12:55PM | 03/16/03
I notice now that things are beginning to thaw, that our new house has moles in the yard. They seem to appear overnight. When I smash a system of tunnels down, they are back in a few hours. Since I don't have time to wait for them to dig, is there anything you can do to get rid of them. I have heard of people using grub killer on their lawn to kill the insects that the mole feeds on. Is this true? Thanks for any help!!


10:02AM | 03/18/03
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After having tried everything from human hair dropped in the tunnels to body traps, I've found three things that work;
1. Body traps, must be used right, illegal in some states, yecchy to some folks
2. Sonic pest chasers- works temporarily until the varmits get used to it
3. Poison smoker. Can't recall what the real name is, but they are sold at Home Depot. They have a fuse you light, shove it in the tunnel, cover the tunnel. Had to use about six at one time (had a BAD mole problem)first of last year, haven't had a problem since.



02:49AM | 03/19/03
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I have done extensive research and have found that the only effective way of getting rid of moles is to set traps that kill them. I bought the one that has about five spikes that is set over their tunnels. Now I'm waiting for it to warm up a bit so I can set them!

Usually when people have moles they think there are tons of them in their yard crawling around. In fact, there are about 1-2 moles per acre. They can dig 200' of tunnels per day.

If you check out your areas cooperative extension web-site they will explain how to set these traps. Please don't pour poison or moth balls into your yard, it is not healthy for you and it is illegal.

One other step to take is to eliminate their reason for being in your yard. They are looking for grubs, mainly. In the spring you can sprinkle milky spore powder over your yard which will kill the grubs, that eventually turn into Japanese Beetles. This is sold at Home Depot and is easy to research online.

Good Luck!


04:57AM | 09/17/04
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The best way to stop moles is to eliminate their food source (grub worms). Try treating the yard with a grub treatment that can be purchased at any hardware store. The activity may increase for a couple of days as the moles search for food, but they will leave when they realize there is no longer a food source.

Good Luck,

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07:45AM | 10/22/04
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I neighbor had the same problem... see what we did was we putt 1 clay animal figure with a 1/4 stick in each hole... we bought a triger and a constuction license... we then got into the house and we pushed the botton then we poured acids and other poisons in the hole so they would die if they tryed to dig again... then we fill the hole wiht dirt and planted new grass the grass grew great too... well we never saw a mole again

ps look for me at the local hame depot dressas bob vila singing autographs for anyone woho wnats one


06:18PM | 07/31/05
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Moles feed on grubworms. Get a pesticide that kills the grubworms. When the grubworms are gone, the moles will leave


03:05PM | 01/16/06
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I really need help with a mole problem. Last spring I paid alot of money to some lawn & garden guys who treated my lawn twice with something that was supposed to poison the grubs and thus poison the moles when they ate them. It worked briefly but now the moles are back ten times as bad as before! There are tunnels everywhere, you cannot even walk in the yard without stepping in a tunnel! I don't know what to do about this as the moles are ruining my lawn.


06:24AM | 01/17/06
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Moles eat insects, which include grubs, worms, and other things.

Usign a grub killer will not get rid of the moles.

And smoke boambs, poisioned peanuts, and the like don't have any affect.

There are a couple of ways to get rid of them.

Traps - need to be sure know which are the active runs and how to place them.

Mole SPECIFIC posions - these are fairly new - they use an INSECT BASED bait to carry the posion. Don't remember the name of any off hand.

Contact your County Cooperative Extension SErvice and get a recommendation about which products are available in your area and which work.

AFTER you get rid of this batch then you can use a repellant. They are castor oil based and there are some DIY recipes that you can find on the internet. Names like Mole BeGone and Mole Go.

But you need to get rid of them first and the repellents need to be periodically reapplied.


10:02AM | 01/30/06
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Bought some Hi-Yield Mole and Gopher Bait from feed supply store.

Got a stick from yard, poked a hole in each tunnel, dropped some in.

Several tunnels.

1 ana half acres.

Mole(s) Laughed.


I thought about it some.

Went back.

I worked 2 to 3 Different spots in each live tunnel, as in if not there then here moley moley, taking care to not make a mess in the tunnel, cover up holes through from top with hole, patch of grass....

Killed every danged one went after.

I know this by no new mole tunnels.

After a while, after no new perceived activity pressed the old ones down.

Still no new ones.

So there it is.

You have to work multiple spots in live tunnels and take care to leave them as undisturbed, moley pristine as possible.. with the addition of your mole care package piles of yum yum night nights.

Which means you gotta think about, be methodical, get out there on the spot(s) and take care of business.

And after not too long at all there won't be any more business to take care of.


01:17PM | 01/30/06
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Gosh that sounds like alot of work. I have tunnels EVERYWHERE! I wish I could just pay someone to do it right.
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