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06:09AM | 07/21/04
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I may have asked this question last year, but here it goes again as the problem has come back.

First off, to set the stage, the dryer is electric and dries clothes just fine, its a KitchenAid that is vented with straight pipe about 12 feet through an exterior wall with a louvered vent cap.

Problem is that sometimes after drying clothes, mabey a couple of days later, my wife opens the dryer and ther is about 1/8" to 1/4" of standing water in the drum and the lint filter is saturated with water.

If have a couple of theories but want to hear some ideas from others.

Also mabey worth noting, the vent pipe is drafted to the exterior wall, the louver cap is opening and closing just fine. The vent pipe leaves the laundry room and runs into the garage then through the exterior brick wall.

As I stated before , the dryer works fine and dries just a quick as the day I purchased it.

And no, I am not drunk and looking at the washing machine as suggested by my brother when I called him.

Many thanks in advance.



09:47AM | 07/21/04
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Sounds to me like condensation is forming. That most often occurs from a plugged, partially plugged or poorly installed (see the following link) dryer vent. That however in most cases causes a buildup in the vent itself but you never know. If the room where the dryer is located is air conditioned, it may make matter worse.


The only other possibility I can think of is maybe animals are using the dryer as a litter box.

Dan O.

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11:03AM | 07/21/04
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Length is not the issue, I am only around 15 feet , its a kitchenAid and the vent system has no (zero) elbows. the vent pipe is pvc (4"). The laundry room is conditioned with the vent pipe running through the wall into the Garage for 14 feet adn then through the exterior brick wall. I installed it myself, and know it has slope to the outside.

The dryer dries the clothes just fine in as quick as it ever did. no problems there.

I am just confused as can be about this,. I am a mechanical engineer and have actually performed an ambient air pressure test on the laundry room to see if it could be going negative and pulling moisture from outside or within the pipe. It is not doing that, I maintain positive pressure within the space.

I do appreciate the response, but no dice , the vent is clean and clear.

However I do have one question, would the PVC pipe vent cause more moisture (condensation) than a metal vent pipe??

I should already know this, but I dont.




11:04AM | 07/21/04
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No animals, and no hard liquour when I open the dryer!! :)


02:25PM | 07/21/04
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** would the PVC pipe vent cause more moisture (condensation) than a metal vent pipe?? **

I don't think so but it is not the preferred material to be used. Many technicians find that lint can 'cling' to it causing it to develop build-ups more easily.

Sorry but I have no idea where your problem lies.

Dan O.

plumber Tom

03:02PM | 07/21/04
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There are different types of pvc pipe available. If it's the foam core type, that may explain the condensation. IMO i would re-do the entire dryer vent in 26 gauge rigid snap pipe. A lesser gauge is acceptable on dryer vents, but the 26 will be more durable.


02:04AM | 07/22/04
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Its PVC thin wall sewer pipe, but has zero lint accumulation in it. I just dont understand it.



08:38AM | 09/01/13
We are having the same problem with our dryer and this is the first year it has ever done this. My husband has checked everything and we have a whirlpool dryer.


11:43PM | 06/17/14
We have a whirlpool dryer and have the same exact problem as biscuit ... Same set up same exact thing happening ... Can't explain it


01:45PM | 08/23/14
We just had the same problem this morning. just started troubleshooting it. still need to check for clogged lint. pretty sure the cat has not used it ;) lint trap has moisture and a little standing water in it too. ????


03:08PM | 08/27/14
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I just started to have water in my dryer as well this year. Has happened twice so far after a storm. It's electric, have the accordian tubing in a mobile home. Repair guy checked to see if the tubing was plugged but he said it was putting out heat from the vent. Am starting to have a bad bearing, but that's probably a different problem. Any more ideas??


12:10PM | 06/29/15
I'm having the same problem with my whirlpool dryer. I've had it a year with no issues until last week when I returned from vacation and had standing water inside. It's happened 2 more times since then! Has anyone found a solution?


