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06:09AM | 07/14/04
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I believe you would have better heat transfer by running it through at a higher flowrate. The difference (Delta T) is greater at the higher flowrate allowing more heat to be transferred. Yea, not as many dgrees are picked up, but you are also moving a whole lot more water.


02:49PM | 08/06/04
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Can you share your plans on how you built the wood fired pool heater. I am trying solar but it does not work well and gas costs make me cringe.


10:00PM | 09/02/04
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I just got my heater up and runnning. Here's how I built it:

It's a wood fired, u-tube hot water boiler. Don't let the word "boiler" scare you, it doesn't boil the water, it just raises it about 3 to 4 degrees C on each pass through.

A 45 gallon drum lays on it's side. I made some quick feet out of 1/4 x 1 flat bar stock, self tapping screws used to attach the feet to the drum. This thing is top heavy, so you don't want it rolling over.

The bundle is made of 1/2" thin wall copper pipe. An inlet header of 1 1/2" PVC pipe and an outlet header of the same.

I made each header out of three short straight pieces, and two 45's, so the header sort of follows the round shape of the drum. Put a cap on one end of each header, and nipple to attach the hose on the other end. Drill each header to receive the pipe, mine has 20 holes in each header. There is a total of 40 tubes in the bundle, each the length of the drum, (appx. 3'), so there is 120' of copper pipe exposed to the fire. Copper 90's are used to make the u-tubes. Water flows from the inlet header, through the 20 u-tubes and out the back into the outlet header, and dumps back into the pool. Soldering is required to make the tubes. I glued the tubes into the holes that were drilled into the pvc headers. A white two part epoxy called Wet Bond is what I used, but it softened up and blew a few holes after the boiler was fireing hard. I ended up useing Copper Bond copper pipe epoxy to cover the Wet Bond, and it works quite well. It is half the price of the Wet Bond. Four units of Wet Bond were used, at $20.00 Canadian each, compared to Copper epoxy at half the price. It adheres to the pvc very well, so I would recommend to use only Copper epoxy.

Water is pumped from the pool with a submersible sump pump, through some cheap, flexible black sump pump hose, into the bundle, and dumps back into the pool. The pump inlet is covered with a lady's nylon stocking and a nylon door screen to filter the water.

The bundle is a semi circle shape and fits up in the upper half of the drum. The fire is made in the bottom half of the drum, and heats up the tubes. Cut a tabbed hole for a 6" wood stove chimney pipe. Cut a hole for a door, and bend all four edges out a half a inch. Make a door out of the heavy bottom of a second drum. Build it about 1 inch larger than the door opening, so you can affix some gasket rope around the edge for a door seal. Cheap hinges, and a door clasp are screwed on. Be sure to put the door opposite the pvc headers, or you will have trouble fitting a large enough door opening below the bottom header. Also, put the door opposite the bung holes, and keep the large bung hole on the bottom, so it can be used for a air inlet for good draft.

Use wood stove cement to seal the slots or holes drilled into the drum ends where the tubes go through. You don't want heat getting outside to the pvc headers. They could be insulated with a combustible proof insulation, but then you want to be able to access the glue connections to touch up any leaks.

After you have circulated water through the bundle, checked for and repair any leaks.

Let the stove cement dry thoroughly.

Put a layer of sand on the bottom of the drum to insulate the drum, and provide some thermal mass.

Be sure to have water circulating through the bundle before the fire is built. Never shut off the pump if there is any heat in the drum, or the tubes will be overheated, and worse yet, the glue and/or pvc headers could be damaged.

I am going to put an air bleed fitting on the outlet header of my heater. I will drill a 1/4" hole in the top center of it, glue a nipple in and attach a rubber tube to it with a clamp. The tube will be tie wrapped along the discharge hose to vent off any air in the bundle into the pool.

I warmed the pool 10 C degrees in a day and half of casual attention. Its cool, rainy September here now, so my goal is to get the pool up to 30 C, have a good swim with the family, brag about my heater, and take it all down for the winter.

I have some pics of the project that I could e-mail if anyone is interested.

Heat up your pool everyone!


