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07:16PM | 06/29/05
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We recently had Superior Walls of Hudson Valley NY deliver and set up our foundation walls for our new modular home with Breezeway and Garage. After the Superior walls finished their installation, I inspected the walls and found a large arc type crack in the foundation wall for the garage in the base corner of the wall. There was also damage in the back of the Superior Wall, a piece of the wall was actually broken off. After I immediately advised Superior Walls of the Hudson valley about my findings and they said the damage was cosmetic not structural. I advised them that I believed that any damage, structural or not was still damaged and the section wall needed to be replaced. Superior Walls made a poor attempt to cover it up. But the damage is still visible and the completion of my home is still being delayed. I don’t see why Superior Walls does not stand by their product and replace the damaged walls.

What good is a 15 year warranty if they refuse to properly repair the wall. Anyone interested in seeing the photo’s, email me. I would be glad to send them to you. My town building inspector also wrote a letter to Superior Walls, advising them that the wall was damaged and I would not get a C.O. unless it was properly repaired. The owner Art Akert Senior promised me he would meet with me on the property so we could both discuss and look over the damage together. He also stated he was going to get a certified engineer to check out the damage. But he changed his mind, and stated he was not going to do anything else. I would never ever recommend Superior Wall of the Hudson Valley to anyone. Iam very dissapointed.This has cost me lots of time and money. I WOULD STAY CLEAR OF SUPERIOR WALLS OF THE HUDSON VALLEY.


03:44PM | 07/02/05
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Time for your lawyer top write a letter giving them a time frame or else

Excellence is its own reward!


10:09PM | 10/06/06
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Thanks for the information. I was planning on using them since I saw another Superior Walls company product in North Jersey and the Contractor was very pleased.

Have they resolved the problem? I completely agree with you regarding the 15 year warranty.

Thanks again.


06:56AM | 11/25/06
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I currently am going through this horrible experience with the same wrong people, who tell the same lies.

I wish I had read this prior to hiring them. It is now over a year and I have a crooked foundation that sits in my neighbors yard by at least 20 inches or so. Which at one point they admitted fault and it was to be fixed at there expense then disappeared again..

(after no returned calls from them in weeks the new offer to fix there mistake was now costing us $10,000)

Then lets not forget the few corners that were still intact they were missing bolts and the waterproofing adhesive or falling apart.

Then there is the bow in the wall about the entire length of the Wall

I would love to see any picture or talk to anyone who has resolved their problems or not. The games that are played with some of us are uncalled for. I believe it may be time for legal action.

Anyone that would like to share anything on this topic you can email me directly at


02:09PM | 08/23/13
Hello. superior Walls of the Hudson Valley is no longer in biz. The Superior Walls product is Great. There is a new company taking over and they are all about customer service.Please don't let the Ackerts damage the reputation of this product. There are hundreds of thousands of satisfied contractors, homeowners and developers throughout the region.

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