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01:48AM | 08/28/05
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I have just bought a Challenger CH 1000 garage door opener which has come without any fitting instructions Has anyone got some instructions or can tell me how the chain drive joins the garage door.

Jim D

11:54PM | 08/28/05
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JESSICA5 - hi, did you buy the unit used from someone? If so, it appears they didn't give you the bracket that mounts to the door. That bracket connects to the end of the chain drive and is what pulls the door open/pushes it closed. If you didn't get a bracket, you may find a suitable one at your local big-box stores. You should be able to find installation instructions on the web as well. Good luck! Jim D/West Point, VA


06:18PM | 10/24/08
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I have two of these CH 1000 Door openers working in my garage.

The chain runs to an idler sprocket

attached to the wall above the door.

One of those push-pull rods attaches

one end to the door about a foot below the top & the other end of the rod attaches to a slider that the chain pulls back and forth. There are stops on the chain that hit the stops on the drive unit which reverses the direction of the chain next time it's actuated.

If you'll send me an email at

I'll send you a picture or two of it.

Where in the world did you purchase the door drive assembly? I need one of the circuit cards that mount inside the drive unit, but I'd be glad to purchase the whole assembly just to get the card - - - unless it costs a zillion bucks.



06:35PM | 03/28/10
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I have one of these old openers too and no manual. anyone have a manual they can scan & send me?? my door started messing up. It goes down, then bottoms out & resets to top.


04:35PM | 09/21/10
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I bought a home with two of these openers installed. It seems I need to make an adjustment on the downforce and how far the door travels going down. Can anyone reply with how to adjust the downforce and stopping point of these (Wayne Dalton Wizard 2115, and Challenger CH 1000 are both model numbers on the boxes).

you may email me also at



01:36PM | 10/08/11
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Did you ever get a manula for the CH 1000 garage door? If you did, can you email it to me.

Rick Lodge


09:19PM | 01/04/12
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Hi - did you ever receive a copy of the manual? If so can you please email to

thank you,


09:20PM | 01/04/12
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If anyone was able to located the manual for the challenger ch-1000, please email it to to me at



11:52AM | 01/06/13
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y opener doesn't work. I have power. I can hear relay from remote kick in.

How can I force motor on...or do I just assume motor is dead.


09:07PM | 03/27/13
Any one find a manual for the CH1000? If so, could you send me a copy at My door goes down fine but then goes back up for no apparent reason. Many thanks in advance.


08:16AM | 07/20/13
Do anyone have a manual for ch 1000 door opener? could you please e-mail it to me at



01:40PM | 10/10/13
Challenger CH 1000 - Owner & Installation Manual, Page 1
Challenger ch 1000   owner   installation manual  page 1


01:42PM | 10/10/13
Challenger CH 1000 - Owner & Installation Manual, Page 2
Challenger ch 1000   owner   installation manual  page 2


01:43PM | 10/10/13
Challenger CH 1000 - Owner & Installation Manual, Page 3
Challenger ch 1000   owner   installation manual  page 3


01:43PM | 10/10/13
Challenger CH 1000 - Owner & Installation Manual, Page 4
Challenger ch 1000   owner   installation manual  page 4


08:29AM | 10/29/13
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How do i open these pages of the manual?


08:43PM | 11/17/13
Bonjour je cherche la,notice pour ce modèle

Pouvez me faire une copie par mal la mon adresse

Je vous remercie


11:40PM | 05/05/14
looking for manual, if have please email to me...needing dip switches settings.
thank you,


04:11PM | 06/07/14
My CH1000 has cut out mid opening with no power, light bulb not lit and no response from the unit, The consumer board has not tripped is there a fuse in the box anyone see in the manual?


12:42PM | 06/30/16
Can you please send me also the user manual ? My mail is Thank in advance.


07:50PM | 08/22/17
I bought a universal wireless key pad to use with the garage door opener. There is no smart/learn button on the unit to program the wireless key pad. How do install the wireless key pad? It's a Clicker Model KLIK2U universal wireless keyless entry


04:24PM | 06/08/18
help...I need an owners, installation manual for Challenger 1000
garage door opener..can anyone help me


02:42PM | 07/04/18
I have a Challenger CH 1000 Garaged Door Opener that needs adjustment. If anyone has a manual, please send it to Thanks.


02:20PM | 11/14/18
Could anyone send me the manual for the challenger CH-1000. My email is Thank you so much


11:05PM | 07/31/19
I too need the manual, please.
Email me....


01:21PM | 01/06/20
Could you please send the manual to me as well?

Thanks much!


05:30PM | 03/24/20
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I too am having trouble with my CH-1000. Need to troubleshoot why the light is blinking and door won't open or close. Thanks for sending to


11:24AM | 06/13/20
Any chance someone got the manual? The pics above are ilegble when zoomed in. Help!



03:10AM | 07/27/20
I lost remote, bought what I hope will work, but there is no "learn" button on either end. Do I need turn off breaker box and unscrew cover to find a learn button ? I have pix I could send ... bought g d opener about 1980 or so. Works fine from wall manual switch. Susan


06:16PM | 08/09/20
I’m in the same situation...any helpful responses


12:20PM | 09/07/20
I have a Challenger 1000. My garage door goes up ok, but then drops back down about 3 inches below the house opening. Now I can put me truck in the garage. Does anyone no what’s causing this problem. My opener is 1/3 HP, and my door is solid wood with a two car opening. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich


10:34AM | 09/04/21
I have a chalet model ch 1000 and I don't have the remote control board and the two remote control you have could you send me pictures and prices, need to buy urgent


05:18PM | 02/20/22
Can anyone tell me how to reset the limiter? I see the owners manual listed on this thread but can't read it. :(


10:39AM | 04/23/22
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I have two units and recently one did not respond (when open/close button pushed, only light was turned on and make a click sound). I replaced the capacitor and no success. I took off the control circuit board out but believe there its difficult to check if it is faulty (unless I switch it with the one is working). Anyone has the control circuit board Manuel? or anyone has the old assembly and no longer need it? Will buy the circuit board. Thanks.


10:42AM | 04/23/22
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Here are the photos.


10:43AM | 04/23/22
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