10:12PM | 09/02/04
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I have learned that you want to maximize the flow rate through the heater. It puts minimum load on the pump, and if you only raise the temp of the water a few degrees from the inlet to the outlet, thats good. This warms the pool faster and more efficiently than by cutting your flow, loading the pump, and having hotter, but less flow.

Be sure to filter the water that goes through the heater.

Heat your pool!


11:50AM | 09/07/04
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hi there i am very inturested in your artical well i am wondering if you have any pics you can send me heres my email and well its going to be bilt to night and stuff well also what do you use to burn in it thanks for the help


07:49AM | 09/09/04
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Wonderful idea!!!!! I have toyed with some self-made solar projects, but would love a look at your wood heater. My email is great work!


07:30AM | 09/16/04
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Can you also send us pictures of the wood stove heater for your pool.


09:02PM | 09/16/04
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There is a company that makes a wood burning swimming pool heater. It is very effiecent and easy to operate. It also has a warrenty. the site i found was if any of you has one please tell me if it works.


03:43PM | 09/20/04
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Hi I read your article with great interest but I have difficulty picturing a few things in my head. Can you email me some pictures of the project? Hurry, my pool's getting cold!


04:16PM | 09/20/04
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Here my email address to send the pictures to.


07:02PM | 10/03/04
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The web-address for warmwatersource does not work. Is there another address ? or a brand name so I can do a further search.

I have been experimenting with building one myself. So-far I have had fair results. I am getting about a 25-30 degree at about 10 GPM, but with a 24' X 15' pool the temp didn't rise as fast as I would like. I have a few modifications to try (bigger chimney, an adjustable vent door to adjust draft (better combustion), brick lining to retain heat, and more copper in the firebox). Anyother ideas would be appreciated. I have all winter for modifications.


06:15PM | 11/18/04
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I am thinking of building a pool heater like you described. It sounds great! I would love to see some pictures to see how you did it. My e-mail is Thanks!


02:23PM | 11/21/04
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peter1, check this link for the wood burning heater you can buy;

no price listed on the web, I emailed them to find out.

I can't quite picture what the homemade one looks like either. I can picture something in my head that might work though.


12:23PM | 11/22/04
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Now that it is winter, The 'build' has slowed, and I just got a digital camera, so if I can find out how to get a picture to you I will.

It is not pretty, a 55gal. drum on its side, a 5in dia. chimney pipe out the end, and a metal door on the front.

Hopefully this weekend I'll take the pictures.


06:23AM | 11/29/04
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08:57PM | 01/01/05
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Could you send me a picture of the wood burner and it's construction?


06:16AM | 01/27/05
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could i get a picture please?


06:42AM | 03/05/06
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12:49PM | 03/20/06
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pictures to help build. send to


07:56AM | 03/27/07
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please send picture(s) of your wood-fired pool heater to

I was looking at the woods behind my house, looking at the pool and i came to me the solution. And you did it already.


02:46AM | 03/30/07
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Can you please e-mail me some pics @ Thank you.


04:13AM | 05/01/07
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Could you please send me a picture of how you put it together. I have a special needs child that loves to play in water but he finds the pool to cold. I would love to be able to warm it up for him so that he could playing in it. Thank you


04:36AM | 05/01/07
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Hi, if you have any pictures of your pool heater I would greatly appreciate them. Thankyou. You can email me at:


01:34PM | 05/09/07
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anyone can help me i want picture to buil my pool heater wood send me at cymonpouliot at


05:05AM | 05/28/07
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Can you please send me pictures of the wood fired pool heater? Please send them to




05:16AM | 05/31/07
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Can you please send a picture and any updates.

Thanks very much.

Please provide a picture and an update on any mechanics & performance.


01:31PM | 06/10/07
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Hi, This sounds like a really good idea. How long did it take you to build it? Can you send me a picture of it? My email is Thank you in advance!


04:46AM | 07/10/07
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who cant help me i want plans and picture to build a wood heater for my pool. my dimension is 17' 27' 48''

thanks all your site is very good

contact me at

good summer all


09:46PM | 08/11/07
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Hi, I would love to see the pics of your wood-fired swimming pool heater if you still have them!

thank you,



01:47PM | 09/26/07
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I would like to see the images of the pool heater in order to construct one myself, it sounds quite interesting. please forward them to Thanks


01:38AM | 11/21/07
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I also would love to build one of these heaters. My pool is in the shade most of the day. Please send the pictures to me also if you would. I surely would appreciate it!

