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02:06PM | 10/23/05
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I "think" I have gone thru all the posts I could find on this subject but I haven't found what I need.

I just yesterday got a dbl.door fireplace wood burning insert. It says "Timberline" on the front with a mountain scene on it.

From past posts; I understand the company is now out of business. But, I would like to get some info. about the company ~ i.e. my new (old) insert, about how old it is?, how I may get parts, accessories for it? I need knobs and a / the surround for it.

Any and all help / info. will be "much" appreciated. :)

Brian & Nikki


12:57PM | 10/09/06
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You are correct about the Timberline Company. They were in business for about 20yrs in Winchester Va.

I was in Winchester Va a couple of weeks ago and went into the Vistor's bureau. I asked an older gentleman who was behind the counter if he knew anything about the Timberline Co.

He verified that yes they did have their plant in Winchester and about 10 yrs ago went out of business. He said the insert was very good. I have to agree. I went to Winchester around 1977 and purchased one.

I still have the stove and it works well.

Mine came with wooden handles which I replaces with flexible ring like handle with spaces in between each ring ( for a lack of a better description.) I don't recall where I got them only that I replaced the wooden handles after a year or so. The newer ones are a lot cooler.

PARTS> I don't know where you might get them but I am sure someone out there has parts.

Perhaps you might want to call the Visitors Bureau in Winchester Va. It is right in the middle of town. Town is not that big.

Perhaps the same gentleman that I spoke to would be there and could perhaps give you some help.



07:23AM | 11/05/06
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i would like to find out all about timberline fireplace inserts.i just got one.i would like to see pictures.i would also like some info on the company.


06:21PM | 12/02/06
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I've had my timerline two door fireplace since about 1993. It's not very high tech & there's not much to it parts wise. It has wood handles that've held up well. I painted white snow on the mountain peaks and tree fronds. I fabricated my own damber and fireplace baffles for installation. I fabricated front baffles fitted to the edges of the fireplace using that light gage mesh made for screen doors. You can cut it with sissors but it's heat resistant and allows air flow around the box.

Sorry, I don't know anything about the company or where to get parts. It'd probably be easier to just have them made or adapt something.


09:28PM | 10/01/14
Thay are one of the best air tight stoves for wood. We had the large wood stove and heated a very large 5 bed room home to a comfortable 75*. When properly tuned and knowing your stove we can load our stove tight and load it every 12 hours.

Dean peren

08:36AM | 11/16/14
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I have the same stove what parts do you need?


02:42PM | 12/11/14
My father worked for the company for many years. Anyone who might have questions I may be able to get some answers. I also know the owners.


08:58PM | 01/05/15
We.have a temberline wood stove and worked great until this last time. It will not burn at all even with the doors open. Does anyone have any ideas?


12:31AM | 04/06/15
my question is to the person who wrote this pist :-) im hoping that you might be able to give me some insight.... we are doing a short sale on our house, and listed it without the insert because I know that wood stoves are expensive, and obviously, we are right on money, so I was hoping to be able to sell it.... but herein lies the problem.... I don't know anything about woodstoves except that ours was amazing :-) so my question is... how much should we try to sell it for, in your opinion? You will see that the one post I could find a price on was from ebay and was like $500ish... do you think that will sell for that price? We have the blower and the wooden handle thing... I don't have an actual picture of mine right now, but looks exactly like the one in attaching. Thank you Shi much for any help you can provide.

02:42PM | 12/11/14
My father worked for the company for many years. Anyone who might have questions I may be able to get some answers. I also know the owner
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12:33AM | 04/06/15
Geez - sorry for all of the typos - I swear im not an idiot, just have trouble typing on a smartphone :-)


10:04AM | 06/07/15
would like to replace box with fan[noisey]


07:25PM | 01/06/16
I just bought a house with a timberline woodburning insert. The second and third time we tried to make a fire the smoke just poured into the house. Yes the flue (sp?) was open. The smoke was also coming up through the opening by the flue lever. Does anyone know why this would happen? We closed the doors to control the smoke. Once we did that the smoke stopped coming out of all openings.
Can someone help. My husbands ready to loose it.


11:44PM | 03/13/16
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Does anyone have a picture of their Timberline with the knobs or know what I might use for knobs? I haven't used it yet because I'm not exactly sure where the flue is and which way is open/closed. I bought a house with a Timberline and previous owner put wood knobs on and they don't fit so they fall off when you want to use it. Thanks so much



10:12AM | 10/28/18
Can a insert be used as a regular wood burner if I weld some legs on it ?


04:54PM | 02/19/20
Has anyone ever found out if parts are available for these stoves? Mine dates back to 1980 and still works great but am looking for a screen.


01:50PM | 10/29/20
I just bought a house with an Timberline double door wood stove and can't seem to get it to burn properly. I see that some other people have had the same issues from reading the other posts on this forum...

Has anyone else been able to figure out the excessive smoke/lack of burning issues with them?

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