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09:41AM | 05/09/03
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I'd like to know how much weight a 4X6, 4X8, and 4X10 wood beam can carry over a 15 foot span. The weight would be evenly distributed.


04:19PM | 05/09/03
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Box beam

Lot's of kinds of wood in this world - all with different peculiarities.


10:05AM | 05/10/03
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i am planning to use a standard douglas fir beam(solid) that is available from Home Depot.


05:42AM | 05/11/03
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Engineering advice from an internet site like this with no other information about the design of the house is worth what you pay for it.

A fifteen foot sapn is likely to require a man-made LVL or glulam. You give no details about what it will support. Roof only?
or just taking the bounce out of some floor joists midspan with no actaul loading?
header for three stories above?

Complete plans are necessary for complete answer but a generic rule of themb would call for this beam in fir to be a 4 x 18 or 4 x 16


05:54PM | 03/11/13
I brought a coop and the kitchen floor is sloping! What can be causing this? My neighbor has a ceramic floor applied over thinset concrete.Our kitchens are back to back.Could this be causing the sloping or a poor design when building the coop be the problem?


08:39AM | 08/25/15
I Have A Hot Tub On A Deck And Need To Support It Deck Is ONLY 2X6X10 Will One 4X6X12 Be Enough


02:22PM | 08/22/18
fir 8-10 beam 27 feet long

paul petosky

04:53PM | 08/08/19
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would like to build a patio cover one end through the roof and resting on top of the wall plate tied to the rafters ( wall is 2x6 - 12 on center ) the patio 13 feet deep ( from the house to the front of the slate deck ) would like to use 4 x 6 x13 beam at 2 foot on center for the 27 foot length . other than the roofing no other weight on the roof are the beam ok to use ?

paul petosky

04:55PM | 08/08/19
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each beam to carry 260 lbs


08:59PM | 12/31/19
I have a 20' span typ: living room 2x6 joist will a 6"x6"x20' lam beam be strong enough to handle that span?


02:27PM | 02/29/20
glulam aprox. 6" X 15" X 20'......6" X 20" X 20'


05:59PM | 06/03/20
Looking at building an 14'×14' deck for a Hot Tub thst will be 8'×8' for 6 to 8 people. The lumber i will be using will come from Home Depot or Lowe's " Pressure Treated Wood", Question is: Would 4×6×12 @ 16" on center support the Hot Tub weight witch may be about 102 lbs to 105 lbs per square foot?
Foundation will be on a 12"×8"×8" deck block set into a 18"×18"×4"" base for foundation support.


11:32PM | 07/23/20
I a have a older home and the floors are 6inch joist,I had a arch way in the living room.can I put a double joist 6inch lvl across 12feet for floor joist


10:24PM | 08/07/20
how much weight can a 12x12x30 beam caryr when supported at each end?


10:35PM | 08/17/21
Hi Bob, i'm building a 12'x24' carport with about 12" extra overhang for water shed. I would like 2x8's for my joists 13' total. (Treated spruce). Can i make a header out of 2x10's and how 24'long? What spacing for joists? My screw piles largest opening would be around 7' because of underground utilities. probably 4 screw piles. 8x8 treated post's Fairly heavy snow load Edmonton, Canada. let me know what you think.

Thanks for any help.


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