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04:22PM | 07/30/02
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As a left hander, I was intriqued that porter cable now offers a left handed circular saw. However, most reviews from people who like it are right handers. Does this mean I may be better off with a right blade saw? I like the Makita 5470 (right blade) because it is light and cheap. I don't plan on using it alot, I am just a weekend project guy. So, is right or left blade best for a Lefty?



08:18AM | 07/31/02
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Dear JBG,
In my opinion, it really dosen't matter. For certain cuts I need my left hand, others my right. Go to your local store and try handling all the saws. Pick the one that feels best to you. Hint. The worm drive saws adapt well to both right and left hands.


03:30PM | 07/31/02
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The Left/Right hand issue is probably not as important as the other saw features. Consumer's Reports, August 2002, pgs 42-44, had a good evaluation of about 25 circular saws. Check your Library as they probably have this issue or it should be available on the stands.


09:07AM | 08/03/02
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Thanks for your opinions. I like the Makita 5740NB which is rated a "CR best buy". Mostly I like the light weight and simple design, though it is only offered as a right blade. For me, it seems like the best choice. Thanks!

mini me

03:24PM | 12/11/02
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iceman is right...just go down to your local homecenter and play with the saws a little bit and see which one feels the best...p.s. i've had nothing but good luck w/ the makita circ saws


11:10AM | 01/17/03
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I'm a lefty, too, and became resigned to the fact many, many years ago that I live in a right-handed world.

With power tools, where you want accuracy, it is frustrating at times. To counter that, I use a straight-edge as a guide to help me whenever possible ... a speed square or a long, metal straight edge that I can clamp to my work.


03:24PM | 01/17/03
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I am a "righty" who bought the p.c. with the blade on the left hand side. The reason was it was easier for me to watch my line as i cut, since i am on the left hand side of the saw. I agree though that it is what you are comfortable with personally, so which ever feels right, or left for that matter, should be the winner.


01:30PM | 02/07/03
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i am left hadned also and i agree with the makita it is light and it feels right


09:09AM | 01/03/16
18 stitches in my right index finger. Coupled with luck, showed me that a lefty is at higher risk of getting guide hand in the way.


08:33PM | 09/30/16
Being a lefty i notice a lot more than being able to see the cut line. i notice that when i use a right hand blade saw in my left hand the sawdust is discharges at my crotch. A right handed person the sawdust discharges past your right side. The problem is even more pronounced with a chain saw, its the exhaust that discharged at your body crotch, use one all day and and it will take two days for the oil heavy fumes to clear out of your sinus. Using it right handed the exhaust blows by the right side of your body.


07:04PM | 10/01/16
Lefty carpenter here.....
A left handed saw is certainly most beneficial for a left handed person. The balance, control and safety is designed for a left handed person. Awkward and unsafe any other way. When making a cut hold saw in left hand. Sight with left eye. Scrap falls to left. Good wood is held with right hand. All other variations of use is a safety issue. For sure.
Porter Cable # 743 is a great tool.
Porter Cab,e # 345 is also pretty cool with a 6" blade that cuts dimensional materials.
I'm sure there are newer tools that work great.

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