09:59PM | 09/27/06
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The Gutter Brush still allows debris to settle in the gutters and does not do a good job. It doesn't EVEN compare to the Gutter Filter. Yes, I sell Gutter Filters. But only because I KNOW they work and are the best. I wouldn't sell crap to my customers. The Gutter Filter IS truely the best system on the market. Currently, we offer ours for $8.00/linear ft. Installed. We don't charge labor, we guarentee it for 20 years. It's designed to last for 30 years. We give our customers a free gutter cleaning along with the purchase and installation of the product. We even come out to the customer's home and blow off the tops....IF they need it. We are Window Cleaners, so, since they are our customers, we offer this to them for free. We take care of our customers. A customer is like a good knife. You take care of your knife, your knife will take care of you. If they ever have problems with the Gutter Filter system, which they won't, but if they do, we take care of it at no cost to our customer. :)


01:17AM | 07/12/07
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06:03AM | 10/25/07
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Ive seen this product and all it is, is a more expensive knock off of the Gutterpiller gutter protection product. You can view this companies products (and they have a new gutter protection product that is setting the standard in gutter protection today) on their web site

Yes we sell Gutterpiller products as well as others and we find their sales people very helpful and continually innovate new and intereting product (Black Magic Filters) for the DIY industry.

Take a look, you will be happy you did.


Always Busy but never too Busy!
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10:25AM | 07/04/08
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I had Gutter Filter installed on 10/04 and have never been satisfied. At least four times a year I have had to climb on the roof to clean out the gutters. The wind does not pick up the debris and blow it away. The valleys are consistently clogged with matter causing the gutters to overflow with any amount of rain.

I installed this product so I would not have to climb on my roof. The company is not interested in sending anyone to see about my problem, but insists I cut a one foot section out of the installation ( thus ruining it) and send it to them for "evaluation". When I bought the product I was told if at any time I was unhappy I should call my contractor and he would come out to clean the gutters. I have called but he is out of business. The parent company is uninterested in making a home inspection with another contractor.

Bottom line...the product really does not work as advertised


05:32AM | 07/30/08
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I can't recumend this product. I had id installe last year when I had new gutter installed. I have maple and spruce trees next to my house, The spruce trees drop thier needles whic clog the filter and the maple tree drops seeds which also clog the filters. so when the water runns off of the roof it runs over the top of the gutter filter.


05:47AM | 07/30/08
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Been awhile since I blogged, but here goes...

Everything clogs. It doesn't matter what a salesman tells you, everything clogs. It doesn't matter what their fancy warranties say, everything clogs. Either the gutter clogs, or the gutter protection clogs, but in a matter of time, everything clogs. The only questions are . . . how long will it take? . . . and . . . how easy will it be to clean when it does clog?

Take a look at Gutter Genius DIY ( also marketed as Elko GuttaGard ( It's easy to install, and easy to uninstall the one guard over the downspouts (that's where the debris washes to) when it needs cleaning every 5 or 10 years.

It clogs too, and you need to make sure the clips are installed properly (it's easy to do), but it's solid metal, easy to install, easy to remove to do infrequent maintenance, and lasts for many many years. 25 million feet in 25 years to nearly 250,000 homeowners. It works.

I liked it so much, I bought the company!

Tim Staub

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06:31AM | 07/30/08
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Hi Henry,

Just wanted your professional feedback on the following:

I had a homeowner call me from, ironically, Alcoa, Tennesee with a problem with his Leaf Relief. It was a high two story home with a steep drop off in the back, making it over 3 stories on about 2/3 of the house.

When he built the house in 2006, the gutter contractor convinced him to put on Leaf Relief. It clogged over and over again, and the homeowner (being 68 years old) couldn't clean the debris off the top of the gutters. The contractor came back multiple times to help, but finally told the homeowner it couldn't be fixed.

He called PlyGem, the new owner of Alcoa's Exterior business, and was told of the warranty . . . which protects the inside of the gutter only. So he called the contractor back again to replace the product with GuttaGard.

Here's the kicker. One of the points Alcoa pitched was that with Leaf Relief you can eliminate many of the gutter spikes or hangers, because the product reinforces the gutter (true). But...the gutter contractor couldn't remove the product without removing the entire gutter system!

In frustration, he hired a new gutter installer, who removed the 18 month old gutter, reinstalled it with 3x4 downspouts, and installed our new Gutter Genius ( product (also sold as GuttaPro at . . . at a substantial cost.

He knows Gutter Genius will clog at some point, but his new gutter contractor will come back and get it working, for an honest but modest fee.

I still like Leaf Relief and recommend it frequently, but I think a bit less hype and a lot more honesty is the right medicine.
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08:45AM | 08/05/08
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What happens to the gutter when GuttaGuard freezes? I have heard some pretty serious horror stories about bending gutters, excess weight from ice causing the gutters to tear away from the house as well as other unfortunate outcomes of ice forming as a result of these appliance type systems. I am in the market for a significant amount of some sort of gutter protection system but will probably stay away from any sort of system that requires installation and modification to my gutters. I recently came across a product called gutterbrush ( and it looks like GutterBrush will not cause the sort of freezing problem I am looking to avoid will also keeping me from having to clean my gutters on an annual basis. Do you have any experience with GutterBrush or other insert types of gutter protection?
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09:51AM | 08/05/08
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GuttaGard and GuttaPro both work great in cold climates with ice and snow. The issue with ice is largely with keeping it out of the gutters so it doesn't pull the gutter away from the house; and avoiding ice damming. GuttaGard keeps the ice out of the gutter, and while it doesn't eliminate ice damming, it doesn't create it or make it worse either.

Tim Staub

Elko GuttaGard
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