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04:33PM | 10/25/09
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We purchased a wash machine (model Number: WLRR5000GOWW) which is still under warranty. It's been nearly two weeks and Lowe's has been unable to fix it. I've included the documentation that I sent to Better Business Bureau last Friday. We've spent $51 on the laundry mat as we have two littles. Please help.

Who can I contact to help resolve this problem? We paid for a warranty and Lowe's Warranty Dept has failed us.

10/13/09 Washmachine broke and called Lowe's for service. Marc's County Appliance in Binghamton NY came to fix it did not have the part, stated they had to order it, and would call us back. They stated that they had to file paper work requesting the part. They have not returned the five phone messages we left from 10/13-10/20

10/21/09 Called Lowe's Warranty Hotline 888-775-6937 and explained problem. Lowe's Warranty Hotline put us on hold and they were unable to contact Marc's County Appliance so they left a message. Lowe's stated that they'd go to their customer service dept and someone would call us back. No one called us back.

10/22/09 Called Lowe's in the late afternoon and stated the situation once again. Lowe's said that they would call us back. Once again, they failed to return our call.

10/23/09 A third time we called Lowe's (in the morning) and explained situation. "Joe" put me on hold and tried twice to contact a supervisor. No supervisors were available and he stated that one could call me later in the day. Several hours later we called Lowe's Warranty Hotline again and spoke with "Candy" (at extension 151001). After explaining the situation she said she'd "try to get a supervisor". I "demanded" to speak with one and a supervisor named "Lauren" got on the phone. I went through the complete situation with Lauren telling her it is completely unacceptable. She did not have an answer for me when I inquired as to the incompetence and lack of communication with the customer that Lowe's Warranty Hotline has displayed. I explained to Lauren that their service and failure to adequately honor a warranty which was paid for by us, the customer is unacceptable. Lauren went on to say that the part was ordered for our washmachine and should arrive at Marc's County Appliance next Thursday, 10/29. That will be over 2 weeks past the day we called for service. And it will not be fixed that day since yet another appointment has to be scheduled. She had no answer as to why Lowe's Warranty Hotline service people failed to provide as adequate service. I explained that since our wash machine has not been fixed in even close to a reasonable time frame, I want a replacement. I was told that I "don't qualify for a replacement at this time". Lauren was snippy with me. When I asked her if this was good service that was being provided she had the absolute audacity to respond, "I think that's a rhetorical question."

We want our wash machine fixed. It has not been done in a timely fashion. Now are seeking compensation as well since We've spent $51 on the laundry mat and we're still counting!

We've been loyal Lowe's customers for years, and have always been very pleased with their helpful, courteous staff at their store where we frequently shop. But this absolute incompetence by Lowe's Warranty Services is an outrage!


07:58AM | 10/26/09
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** We purchased a wash machine which is still under warranty. Who can I contact to help resolve this problem? **

Is it under "warranty" or "extended warranty"?? There is a BIG difference.

If the appliance is under the manufacturer's warranty, call Whirlpool for assistance. They should have numerous service depots in any area that could be sent to perform service.

If the appliance is under *extended warranty*, you'll have to either deal with Lowes or whatever insurance company is underwriting the warranties they sell (see the following link). Check with Lowes... just keep in mind that they are just a middle man between you and the insurance company. There will often only be limited number (possibly only 1) servicer that does work for that insurance company in a given area. :(

- The Purchase: Extended Warranties


** 10/13/09 Washmachine broke and called Lowe's for service. [They] came to fix it did not have the part, stated they had to order i. They have not returned the five phone messages we left from 10/13 - 10/20 **

Depending on the part required, it could take several weeks to get in if the manufacturer was also out of stock and the part backordered from the manufacturer.

I can't speak to the servicer not returning your calls. IF they've gone out of business you can ask Lowes to arrange a different company.

** Now are seeking compensation as well since We've spent $51 on the laundry mat and we're still counting! **

I wouldn't hold your breath on that. Warranties and extended warranties cover the appliance itself and not any collateral expenses that might arise from a failure. Lowes *might* (very slim chance IMO) cover those costs as goodwill but they are not obligated to.


Dan O.

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11:27AM | 06/07/12
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I bought a extended warranty on a Whirlpool window unit 8 years ago I had them come out & replace the fan motor two years after purchase no problem the windown unit is 8 years old not and has a leak in a coil they said it cost to much to have it fxed. They game me what I paid for it 8 years ago $375.00. I had a Bosh table saw go bad on me 2 years latter on the replaced it with a new one. There extended warranty paid off for me. I would buy it only on a expansive item only.God Luck
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10:08AM | 07/10/13
I purchased a dish washer from Lowes, a kitchenaide. When I went into Lowes I had a list of 5 dishwashers I was interested in. The sales person instead urged me to buy a particular Kitchenaide and raved about it. I followed her advice. Big mistake. It was a lemon. I went back onto Lowes website and there are on going complaints about this model. Lowes Service Advantage sent a repair man and he made everything worse. Meanwhile I could not use the upper rack and finally had to pry it out with a crow bar and just use the bottom. Lowes never sent anyone else back to fix the dishwasher but agreed to exchange it for a different brand, an LG. Lowes then sent the exchange dishwasher with an installer who almost electrocuted himself and his worker because they neglected to turn off the generator panel and after a minute it turned the electricity back on (they had turned the main panel box off but even though the generator panel is next to the main panel they neglected it's presence). The installer was so upset that he refused to install the new dishwasher and left with it. I spoke to Lowes again and they arranged for a plumber/electrician to come this afternoon and install the new dishwasher for me. This morning I was awakened by a repair man from Lowes Service Advantage standing on my porch, wanting to fix the kitchenaide. Obviously Lowes Service Advantage is unaware of anything...they are so mismanaged that it's pathetic. We may like to shop at Lowes but God help you if you need anything fixed on your warrantee!!!! Apparently complaining to the BBB has done nothing to improve things. Why is Lowes allowing such idiocy to ruin their reputation?


08:05AM | 11/14/14
Don't buy any appliance from Lowes. We bought a high end Electrolux slide in range and it had problems from the beginning. One month later the parts have not been ordered and now they average t repair it under warranty. What do I do???? I'll never buy from Lowes again. Buyers Beware!!!!!


01:12PM | 06/12/16
bought a refridgerator there and compressor went out 2 days before factory warranty was up after 2 repair visits they finally figured out it was the compressor, been down for a month waitng on parts and 4 kids in the house, horrible place to buy appliances.

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