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10:05AM | 10/03/03
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Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas about soundproofing that won't require me to tear down my walls (since I rent this apartment). I hear my neighbors getting intimate and their loud music. My apt. manager says there's not much they can do. So, I figured I'd try this site for help.
Thanks for any ideas.

Bob Jr

04:51PM | 10/05/03
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Build a false wall, frame out a 2x4 wall and install it up against the noisy wall. Lightly secure it to the original wall. Then fill it with fiberglass insulation and put some paneling over it, or drywall it if you want. You might tape record them during an intimate moment, then some sunday morning at 5:30am play it back really loud. Let them figure out it is them and I'll bet the moaning stops.

Have you tried banging on the walls to let them know you can hear them?


05:58PM | 10/05/03
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Thanks for the advice. I'll get my tool belt on soon enough. I can't stand it! And no, I haven't banged on the wall. I'm too peaceful I guess. I believe they are the type to retaliate. They are young. However, I really like your idea about recording them hehe. Thanks again, Lanee

Soundproof Bob

11:55AM | 10/16/03
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Dear Lanee,

There is an easier way to do this without quite as much framing and construction. involved and using your existing drywall in the soundproofing.
There is a material called Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) for short. It is a 1/8" thick vinyl that was designed to emmulate lead sheeting, but it contains no lead. This vinyl would be stapled to your existing drywall, or glued to a plaster wall. Then you'd caulk the seams and all the way around the perimeter of the vinyl with an acoustical caulking compound. (Acoustical is the operative word here) and then you could either paint the (MLV) with a vinyl or latex paint, or what I would recommend is layering over top of the installed (MLV) with a layer of 5/8" fire code drywall, and finally tape mud and paint.
Lanee, this should definitely keep the "Sounds of Erotica" out of your apartment. ("Sounds of Erotica" is that a Simon and Garfunkle...) never mind.
I sure hope this is the answer you are looking for. Thanks for reading.

Bob Orther
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10:44AM | 10/19/03
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Thanks Soundproof Bob. I have actually been to your site and read about that material. Things have died down next door (haven't heard the "oohs and ahhs! Thank God!)and the only annoying thing is the music. I've filed a complaint with the apartment office about the music (the bass mostly). Thanks so much for your help though. I will definitely keep that in mind. I have the site bookmarked!

Soundproof Bob

08:12AM | 10/20/03
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I am glad to hear that the noise is less annoying for you. Let me know if you need to soundproof further. I am here to help, believe me, it is not just a money thing, it is helping people like you with their soundproofing issues. The need is growing but the good soundproofing sources are not, and that's why we are still here after 25 years. Lanee, I really appreciate your post, and wish you luck no matter what you decide.

Soundproof Bob


06:51AM | 12/05/08
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Barrier is a great option, but for similar results for less money you might try Green Glue.

I work for Acoustical Solutions, and a newer product that I’ve seen hit the market is Green Glue. It is effective for both airborne noises as well as impact noises. It can go between two layers of drywall, subflooring or other building materials. It is used in a variety of applications – home theaters, recording studios, homes, etc.. It will certainly bring peace and quiet between neighbors.

-Donnie, Acoustical Solutions, Inc.
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08:12AM | 09/03/10
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Will MLV also block the high bass from the music coming through the wall? I actually want all the music from leaking through.


03:51AM | 09/08/10
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My neighbors were on my nerves with their loud music and TV. Then I decided to soundproof my room and got it done with Quietrock soundproofing drywall. It ensures that the sounds created in the room do not bother those in other rooms, and will also block sound from entering the room from outside. Now I have a noise-free room. I think you should also consider this. You’ll be insulated from most kinds of outside noise, and that will be the end of your worries!


03:56PM | 11/25/10
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Hi, I saw your post about Green Glue and I actually saw it on your website as well. I am wondering if you could tell me if it would help me, though. I can hear the sound of my neighbor's cereal hit the bowl, and when he speaks it as though he is in the same room. The wall we share is drywall, but the wall adjacent to it (though perpendicular, they make a corner) is old cement bricks. It appears there is a small space where the drywall and cement walls join, less than a cm wide, although slightly wider in the spaces between bricks. I have no interest in building a new wall, or covering the wall with anything, I am wondering if Green Glue is applicable for filling in this gap. I have never done caulking or construction, but am generally pretty capable at fixing things. So is Green Glue something I should consider, or is it strictly for gluing things together?

If you could point me in the right direction I will certainly appreciate it! Thank you!


05:19AM | 11/26/10
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MLV is a nice source of mass, but insufficient to block much if that's all you are doing. You would need to deploy a system, not just a single product


05:21AM | 11/26/10
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You would not Green Glue drywall to block. The two surfaces are too dis-similar in stiffness, so no effective damping will occur.

Green Glue is a damping compound, not an adhesive.


05:22AM | 11/26/10
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Just so people understand where he's coming from.


08:24PM | 02/09/14
Do you think moving blankets will help minimize the sounds of erotica flowing into my bedroom every night and morning> Maybe if I attach that rockwell to the back of the moving blankets before stapling to my wall, sound feasible?


10:33PM | 03/31/18
In my opinion Acoustic Curtains are great solution, regardless of whether it's about separation, isolating or preventing noise, so you can easily optimise your space. Acoustic curtains can be of different sizes and materials, serving various purposes.

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