06:09AM | 07/21/04
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I may have asked this question last year, but here it goes again as the problem has come back.

First off, to set the stage, the dryer is electric and dries clothes just fine, its a KitchenAid that is vented with straight pipe about 12 feet through an exterior wall with a louvered vent cap.

Problem is that sometimes after drying clothes, mabey a couple of days later, my wife opens the dryer and ther is about 1/8" to 1/4" of standing water in the drum and the lint filter is saturated with water.

If have a couple of theories but want to hear some ideas from others.

Also mabey worth noting, the vent pipe is drafted to the exterior wall, the louver cap is opening and closing just fine. The vent pipe leaves the laundry room and runs into the garage then through the exterior brick wall.

As I stated before , the dryer works fine and dries just a quick as the day I purchased it.

And no, I am not drunk and looking at the washing machine as suggested by my brother when I called him.

Many thanks in advance.



09:47AM | 07/21/04
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Sounds to me like condensation is forming. That most often occurs from a plugged, partially plugged or poorly installed (see the following link) dryer vent. That however in most cases causes a buildup in the vent itself but you never know. If the room where the dryer is located is air conditioned, it may make matter worse.


The only other possibility I can think of is maybe animals are using the dryer as a litter box.

Dan O.

The Appliance Information Site



11:03AM | 07/21/04
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Length is not the issue, I am only around 15 feet , its a kitchenAid and the vent system has no (zero) elbows. the vent pipe is pvc (4"). The laundry room is conditioned with the vent pipe running through the wall into the Garage for 14 feet adn then through the exterior brick wall. I installed it myself, and know it has slope to the outside.

The dryer dries the clothes just fine in as quick as it ever did. no problems there.

I am just confused as can be about this,. I am a mechanical engineer and have actually performed an ambient air pressure test on the laundry room to see if it could be going negative and pulling moisture from outside or within the pipe. It is not doing that, I maintain positive pressure within the space.

I do appreciate the response, but no dice , the vent is clean and clear.

However I do have one question, would the PVC pipe vent cause more moisture (condensation) than a metal vent pipe??

I should already know this, but I dont.




11:04AM | 07/21/04
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No animals, and no hard liquour when I open the dryer!! :)


02:25PM | 07/21/04
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** would the PVC pipe vent cause more moisture (condensation) than a metal vent pipe?? **

I don't think so but it is not the preferred material to be used. Many technicians find that lint can 'cling' to it causing it to develop build-ups more easily.

Sorry but I have no idea where your problem lies.

Dan O.

plumber Tom

03:02PM | 07/21/04
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There are different types of pvc pipe available. If it's the foam core type, that may explain the condensation. IMO i would re-do the entire dryer vent in 26 gauge rigid snap pipe. A lesser gauge is acceptable on dryer vents, but the 26 will be more durable.


02:04AM | 07/22/04
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Its PVC thin wall sewer pipe, but has zero lint accumulation in it. I just dont understand it.



08:38AM | 09/01/13
We are having the same problem with our dryer and this is the first year it has ever done this. My husband has checked everything and we have a whirlpool dryer.


11:43PM | 06/17/14
We have a whirlpool dryer and have the same exact problem as biscuit ... Same set up same exact thing happening ... Can't explain it


01:45PM | 08/23/14
We just had the same problem this morning. just started troubleshooting it. still need to check for clogged lint. pretty sure the cat has not used it ;) lint trap has moisture and a little standing water in it too. ????
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