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10:25AM | 02/01/02
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I'm new to woodworking but have some experience with home improvement. I want to buy a drill and tend to lean toward the 1/2" drill but have also considered the 3/8".

If I have grand plans for woodworking, including my own shop, and home improvement, including building additions, should I just **** it up and get the 1/2"?

Also, would an 18v be worth the extra cash instead of a 14v? The torque is greater and the life of the battery. Does this warrant the additional money to buy the higher voltage?



04:16AM | 02/02/02
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Hi Skozub,
You can't go wrong with a 1/2" drill since the chuck will accept larger bits.However,for woodworking a 3/8"should do since wood spade bits will fit.
I am not a fan of cordless drills so I can't help you out there.Good Luck and have fun with whatever you purchase.


12:24PM | 02/02/02
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Hi Matches,

Thanks for the info...can you expalin why you do not like cordless drills? Just the fact that they don't have the same power supply?



12:19AM | 02/03/02
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I ran the gamut of cordless drills over the years. I went from the beginning, low power, to the end, 24 volt. One of the best I've found for the price is the Black & Decker Firestorm. It is a 3/8" 18 Volt drill for around $130.00. I've had this one for 8 months now and it is one strong drill. Bosch makes a 24 volt 1/2" drill that is the cremedelacreme of the species. I also bought one of those for alot more cash, but it was worth it. The bottom line is, if you want it to last, go for the gusto.

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10:28AM | 02/03/02
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Hi again scozub,
At work and at home I've only had one job to do where an outlet was not close by.I have a nice cordless at work but the replacement battery is $40.00.I've experienced a dead battery that someone forgot to recharge,a loss of power in the middle of projects,and a defective charger.I know trades people who couldn't work without them,but I'll take ac anytime.


07:15AM | 02/05/02
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You should have one of each - AC and cordless, and a spare battery for the cordless. Some come with a spare when you purchase originally.
When you're doing a lot of screws and pilot holes, having 2 drills will save a lot of time and trouble - one for the pilot holes one for the screws.
I had a charger go bad once too. The wire broke off at the base where I couldn't solder it back. Since then, I tape the first few inches of the wire to the base so it doesn't flex. If it breaks further out, no problem - I can fix that.


05:56AM | 11/05/20
Which is best for home user around house and yard?


03:56PM | 03/05/21

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