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12:20AM | 07/21/06
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I am trying to decide about whether to install a wired or wireless burglar alarm system. Anyone has experience in them and knows which one is better?

The advantage of the wireless system is that it can be removed easily in the future. However, is the wireless system as reliable as the wired?



11:16PM | 08/02/06
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I've used Brinks hard wired system in two houses now. They, and ADT, do a quality installation. Brinks has been out to my current location once in 13 years - to replace the back-up battery. Any hard wired system will have a back-up battery which will have a finite life. Both companies usually give you 2 key pads 'for free' along with various other sensors according to whatever 'specials' they are running at the time. There may be cheaper local alarm companies but you get what you pay for. Every time I forget and set off my own alarm, Brinks is on the phone verifying that it's not an intruder. Brinks and ADT monitor 24/7, live and direct. A local company may not have a 'live human' at the monitor console. If you go local, get a written guarantee that they are there 24 hours a day. Wireless systems usually rely solely on batteries - at each sensor and receiver - a lot of batteries to worry about - that's why those systems are so much cheaper.


12:30PM | 08/03/06
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You want a UL Listed monitoring station.

There are many available tht are much less than ADT and Brinks. As cheap as $8.95/month.

And no cancelation fees.

But at that rate they don't provide any "free" alarm systems, just montioring.


11:45PM | 08/08/06
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Hardwire systems are the most reliable. Be aware there is no such thing as a free alarm system. They usually come attached to a three year monitoring contract.

Frank Fourchalk

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08:14PM | 04/29/07
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Yeah hardwire is superior


04:18PM | 05/30/11
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It really depends on how much work it is to install. In some homes, it is more time consuming to do the hardwired version, although they are more reliable. I would price it out both ways.


12:32PM | 07/25/11
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Wireless might be the more modern thing to do, but you can never go wrong with the wired ones.


06:05PM | 08/08/11
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I had to make this decision a few months ago. When it comes to home security, reliability is the most important factor for me, so I ended up getting the wired system. I'm not saying that wireless systems aren't reliable; however, I feel more protected with a wired system. You always have the option of calling a home security company and asking them to explain the differences between the two or the pros and cons of the wired and wireless. Regardless of which one you choose, your home will be much safer than it previously was!

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