area. We live in Minnesota, so it would be nice to have an area that is screened in. Problem...this type of thing has not been done to often around here. We have been to Home Depot and ******* and contacted several contractors, but no one seems to understand quite what we would like.

Simply this...convert the area underneath the deck (12' x 20' x 9') into a screened in porch with a screen door. I can not find plans for this anywhere. I did not want the project to cost as much as we are quoted.

One area of concern is whether to put footings in or not. We prefer the paver look, but then we do not have the availability of a footing to build a wall to. We looked at some screen porch kits where the base just anchors into the ground, but that too is quite expensive.

Do anyone out there have any ideas or opinions on how to create something like this? Thanks in advance.


10:08AM | 03/29/03
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Let's see if I've got this right, you want what you want - but you want to pay less than it costs...

Is that all?


02:42PM | 03/29/03
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Have you considered the run off from the cracks between the decking boards? Might want to consider a system such as: Then do the screened room.


06:50PM | 05/21/07
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Awhile back a fellow Minnesotan was posing questions about how to build a screened in porch from a walkout, under an existing deck. We are looking to do the same, and having the same problems finding info about how to do it, contractors, etc. Our upper deck is 14'x 40'. We'd like to screen in the bottom, on a slab, and have a screen door to the outside. Any suggestions? Thanks.


11:37AM | 11/09/07
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Yes, I just did this in Iowa. Concrete slab was 16X20 with no footings. Did a lot of research and got city inspector to approve my plan. Anchored the walls to the slab but made the top fit in a channel so they could move up to 2.5" with heaving ground. Sistered 2X6's along side of joists with a slope from house. Screwed metal roofing to the sistered boards. Used storm doors to enclose the walls. Lots of work but worth it.


03:37PM | 07/13/16
I just did this. I used painted barn siding for the roof under the deck. Sloped it away from house into a gutter. Used existing 6x6 supports and 2x10 main beams that support deck as footprint for the walls. my finished area was approximately 27x10. cost for materials $2500


09:54PM | 07/27/16
How did you get around the requirement for footings at a cost of $2700??? My city inspector said I would have to do footings all the way around and that concrete work would be almost $10k. My idea was then to do a floating wall suspended off existing 6x6's and deck trusses. I think this will work but it won't technically be allowed bc a floating wall or deck etc, is required to have 6 inch clearance for frost heaving of ground below. I doubt that would happen and it will be built off existing 6x6's that are on their own footings. Thoughts?


12:51PM | 08/10/19
Similar issue. I have a concrete slab and want a high quality, under deck, screened in porch with door. Must have good drain system and prefer metal rimmed screen windows. (I've seen great ones in Florida.) I live near Atlanta.

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