12:29PM | 07/07/15
My gas Whirlpool dryer also gets condensation inside during the summer. Our repairman couldn't find anything wrong and suggested that we change the outside vent.


12:03PM | 07/18/15
Having the same problem. I also found that I have condensation building on the outside of my ducts in the basement (dryer is in the basement). I think I have outside hot most air leaking into the basement causing excessive humidity...only a summer problem so far, so I think it has nothing to do with the actual dryer.


03:24PM | 07/20/15
We just changed the vent cover outside (the old flap had broken off) and I've come to the conclusion that the water in my dryer drum (and occasionally on my lint trap) is from the humidity in the summer. The vent cover I have now is rather flimsy compared to what I had before so I think that makes the most sense.


04:14PM | 07/25/15
same problem with our lg. i weather from outside, coming in to our dryer from outside and then the cool, almost cold house we keep in the summer, this is causing condensation. possible?


02:58PM | 07/30/15
We are having the same problem and we just rebuilt the entire house after a fire. Additionally, about half of our ac vents are condensing and steadily dripping. It's odd because some rooms with multiple vents will only have one condensing. Help?


10:30PM | 09/21/15
Just encountered same problem. It's a whirlpool and has a steam cycle which means there is a water line hooked to dryer. Unhook water line


11:05AM | 07/06/16
We have the same problem. GE.. Have had vent hood replaced. put a flap type plastic thing on inside at dryer. And have had dryer checked out. New Home.. New Dryer. No lint build up.. not blocked. Still tons of condensation in the dryer in drum and lint catcher. I am stumped. We live in Texas.. humidity is ridiculous and dryer is in laundry room where it is air conditioned. But we've owned about 5 homes, never had this issue. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


07:00AM | 07/07/16
Had the same issue. Fixed it. The duct (exhaust line) was the aluminum coil type, replaced it with smooth metal. Outside flapper was fairly new, but in the HOT humid air of Florida it must leak a little and allow hot moist air in - we keep the home cool. My dryer looked as if it was raining inside it! The old duct (exhaust) had wet lint inside the entire length. My dryer is only 1 year old. The previous one started to stink BAD (20 yrs old) so we threw it away. Now I realize it is the high humidity of Fla and the wrong exhaust plus flapper on the exterior of the home that created the issue. If you don't want to ruin your dryer better replace the exhaust lines and exterior flapper. Also, make sure to vacuum out the back of the dryer before attaching the new line. My exhaust line was short, about 8 feet. Also it was about 2 years since I replaced it. With the new smooth metal, all I will need to do is vacuum it out every 6 months to 1 year. The dryer doesn't "rain" anymore!


07:03AM | 07/07/16
Had the same issue. Fixed it. The duct (exhaust line) was the aluminum coil type, replaced it with smooth metal. Outside flapper was fairly new, but in the HOT humid air of Florida it must leak a little and allow hot moist air in - we keep the home cool. My dryer looked as if it was raining inside it! The old duct (exhaust) had wet lint inside the entire length. My dryer is only 1 year old. The previous one started to stink BAD (20 yrs old) so we threw it away. Now I realize it is the high humidity of Fla and the wrong exhaust plus flapper on the exterior of the home that created the issue. If you don't want to ruin your dryer better replace the exhaust lines and exterior flapper. Also, make sure to vacuum out the back of the dryer before attaching the new line. My exhaust line was short, about 8 feet. Also it was about 2 years since I replaced it. With the new smooth metal, all I will need to do is vacuum it out every 6 months to 1 year. The dryer doesn't "rain" anymore!


12:02PM | 08/14/16
yes, I have recently discovered water in my dryer. It's been very hot and humid. Our laundry room is air conditioned but the door is always open. I thought condensation but wow that's a lot of condensating. I just wipe it out but it takes longer for the clothes to dry. whaaatttt????


