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07:38PM | 09/13/05
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I have been in this 30 year old house for about a year now. We discovered Indian Meal Moths (pantry moths) soon after we moved in. Following the advice of a local exterminator we have been using pheromone lures from the local hardware store that trap the moths in a sticky trap. Unfortunatly this is not working because we can not locate the food source and the lavre are not being removed. We have a new exterminator who advised us to remove the insulation from the attic so that we can have the attic sprayed. He thought we might find a food source. After about 45 bags of insulation we found that the attic was clean. NO dried flowers left by the previous owner. No old rodent nests.

The attic will be sprayed on Friday by the ext

erminator and resparayed in a few weeks. The exterminator feels confidnet that we will be calling him back until we find the source. My fear is it that it is hidden in the walls somewhere.

Can anyone offer any advice? We'll try anything! We really want to get rid of this problem!

Thanks for your time!!



11:07PM | 05/29/13
we have been having troubles with them....they came in with pet food....


08:10AM | 05/30/14
We have the same problem, we removed insulation, have taken down a few walls, replaces chimney liner, had attic sprayed, replaced overhangs. put down boric acid, diatomaceous earth, have all our food in air tight water tight containers year round, now I am trying bug zappers in attic they are indoor kind do not bother to buy this zap n trap, do not seem to be working I am going to put down more boric acid with cornmeal, oh yes also used automatic sprayer that release a bug killer every few mins, had 3 of them working. I am going to try a dismate system maybe it is a lot of money. We use the sticky traps to monitor them, makes me sick for every one you see in trap multiply it by 10, that what is flying around nothing seem to work, But until I find the food source I can spend all the money I want I will still have them.


09:53PM | 07/18/15
Has anyone found a solution? Ours are not in the pantry. We have had this problem for 5 years and last night we killed 77. Our house is very clean! Our pest control people are stumped.


03:59PM | 07/19/15
Same problem. Ours came in with sunflower bird seed or corn feed for our deer. Everything food related went in plastic containers, 2 yrs ago. we still get maybe a dozen in the spring,
but we can live with that. Check the pantry weekly and vac them up. Little buggers eat thru cardboard and even aluminum wrappers.


11:55AM | 05/05/19
Sounds like a part of material, closet moth , not pantry moth. Food in pockets? Saw tha moths devoured
Wool coat, carpet came in pet bag food, grain, stored boxes.


11:47AM | 05/26/19
Ours are in the garage and they were left here in the previous owners bird seed.


06:26AM | 05/29/19
If the garage has insulated walls and attic, that is where the problem isand this happened to me with birdseed left. The moths got into the seed and carried whatever into my wall. I used springstar moth traps and drilled 1/4 inch holes into the walls. Then I used a pump pressure sprayer containing bleach, water, and vinegar divided equaly in a 2 gallon pump spray bottle and shot the mixture into the holes. Saturate the corners...that's where I found my issue. And yes it more moths!


09:07PM | 09/21/19
Came in with sunflower seeds left over from the winter. Huge infestation in garage. I have about 8 sticky traps there. They are trapping hundreds which have infested the peg board walls by the bird food. I have spray coming, a non-toxic and a pyrethrin one to spray into the peg board and where ever else. I am throwing out anything that may have been infested with eggs.

I will absolutely never over buy bird seed again. Horrible situation. I am think of setting up a bug zapper in the gargage.


06:42PM | 06/16/20
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I am on year #4 with Indian meal moths. We never really found a food source but I've cleaned out my kitchen 3 times and exterminated. Also exterminated and fogged the entire house several times. Including the attic several years ago. The house is getting less of them, but after checking traps in the attic, it seems that's where they are living. Exterminator recommended removing and replacing insulation. After reading your posts I am hesitant to spend all that money and not getting rid of the problem. It is now a year after the last post I read. Any new thoughts? I am so frustrated and tired of spending money which is not fixing the problem. In a spare bedroom with the door closed I have been now getting the pantry moths. They are likely coming in from the canned ceiling lights which are not sealed to the ceiling,so clearly coming in from the attic. OMG!


10:22PM | 08/15/21
Hi did anyone ever find a solution for their moth problem? We are experiencing the same issue. It’s not in the kitchen. They are in the laundry room and closets. Exterminator went into the attic and didn’t find anything could they be in the walls ?


01:01AM | 05/13/22
I've been struggling with pantry moths since September 2021. My husband kind of brushed me off thinking it wasn't a big deal. Our laundry room & pantry are in the same space. Our house was built in the 60's and never updated. We have that fake wood paneling in the pantry/laundry room. I found the little buggers nested in the grooves between the panels. I've sprayed the room with pure vinegar multiple times and obviously cleaned it as thorough as possible. Needless to stay the pantry moths are still alive and well. I've gone as far as ripping apart the walls and removing the paneling and I still believe they are living beyond the old plaster. The initial food source was bird seed and I've never found eggs or larve in our food (everything is in air tight containers and I inspect anything we eat). I have an exterminator coming this month but I'm worried this problem will never go away. Somedays I don't kill any, others 5 or so. HELP!!

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