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10:50PM | 08/11/06
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I had lightning strike the house and my 10 yr old craftsman stopped working.

I bought a new 1/2 hp but of course, its a new model.

The new model doesn't come with the outdoor keypad or wall mount control, however, my old one came with it and is already installed in my house.

Now, I installed the new unit but forgot where the wires go on the terminals!

The manual, of course, doesn't say where to put which wire. I have a bunch of wires coming from cieling... probably a total of 6 , maybe more.

Wire are:

White w/ blue

White w/ red

White solid

Anyone know which wires go to which terminal??


05:17AM | 08/12/06
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GDO's are packaged with different optionsn for different marketing.

Typically either a basic with only one remote or one with 2 remotes and wall mount keypad.

The wall mount keypad is just another remote that uses a keypad to activate it. If it is of the same technology as the new one (Security Plus) the GDO can be programed to use it.

If you have the model number of your odl one you can look it up here.


Recheck package and if you don't find it RETURN THE OPENER and get one that is complete.

That said the the basic function (opening) will work with any wall mounted switch the new ones have other functions (light and lock-out) that may are may not be compatible with your existing one.

Now as to your question. GDO's only need two wires and come with a 2 wire cable. I can guess that the 3 wires was prewired by the builder.

So you need to remove the wall mounted switch and see which wires are used.


04:50PM | 08/12/06
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thx for reply bill.

My old GDO came packaged with 2 car remotes, 1 wallmount and one external mount keypad for outside of garage.

I have sears do the installation for this unit.

When I went to sears yesterday, I saw 2 packages:

1 - comes with 2 remotes, wallmount + outside keypad

2 - comes with 2 remotes and one remote for internal garage mount.

I chose to buy pkg #2 because it was $50 cheaper and I already have the wallmount + external keypad.

Make sense?

So, Now, All I'm doing is replaceing the motor unit with a new unit.

The new unit looks exactly the same as the old one and has 3 wire connection screws (1,2,3)

I wish I had written down where which wire connected on the old one so I could simply re-connect the proper wire where it was previously connected on the old unit.

However, I did not.

So, that's why I'm just trying to figure out which wire goes where...


04:54PM | 08/12/06
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yes, the new unit i purchased did indeed come with wallmount remote, sorry.

However, it is not the SAME wallmount remote as I CURRENTLY have.

The one I have is a bigger wallmount remote and has functionality to turn on/off the light on the GDO unit.

The new unit I purchased, only has a single switch function which ONLY opens/closes the GDO.

Hope that clears it up...


07:15PM | 08/12/06
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I checked again and here are the exact wires coming from the cieling.

There are 3 wires coming from the cieling of my garage... each one of those wires is stripped to reveal several smaller wires within each wire.

Here are the smaller wires I need to hookup to either terminal 1, 2 or 3.

white with orange

white with blue

solid orange

solid blue

So, there are 4 types of wires.

Again, these wires were wired up to my OLD unit and all I want to do is wire them back like thy were to my new unit.

I have searched the internet over n over and also scoured through 2 manuals but none of them seem to mention any of these wire hookups!


08:43PM | 08/12/06
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OK you have 3 different CABLES.

How I don't know what you have with only 3 terminals on the opener.

I looked at the manuals for a belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive Chamberlain units. Chamberlain make the Sears units are are very, very similar in design. But all of them use 4 terminals, 2 for the safety sensor and 2 for the wall control.

But maybe we can work this backwards.

I am going to ask a lot of questions so print this out so that you can answer them when you are in the garage.

Lets start with the cables. The cables might have a sheating on them. That is an outter plastic coating or they might be just 2 paraellel wires bonded together like lamp cord is. If it is sheathed give me both the color of the sheathing and color of the each wire that is in it.

Note, none of these colors are mean anything in these selve. I am trying to match them up to what they are connected to.

Cable #1 What are the colors.

Cable #2 What are the colors.

Cable #3 What are the colors.

Now look the safety sensor on the right side of the door (looking out). What cable/wires are connected to it. If the wires that come out of it a short distanace and then connet to one of the cables then I need to know both the color of each wire out of the sensor and what color wire that it connects to on the cable.

The same for the sensor on the left.

Remote the wall remote and what color wires are connected to it? And look at the terminals. If they have any marking by them such what are the markings and what color wire is connected it to it.

If your wall remote is like mine then there is a large lighted button in the top and the mounting screw is being that. You need to remove the button. Use a flat bladed screw driver to pop it on each side at the top.

Look at page 15 of this manual to see what I mean.

What is the model number of the new opener (and of the old one if you still have it)?

Now look in your manual. There will a place about installing the wall control. What color wires does it show bein used and which terminals on the wall remote does it show being connected to. And which terminals on the opener does it show they are connected to.

Likewise give me all of the same for the safety sensors.


09:06PM | 08/12/06
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I will reply to you tomorrow morning Bill with the information you have requested.

thank you very much for ur help... this has been puzzling me for days


09:07AM | 08/13/06
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Here is the information, please let me know if you need anything more:

One thing I'd like to note, that my house was "pre-wired" for a GDO when the OLD GDO was installed by sears.