01:05AM | 08/26/16
Mine does same thing. Technician came by. Common problems especially on new appliances. He told me condensation I can maybe change the outside vent make sure vent closes but that's all he told me nothing more to solve problem


12:47PM | 08/04/18
Same issue with a new dryer, cleaned the whole vent tube. Old dryer did not have this issue


03:15PM | 08/08/18
Found my issue. Old dryer no issues. New dryer has issues but those issues didn’t show up till humid rainy season. We did have the vent line cleaned before summer. I was stumped. I went under house and followed the vent line ( I had set dryer to run while I was looking) and found the vent pipe separated underneath the house by a two inch gap. Still enough pressure to open the flap on the outside vent to appears all was good. When the dryer was off the humid air was going into pipe and cause condensation on the inside of the dryer. The dryer of course is cool since a/c is on. Once I fixed the gap and sealed it up, no more issues.


02:40PM | 01/27/19
I just moved in to a newly constructed house in Fort Myers Florida. Our electric Whirlpool clothes dryer collects water in the drum after using it. We remove the clothes and then next time we go to use it we notice the water. The problem is this only happens in the summertime when the humidity is high. We did not experience this any other time. Whirlpool engineer was out and checked and they have no idea. To me it there seems to be a venting problem.


11:10AM | 07/09/19
I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue! I live in Tampa, FL and had my dryer vents cleaned for the first time since I moved into my unit. Now, I have water in my dryer. I didn't when I had it cleaned in January (when it's not so humid) but now in June/July, I have water and condensation accumulating in my dryer. I had the vent cleaner folks come out and clean the vents again... they were not clogged though at all. I'm chalking it up to being super clean now and the humid air is causing the condensation in my cold house. I keep it pretty cool in here. I'm leaving my dryer door opened up a little to see if that helps at all. Best of luck to you all. I should mention my dryer is only 4 years old also...


09:04PM | 07/20/19
I am experiencing the same issue, for the first time this summer. After taking the old vent accordion type pipe off to examine it, I discovered it was full of damp lint. Headed to Home Depot and bought a new pipe, accordion type again but more heavy duty. It is only had one right angle turn from the dryer and then straight through the brick wall; possibly 5 feet, total.

I live in Birmingham, al and it has indeed been extremely humid but no more than usual. Since the moisture doesn’t show up until a day after a load to dry, I’m thinking the humidity must be backdrafting into the pipe.

Will be headed back to Home Depot or Lowes for a better solution.


03:57PM | 07/31/19
My daughter has a dryer and it has water in it also how do you clean the water out and how long do you have to wait before you can use it again


02:25PM | 08/07/19
My dryer vent run s through my roof. Any ideas on how to see if its clogged?


04:16PM | 08/08/19
I live in Louisiana and I'm dealing with this as well on the outside of the dryer on my new floors. It also full ofvqater in the inside as if a cup of qater was tossed inside.


04:18PM | 08/08/19
I live in Louisiana and I'm dealing with this as well on the outside of the dryer on my new floors. It also full of water in the inside as if a cup of water was tossed inside.


10:17PM | 08/08/19
I have a new home. Moved in in Feb. 2019.
Brand new dryer. It’s clear of kinks and no lent clogs. It’s only 6 months old. I have moisture in lent tray, exhaust tube, and now on drum. Drys great and blows clean out of outside vent. Been told the same thing. That people are replying to you. Your not crazy.


05:33PM | 08/11/19
I live in Fairhope, Alabama and my brand new Maytag dryer is having the same issues....condensation inside the drum and on the lint tray. I never once had this issue with my old dryer. My vent pipe goes straight up through my attic and then through the roof. My laundry room is in the center of my house. I've had my dryer vent cleaned twice in the past year, but as stated, condensation was never in my old dryer even after the cleanings. It is extremely hot and humid here. It doesn't take long for our clothes to dry and theres always a lot of lent on the lent tray when the clothes are done. But, when I open the dryer to put the clothes in, I have to wipe all the water out, let the lint tray dry out and keep the dryer door open for a bit before putting the clothes in. When it rains, the condensation is even worse in my new dryer, that I've had for a little over a month.


