08:10AM | 01/06/05
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Or should I say gemcrap. We have had nothing but trouble. We are in Southern Delaware and the work is real shabby. we had to have 4 windows moved 2 weeks before settlement that we caught. When we told the site suporvisor he said atleast we could read a blue print it's a shame the capenters can't. Can you imagine that!

Issues beyond anything I ever imagined. Now the heating season is upon us. Not real cold yet but we had 2 propane deliveries in addtion to the original one. We are up over $600 for a 2300 sf home and it not even the coldest months of the year.

The heating installers were terrible. The landscapers worse. The painters patch don't sand then paint. The front of our house still isn't right and when we complained we were told that it may cost Gemcraft too much money to fix it. Again I say Can you imagine that?!

We have a 6 month check up and they sent us a sheet with about 8 lines on. Boy were they way over confident. I had to type 2 pages worth of troubles. Many of which will not be addressed.

Hardwood flooring that was installed over poor subfloors. The flooring company told us they will fix the floor but aren't sure how much good it will do us. Floor pops everywhere. A gas fireplace that we questioned prior to settlement why there was not a blower....told it was not standard...find out 6 months later it was. Makes me mad because of the lack of concern for the customer. To think they are the biggest builder down in slower lower sussex county.


07:07PM | 01/06/05
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I went to Gemcraft's website and read through all of their information. Nowhere did they ever mention using architects to design their houses. It is more likely that they used "designers" or "draftsmen". Ultimately, the responsibility lies with those who are selling the product which, in this case, is Gemcraft. This is the same as if you had purchased a refrigerator at Se*rs and found it to be poorly designed, you would seek a refund or repair from Se*rs, not the guy who designed it or drew the blueprints.

Having been in the building trade for more than thirty years I have seen screwups made by owners, designers, architects, general contractors, and, yes - even framers. Nobody can say its one person's fault or another's unless they actually have seen ALL of the information, including the plans themselves and the house itself. If Gemcraft is truly selling homes, as they claim, with "an award winning commitment to excellence", they wouldn't allow shoddy work. Otherwise they are just another cookiecutter homebuilder with a a good used-car-lot sales pitch. Anyone can screw up, the differnace is whether or not they fix the problem.



07:15PM | 01/06/05
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I'm another Gemcraft home buyer, not happy with the closets. A 83"-wide wall closet in a bedroom has big not-very-useful space in the corner because it has only one door that is only 30" wide.

Another closet inside the garage has a door that doesn't fully open because it hits the garage door track. Other houses with the same model has the same problem and the construction manager was aware of it, and they must have built hundreds of these houses already. However, it makes us particularly upset because we opted to extend the garage by 4' on the side and 4' on the front. So, they should have enough room to adjust the position of the garage door to avoid this problem, and yet they didn't.

Can somebody still tell me this is not Gemcraft problem?


02:52AM | 02/11/06
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Come visit our blog on gemcraft ofMaryland/Deleware at


02:55AM | 02/11/06
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Visit our Gemcraft blg at


09:14PM | 08/09/06
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Well, I seem to be one of many who have a Gemcraft home and is not satisfied with the service department. My 6 month post settlement problem sheet had 45 items that needed repairs. Although most have been repaired some have not. I would like to share stories if anyone is interested. I am the only house in my development that has the sewer line running under the driveway. Sunk of course Oct 13, 2005. Called Gemcraft in Delaware and 12 calls later and a lot of *****en to get repaired. A temp repair was made Christmas Eve. Currently still have settlement in this area from street to house (80'), tons of rocks in yard front and back,grass seed was applied, then straw, then it rained, washed seed out from under straw, cut hay up with riding tractor, to find no dirt just rocks. Grass will not grow. Gemcraft says "starter lawn needs management plan" I think Gemcrafts service department needs to live in their own pile of ***** and see how they like it. Front entry door hanging crooked. 1,768 hard spots in carpet padding, driveway starting to settle again Oct 13, 2005 driveway sunk (settled 18" deep, 36" wide, entire width of driveway at garage apron). More problems if anyone interested. Anyone get better response from the service department?

Brentiya, Elkton, MD


09:49AM | 09/18/06
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Part of your disappointment with Gemcraft Homes, comes from the fact that they recently terminated a significant number of employees. This takes away from the response time needed to keep satisfied customers. Many of the dedicated and caring staff were "let go". The slogan of "Setting the Standard" was recently changed to "Building Dreams One Home at a Time". More fitting would be "Destroying Dreams One Home at a Time" when they left families without an income.


07:37AM | 02/08/07
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Gemcraft Home Warranty Service department is staffed by people who are known drug users, and have restraing orders against them for domestic abuse. It is no wonder that they are incompetent.


07:49AM | 02/08/07
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Your blog has been disabled. The home warranty department of Gemcraft is staffed by people who get high before they do service calls. The have restraing orders against them for domestic violence, the company is aware of this. It is no wonder the service quality is poor, what more can you expect?
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