04:11PM | 01/25/05
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Our celing fan with light has a remote that stopped working a few months ago. The battery has been changed but it still doesn't work. I don't see any company/model name on the fan but the remote says 'Hampton Bay Fan & Lighting company". The house is only 6 years old so the fan can't be older than that. Would anyone know how to fix this? Is there a customer service # that I could call. I can't seem to find the contact information / website by google-ing.


Jim D

11:55PM | 01/25/05
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NM2005 - hi, I have one of those remote-controlled ceiling fan/light fixtures in my home. It replaced another ceiling fan. When the installer put it in, he advised us not to turn off the fan/light by using the existing wall switch that controlled the previous fixture. He said doing so would eventually ruin the remote sensor that communicates with the fixture. We control it strictly via the remote control unit.

My wife bought the fan at H_ome D_epot so you should be able to get the customer service number and/or website info by asking the folks in the store working in that area. As far as getting the model/serial number off your unit, it's most likely on the base area where it attaches to the ceiling - meaning you'll have to pull the fixture down temporarily to get at the info. I'm certain you won't get any troubleshooting help from the manufacturer without the info.

I hope this gives you a little help - good luck! Jim D/West Point, VA


11:41AM | 02/08/05
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I was able to track down some phone numbers as I'm having the same problem.

Hampton Bay Customer Service : 877-527-0313

for motor problems.

General Home Products : 877-898-1881

For remote operation problems.


09:45AM | 10/03/15
turn off power and within 30 seconds of turning it on hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds and it resets it


09:10AM | 04/16/17
I suffered for months and in two seconds, you just solved my remote problem! Thanks for taking the time to post that solution!


12:31PM | 04/22/17
Our remote does not have an off button


08:03AM | 04/29/17
That didn't work for me, any other suggestions? My fan and light work if I turn them on by the switch but I can't control anything, the light is on and the fan is on high.


06:55PM | 05/15/17
I have been fighting with this fan remote forever, 10 seconds holding down the fan off button worked! Thank you!


07:48PM | 06/04/17
Thanks for the post. I have a wall mounted remote (uses a 9V battery) which stopped working. I replaced the battery in the wall mount but nothing. Then I followed this post (breaker off then on, then within 30 seconds held the off button down on the wall control for 10 + seconds)and it works again.



10:13PM | 06/08/17
On my remote the fan controls work but not the light. Anyone know the fix for it?


11:12AM | 06/12/17
No matter what i try, power on/off, hold down off switch, etc, remote will not turn fan on. The only click i hear on the fan is when i hit the "reverse" button on remote, but it still doesnt turn on


08:08PM | 06/16/17
Everything works on mine except the low speed on the fan.I tried the power-off/fan-off reset technique but it didn't help.

(I turned power off at the wall switch - is it supposed to be that or the circuit-breaker? .... which is two floors away! In my mid 70's, can I make it up two flights in 30 sec? Hmmm ....)


09:56PM | 07/31/17
After reading the posts I tried the power off/on and pressing the off switch it didn't work but when I told my wife that the remote had to be synced to the sensor in the fan she opened the remote where she had replaced the battery and realized she had moved one of the code settings. She moved it back down and tried the fan and it now works.


06:42PM | 12/10/17
I could not get my fan remote to work for a had been finicky and stopped responding to the buttons. I tried replacing the battery because the red light seemed to look like it was dying, but that didn't work. I played with the little dip switch things on the back of the remote next to the battery....but put them back in the original position when I found out those didn't do anything. Once the dip switches were in the right position, I turned the light switch off, then held the OFF button for 10 seconds. Then I turned on the light switch and the remote started working again! Thank you!!!


08:01PM | 12/12/17
The tip posted about turning off power and back on by holding the fan button worked for me. Thanks for posting!


11:54PM | 01/22/18
Great fix thx!!


10:15PM | 03/03/18
My Hampton Bay fan also stopped responding to the remote. I did exactly what you said with the stop button and it worked!!! Thank you!!!! The internet is really great sometimes! - Jess in NYC


11:54AM | 03/12/18
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Our fan remote works to operate the fan but not the light. For a while we could get it to work by pressing another button at the same time as the light button, but that no longer works. I got a new remote, exactly the same as the old one. I didn't install the new receiver that came with it, but the new remote operates the the same as the old one: it operates the fan but not the light. I tried the reset trick given here but it didn't work. Help?


09:42PM | 03/13/18
I tried the trick of holding the "Fan Off" button for 10 seconds and it fixed it!!!! Unbelievable! We've suffered for 6 months over this!!! Thank you!


04:39PM | 03/16/18
Member Since: 03/16/18
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I have same issue as fishppp. Fan works but not lights. Anyone have a solution?


05:11PM | 04/28/18
I Googled how to fix. Turned off breaker for approx 30 seconds. Pushed on off for 10 seconds, nothing. Pulled ceiling fan cord, and now it all works except the light button. I'm just really glad to have fan back! Thank you!!
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