08:42PM | 08/24/19
My dryer is a GE has dryer it's doing the same thing yours is doing. The vent is cleaned by a professional. The first 2 years it didn't do this just after 2 and half years. I have had GE out and they didn't do anything but tell me to clean the lint. I had no lint. It's still like a river when not in use. What to do?


08:42PM | 08/24/19
Also mine is gas dryer


09:34PM | 08/25/19
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A long running thread! I have water in a new gas dryer in Tampa. I had the problem in an old Whirlpool unit as well. One thing that does seem to control it for me is to always leave the dryer door open when not in use.

Looking up the thread, it isn't clear if smooth wall vent pipe will solve it, nor does trapped lint appear to consistently be the cause of it.

Not sure what to do. the condo I live in is offering to provide a booster fan if I run electric to that location, but the problem doesn't seem related to actually doing a load of laundry. It affects the dryer when the door is closed for a couple of days without using it.

I also agree this problem is from the warmest, most humid period in the summertime and not the other seasons.


12:53PM | 08/27/19
I have realize this is an old post but my 2016 Maytag Bravo's is having standing water and it actually fried my heating coils and therostat. Got that fixed and it's happening again. I unplugged the minute I saw the 1/4" water in my drum. Dryer vent is also wet. I cleaned out the external vent best I could. Yes, my dryer area has very cold floor vent right in front of it. I am finding water on side of dryer. It's in a very tight washer/dryer area. I wanted to open it and see but it's alot if trouble. I'm a female but I've been the handy man to whatever goes wrong. No choice. Meaning, if your can diy it I will. Help. I can't afford another repair bill.


10:07PM | 09/03/19
Also having the problem for the first time this evening. GE dryer, but it sounds like brand doesn’t matter. I live in West Palm Beach and we have been getting rain from the feeder bands from Hurricane Dorian for the last 2 days. Air is blowing through the vent like a champ. I’m inclined to think that the humidity outside feeding into a closed dryer is the issue. I would appreciate feedback on whether this is an intermittent issue based on weather.


07:08AM | 09/11/19
I am also having this problem with a brand new dryer in a newly built apartment building. Noticed condensation dripping down the glass of the door on the inside. Opened the door and there was condensation inside the drum with about 3 tablespoons of water sitting in the bottom. Then I found a puddle on the floor. Lint screen was also damp. I now keep a cotton towel in the dryer to absorb the moisture, and I turn the dryer on to dry out the towel every couple days. Shouldn't have to do this but maintenance can't figure it out. I may ask them to add a vent booster which is something I found thru Google. Darnedest problem I've seen in my 60+ years.


12:09PM | 09/11/19
We are having the same problem with a brand new stainless LG dryer. Our vent runs straight through the wall to the outside brick. The vent is plastic and doesn't close all the way and I think this is why we are getting condensation. I think it deteriorated due to the sun. I just bought a metal vent that has a weighted closure so I am hoping this will "seal the deal". At least the Alabama sun won't have me replacing this one every year! Wish me luck!


06:30PM | 09/11/19
We are experiencing the same issue. We have a new Speed Queen dryer with new vent piping. There is moisture occasionally in the drum. I think it has more to do with the automatic moisture cycle instead of using a timed cycle. A little extra time seems to blow all the moisture out the vent.


03:01PM | 09/21/19
Check your lint trap. In mine, when I saw water in the drum, I scrubbed the lint trap with hot soapy water as per the manual. The problem is now solved. Remember, FABRIC SOFTENERS AND SOFTENER sheets have an oily substance on them. If you don't scrub the lint trap with a nylon brush and hot soapy water periodically, you will end up with this problem. READ THE OWNER'S MANUAL.


