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05:31AM | 11/26/01
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Has anyone tried those electronic pest devices you plug into the wall? Are they good for squirells and chipmonks?

Jay J

10:51AM | 11/26/01
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Hi Billnmar,

I've never used or owned one but it's my understanding that they're a waste of $$$.

Do you have a specific problem with sqhirells and/or chipmunks in the house?

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God Bless America!


09:49AM | 12/05/01
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Dear Billnmar,
JayJ is right. They are a waste of your hard earned cash. If you have a problem with " squirrels" or " chipmUnks", let me know if they are in your house or just pests. There are many ways to adjust their behavior. I have an abundance of both around my house and my grandkids love to watch them feed and play. I set up feeding stations and gyms to keep them around. They have yet to get into my home. Remember, if you give them a place to live that is safe from predators, they'll stay out of your home.


07:36AM | 03/17/02
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the eletric are not a waste of money the one "pest offence" works well but only for animal liker mice not chipmonks or squirrls


01:37PM | 10/20/02
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I have pest offense and it works great. I live in Florida where the bugs out number the humans and so far my home is now 99% bug free.


02:28PM | 10/29/02
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I bought an old farm house and had a mouse problem,a bad mouse problem. I tried traps,poison. They didnt work and it stunk(dead mice in the walls). I bought off e-bay, The Rat Zapper 2000 and it works great. got 4 the first night and just as many the rest of the week, its slowing down now so I hope my home stays mouse free. just thought I would pass this on to anyone with a mouse problem. IT REALLY WORKS....


08:44AM | 11/05/02
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I have a few of those pest devices as well and havent seen a mouse around since I installed them. But they only work on mice and bugs.


09:48AM | 03/26/03
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I moved into my old house a couple of years ago and had a squirrel problem up in my attic. I plugged in a couple of those electronic devices in the attics and I think they left. Also, the best time to seal up any openings from them getting back in is during the heat of summer when they get out of the attic because it is so hot in there. I sealed up some vents before this and have made a couple of trips up there only to find a foul smell and rodent skeletons. I think i have gotten them all out now though.

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