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10:06AM | 07/04/03
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I am pouring a foundation wall and not sure how many square yards of concrete to order.. The measurements are 45 feet long 25 inches high and 8 inches in width..

The other measurement is 21 feet long - 12 inches high and 8 inches in width...

Any assistance is appreciated... It is hard being a single woman home owner lol...

Paul in Toronto

08:36AM | 07/06/03
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Ready-mix companies sell concrete in cubic yards not square yards as you mentioned in your post.

To determine how many cubic yards you require you must first determine how many cubic feet your walls are. Muliply the length x width x thickness of your walls in feet.

So in your case your first wall would be 45 x 2.1 (25 inches) x .66 (8 inches) which would equal 62.37 cubic feet. Your second wal would be 21 x 1 x .66 which would equal 13.86 cubic feet. The two walls combine would be 76.23 cubic feet.

Now for the last step you must convert the cubic feet into cubic yards. One cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet. Divide your total cubic feet by 27 to determine who many cubic yards of concrete you should order. In your case this would by 76.23 / 27 which equals 2.8 cubic yards.

It's a good idea to order approximately 10% more concrete than you need. It's better to have a little left over than not quite enough. In your situation I would order 3 cubic yards.

When placing your order you should also know the specifications (stregth , slump etc.)for the concrete for your project.

Good luck with the project and I hope this information helps.


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