03:00AM | 06/30/20
Hi I have a question when you are doing your clothes and it's a little bit wet ant you put it on 20 because it's small and you don't want it to be to long what if it says Add water and it keeps on flashing red and white what does that mean because I an freacking out beacuse it can probably start a fire and the dryer is super hot


05:15PM | 07/10/20
I’m having the same problem. Seems to happen only during the summer when it gets really hot & high humidity. Mine vents through the roof. I’m supposing it’s because it’s extremely hot in my attic & causing condensation inside the vent pipe which leaks into my dryer.


10:40PM | 07/17/20
I guess I’ll join the thread and say this is happening for me too. Whirlpool dryer. We bought a brand new house last April (2019), washer and dryer were included from the builder. No issues last year, or up until about June 2020. Started getting a musty smell from the dryer if we didn’t use it for a couple days. Took the whole dryer apart, scrubbed the lint trap, washed out the rigid flex pipe, cleaned the vent from the roof to the laundry room. 1 week later, we have a smell and more heavy condensation in our dryer. Very weird it randomly starts. I’m going to sum it up to the heavy humidity in north Texas this year. I have been on the roof while the dryer is running and it blows plenty of air through it.


03:40PM | 08/01/20
Just had this start after proactively cleaning the vent. Seems like it might be a combo of:

1) Hot and humid weather
2) Quasi-open outdoor vent
3) Recent storm


01:45PM | 08/09/20
South Georgia has been experiencing the worst heat this summer! Im hoping that when fall comes, problem will be solved. Seems we are all experiencing the same issue, I couldnt believe opened my dryer, to find water inside. Think im going try leaving door open when not in use


03:17PM | 09/09/20
Same problem in Florida. Terrible and handyman cant find anything wrong. The vent was clean, barely any lint.


12:50AM | 09/12/20
Wow! This thread has been going for 16 years!?
Interesting to see so many people (like myself) are having the same problem.
Alot of you live in FL. I'm in VA and it has certainly been humid and nasty this summer. My dryer is probably close to 20 years old. This is the first year we have ever had the issue of standing water in the drum.
I don't even have to have recently dried anything. Its like a rainforest in there!
From what most others were experiencing this is obviously weather/season related. Check for holes in the vent tubing or faulty vent exhaust.
I now have some good ideas of what to look for on my own dryer.
Thanks internet


06:37PM | 09/13/20
Hope this doesn't sound crazy. But once you get the problem solved, how do you get all the water out?


03:33PM | 10/08/20
Short term solution is to keep the door open a little. If I close the door it accumulates the moisture. That’s how I keep mine dry until I can find a permanent solution.


05:25PM | 11/21/20
Well, I live in South Georgia and I am having this same issue. I used the dryer for a couple of small loads this morning....then just now I checked to see if my last load was dry. I opened the door and when I leaned over to check, water dripped on my arm. I looked and the inside of the door was very damp (like condensation) and the clothes were not even half dry. Mine is a Cabrio Whirlpool and is 5 years old.
My first dryer ever (back in 1970) was a used one I bought from the appliance lasted 20 years!!! We finally broke down and bought a matching set. I am really telling my age; however, stuff doesn't last as long as it once did!


03:32PM | 06/24/21
Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I just started having it and it is driving me insane! My dryer is only a year old I don’t understand it.


12:04PM | 06/28/21
I have been having the same problem..and no I'm not drunk ..or seeing things even tho my roommate has insisted that I was.
It's a real problem.


10:44PM | 07/05/21
Hey BOB VILA... This is your site. Can't you respond to any of these posts and give us some insight????


04:57PM | 07/15/21
Same problem in MO; moisture in lent trap all week between wash days even when I leave the door open. There is also a strong draft coming up out of the lint trap opening. I believe that condensation from high humidity and backdrafting is probably the problem. I appreciate all the input of people trying to troubleshoot this problem. It very well may help us solve ours. We just moved here about seven months ago, and the washer dryer are very new. It is a Samsung dryer.


11:49AM | 07/17/21
I live in KS and just bought a new whirlpool dryer last summer and am having these same issues for the first time ever during this summer. I have had other dryers and never have had this issue of a damp lint screen and condensation in the dryer drum. I have already addressed several of these ideas and so far nothing is working. Will keep trying, thanks everyone!


