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07:52AM | 12/29/02
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I was remounting a shelf when I noticed some of the anchors have become loose. So I figured instead of using the plastic type anchor I'd use the metal anchors for hollow walls. Of course I don't know much about drywall so I'm not sure I'm even using the right kind of anchors. The ones I decided on are metal and spread out has you tighten the screw. Anyway, as I was doing this the thing actually sunk into the drywall so the only thing I knew to do was dig it out. Well, thats left me with a hole the size of a nickel. Too big to up the size of anchor so I'm in a bind. A light weight shelf is to be mounted there. Is there a way to repair it and still be able to mount the shelf without moving the shelf a couple of inches over?

- Chad


03:32AM | 12/30/02
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You should be trying to mount it ot the studs and patching the holes.


10:29AM | 12/30/02
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Thats where they were mounted originally by someone else. I'm just dealing with the problem at hand *sigh*


02:36PM | 12/30/02
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Put a screw in a slat of wood to hold on to and slide the wood into the hole,
Now you can tighten that onto the back of the drywall by catching it with drywall screws either side of the hole from the outside.
That should hold it for a quick fix... but it depends on the weight of the shelf & contents?


11:32AM | 01/01/03
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Well, I got an electronic stud finder because I couldn't detect any studs the old fashioned way by tapping on the wall. Thats for a good reason. There are no studs. That section of the wall is over an opening to the dining room and the other section an opening to the kitchen. So, this goes back to my original question. How do I repair the hole I created and still be able to mount the shelf?


12:38PM | 01/01/03
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hi, there is a type of anchor that will work here..i can't think of the name but basically it looks like it is a bolt with wings..the wings are spring loaded and what you have to do is squeeze them together and push it into about 3/4" hole in the wall..once inside the wall the wings will open up, all you have to do is tighten the bolt and your shelf should be ok...i have used these type of anchors before for a shelf and they supported about 30-40 pounds...good luck!!

mini me

01:19PM | 01/01/03
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that type of anchor is called a molly-bolt...there is also another anchor called an easy-anchor that you screw into the wall (no drilling) and then you put your screw into it...depending on which type of easy anchor you use they can support up to 90lbs each

if i were you i'd just patch the hole and then use the easy anchors

mini me

01:32AM | 01/02/03
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to fix the hole just go to your local big box home improvement center and get a drywall patching kit and some joint compound...just follow the directions on the patch kit and you'll be able to fix it in no time


12:57PM | 12/20/21
This is what happened to m too! I hung up a towel holder ring on the wall outside of my shower as you step out and apparently there's no stud behind there so it won't stay on the sheet rock, I tried using the sheetrock screws with the plastic fittings too but it came loose too.

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