OLD GDO Unit Model: 139.53644SRT

NEW GDO Unit Model: 139.53910D

Here is the wiring I found on the keypads/sensors:

Note: each sensor has 2 wires coming out of the back, they are solid white and solid black wire. Both of those wires are connected to the different small wires coming out of the wall in the garage.

So, below is the each wire from the sensor and which small wires they are being spliced with from the wall wiring.

Below is the wiring information. Please note when I say white/blue it means it is a solid white wire with blue dashes.


RIGHT Door Sensor:

White Wire: One White/Blue Wire from wall

Black Wire: One Blue/White and white/Green from wall

LEFT Door Sensor:

White wire: white/blue AND white/green

Black wire: green/white AND blue/green


WallMount(which has light control also):

On the circuit board inside wallmount, I noticed there are 2 connections each with the folling words printed on the circuit board itself:

"RED" = connected to Orange/white wire coming from wall

"WHITE" = connected to White/red wire coming from Wall.


The only other wiring information left is for the External Keypad. I have not had a chance yet to pry open the keypad to get the wiring info for it. If you need that, I can get that for you later today.

Thx for your help


10:23AM | 08/13/06
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I like the way that formated the information, but there are still areas that I need more.

The AAARemote sites shows information on the old unit is unavailable so I can't tell if it is Billion Code or Security+ program. But the age and the other model numbers around it are indicate that it might be Billion Code.

The don't list the new model either, but from Sears website is is a Security+

The only reason that mention this, is that most of the Keypads are radio remotes and not wired. If that is the case and IF it was a billion code unit it won't work with your new one. However, if it was wired then is most likely will. Or if the old one was a Security+ system. But that is not important now. But if the keypad is a radio remote then it won't have any wires connected.

I need to know how the wires are "cabled". That is how they are grouped together. Earler I mentioned that there might be a common sheath or sleave or that they might be bonded together. They might also be 2, 3 or 4 wires that are just twisted together.

I really need this at the sensors. But not at the wall control.

Next I need the information on the cables (grouping of wires) at the ceiling and for each cable what color wires are in it.

Next I need the information on how the manual shows that the wires connect to the new opener.

My guess is that it will show one 2 wire cable to the wall remote (red and white) and which terminals on the opener.

Likewise it will show two cables from the senor (black and white or gray and white) with like colors connected and which terminals on the opener that they connect also.

I am guess that it will show 3 wires connected to one terminal as yours only has 3.

Here is what I am talking about. This is the same manual that I mentioned in the other message if you have already downloaded it.

Page 15 fig 6 shows how the wall control wires connect.

Page 18, figures 6 & 7 shows how the sensor wires connect.

I need the same information from your manual.


03:39PM | 08/13/06
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Thx bill. Here is the info. you wanted:

First of all, I want to make it clear that the wall-mount that I currently have installed is NOT the same type of wall-mount that came with the NEW unit.

The wall mount I have installed is the type pictured on page 15 in the manual you gave me the link to.

The new unit I purchased comes with a single switch mount(looks like door bell) AND does not have the lighting controls as my currently installed wall mount.

Therefore, The manual I received with the NEW unit has the following instructions for wiring the single switch control button:

"connect the bell wire to the terminal screws on the motor unit panel: white to 2, white/red to 1 "


Second, you wanted to know which wires are bundled together at the senors and cieling, here is that info:

Left Sensor:

One big wire has several little wires coming out as follows:

White/Orange (which is cut and not used)

Orange/white (which is cut and not used)





Right Sensor:

One big wire has these wires coming out:

Orange/white cut, not used

Green/white cut, not used

White cut, not used





Wires in the cieling:

There are 3 wires coming from cieling, each of them contains the SAME 6 wires:







I believe each terminal was used for a specific color on the old unit.. (i.e. blue went to 2, orange to 3 etc... something like that..but cant remember exactly!)


05:24PM | 08/13/06
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I was hoping that each cable was different, or at least the one for the switch was.

You need some test equipment to identify which cable is goes to which location.

You can do it with an ohmmeter or contuity test light. But there are still a number of details to work out.

It would be easier to just ignore that and run the new wires that come with the new opener.


10:24AM | 08/14/06
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don't know why I didn't think of this sooner... but.. today, I'm going to go to a few of my neighbors and ask to see their GDO.

I'm certain one of them has the exact same setup I have, and therefore, will copy down exactly where their wires are hooked up should be the same as mine as long as they have the same keypad, wall mount and type of craftsman GDO I have..

Thx for ur help bill


06:09PM | 08/25/15
I have a craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener, 2 days ago it just quit working, have power to unit, but when I try to open it, nothing happens, it wont even make an attempt to move, I'm thinking the capacitor is shot but need a wiring schematic, any help on this one ?


07:30PM | 11/15/18
I am replacing and have no diagrams to rewire the unit to be wired is a 1/2 HP sears part no.41a5507-5
ic-2666 under this in white block is 104 364A


this unit has a battery backup system I can follow a wireing if you can supply
I have a hard wired outside heh pad and it has a smart button for programing

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