06:38PM | 08/06/21
I live in NJ and had the same problem. I solved it by installing a Fantech dryer exhaust fan on the outer wall and wiring it to a home automation switch using SmartThings. I set the switch to check the published outdoor humidity for my zip code and when it’s above a certain level the switch turns on and when below it turns off. This prevents any humid air from entering the dryer from the outside. Works great.


03:00PM | 08/10/21
There were two people who answered the thread and both had exterior vent pipe separation even tho the flow of air was good out of the outside vent …I’ve just cleaned the entire thing and still
Got water in it …I’m going on a search for a seaparated pipe


05:32PM | 08/10/21
I live in FL and started having this problem too. Most of the roof dryer vent covers have flaps which are supposed to cover the dryer vent but they don’t do a good job (if you ask me) and here is why: On these roof dryer vent covers there is a 1/8”-1/4” gap around the flap covering the dryer vent which allows the outside air to get in the dryer vent when the dryer is not in use. I am considering to replace my roof dryer vent cover with a kind that has a flap that covers the dryer vent tight leaving no gaps for air to enter the dryer vent when the dryer is not in use. So far I found only 1 such roof dryer vent cover - Robert’s Roof Vent - and I am still looking.
Some people told me that 1/8”-1/4” gap is not big enough to create condensation in the dryer and that the whole flap would have to be open to cause that condensation in the dryer but the dryer vent cleaning tech told me that he observed that the flap is not stuck-open on my roof dryer vent cover, the vent is clean, there is no screen and no breaks in the dryer vent. So, it’s got to be the gap and probably negative pressure in my home that sucks the outside air in the dryer vent through the gap around the flap.


01:29AM | 08/11/21
You all need to probably have your air conditioner balanced. Your house should be in a very slight pressure when the air is running. I feel like some may be in a slight vacuum and that will cause it to pull air from any hole it can find including the vent tube. But this may not solve it but may be worth looking into.


01:53PM | 08/12/21
We need to balance the air conditioner? I think it could be it. Good thinking! Thank you for your advice! I'l be checking this theory with my ac company.


04:59PM | 08/16/21
How do you balance the AC? The company who serves my AC did not know what it means "to balance AC", unless it means the AC should be a proper size for your house size. Is there anything alse to it?


06:26PM | 09/19/21
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Here is what I observed: when my AC is running, the dryer is sucking the outside air in. When my AC is not running, my dryer is not sucking the outside air in. Easy to conclude: my AC is creating a negative pressure for some reason.


12:27AM | 09/22/21
Does "to balance AC" mean to balance the air pressure the AC is creating in a home? Meaning to balance the amount of air going out and returning?


04:32PM | 10/12/21
Just keeping this thread going.... I don't live in Florida or Texas like many of the commenters. I'm in San Francisco and have an old Maytag gas drier. Every once in a while, I'll find the dried up residue of dirty water in the bottle of the drum. No A/C here, so it's not that. I wonder if it's the wind blowing moist air back down the vent hose.


05:43PM | 10/12/21
Did you ever figure what the water and condensation was. Also heat? 2 days after using g our Kenmore Elite digital, we have the same thing and recently changed out the vent. It is just 2 feet to the outside wall and we have lived here 24 years w no problem. My son said unplug it, it could be dangerous.


01:05PM | 10/19/21
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I am still researching.

In your case, seems like the installation of the new dryer vent could indeed have something to do with the condensation in the dryer.

My problem with condensation in the dryer started after they replaced the roof and the dryer vent hood on the roof. I suspect that maybe a big ball of lint was pulled out the dryer vent when they installed the new dryer vent hood on the roof, and the outside air now can go into the dryer vent easily reaching the dryer.


10:59PM | 11/19/21
Stick a dry hand towel in the drum. Wash and dry it when doing laundry. It seems to act as a wick preventing the moisture from pooling in the drum during the summer months.

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