Send to


07:09AM | 01/25/08
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Hi could you send me a picture of your heater


03:23AM | 02/09/08
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If you would be so Generous to send me a picture of the heater I would appreciate it thanks


05:22AM | 03/21/08
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Would you please send me pictures of your pool heater. I want to make an attempt in building one.

Please send them to

Thank you.


04:51AM | 03/29/08
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I thought it was alot of work to build one and I didn't have welding abilities so I bought one at a website called the price was about 2000 and I love it. It works great


05:34AM | 04/02/08
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Chlorine attacks copper big time! It WILL turn your pool green, and many times do it overnight. The amount of copper in the water will make it so toxic that it's considered hazmat and you'll get in deep crap just trying to get rid of it. Do a search on pool heaters to see what is used for the heat exchanger - STAINLESS STEEL! And only stainless... That's why they cost a good amount to buy them. This guy used over 120ft of copper pipe in the "system". He's nuts !!! Ask him to get his water analyzed before you make the same mistake. Don't believe me? Do a google search on pool heaters/copper. Then recall your chemistry and read how much trouble it causes. Have fun swimming in that toxic soup :)


09:13AM | 04/06/08
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could you please send me a picture of your wood burning pool heater?



08:47AM | 04/13/08
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can u send me some pics of this?



02:36PM | 05/25/08
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Do you still pictures available of your pool heater? Im interested in making one and would like to see your pictures if they are still available.


01:30PM | 05/27/08
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Please send pictures.


03:24PM | 08/16/08
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Please send pictures.



04:08PM | 08/31/08
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I read your description of your DIY Wood Fired Boiler and would love to see a picture. Can you provide an image of you system?



10:20AM | 02/21/09
Member Since: 02/20/09
1 lifetime posts is my personal

e mail address any pictures you can send me would be much appreciated thank you.


03:48AM | 02/26/09
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i reall like your idea and sure am interested in some pics

sounds like you have built what i have been dreaming about


05:13PM | 03/02/09
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please email spec's and pic's


08:56AM | 03/23/09
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Would you be so kind as to email me your directions and picture on how to build a wood fired pool heater.




02:13PM | 04/09/09
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We are very interested..... couldn't get the pix because the url was missing something.

We heat our home with wood/pellet stove and love it......would love to make one for the pool, but need a few pix to convince the hubby ....





03:28AM | 04/14/09
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Hey guys,

I have a three year old wood burning pool heater that I purchased from warmwatersolutions. Parts of it need to be sanded and repainted. We're moving and can't take it with us and it's not the kind of thing the next owner will want or understand...

Email for info!


07:04AM | 05/05/09
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Hi Would it be possible for you to send me some pictures of your wood burning pool heater it sounds very intresting and could be an ideal soloution to the British Climate that we have to suffer

thank you in advance


07:09AM | 05/07/09
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Hi Would it be possible for you to send me some pictures of your wood burning pool heater it sounds very intresting and could be an ideal soloution to the British Climate that we have to suffer


05:02PM | 05/23/09
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Hey we would love to have some photos of the heater. Would that be possible?

Thanks so much and good job!



11:58AM | 06/10/09
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i would love to see some of the pictures also of the wood fired pool heatre you built...sounds very interesting




10:15PM | 06/28/09
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Its been a couple years since I've used the heater. Being a prototype, it had some maintenance issues, and I'd build it differently the next time.

Instead of using PVC inlet and outlet headers I'd use 1 1/2" copper pipe and 45s instead. That way copper sleeve nipples could be drilled and soldered into the headers. No glue would be required. The Copper Bond was pretty good, but I spent too much time fixing up leaks.

The idea works great. Three to four degrees increase from the inlet to the outlet is pretty good. The pool was up to 30 degrees C in a couple days.

As for stainless steel, that would be a great idea. I'm not a welder, but I like to build stuff. The whole idea here is I am trying to save a couple thousand dollars, and still get a warm pool. This barrel/copper pipe prototype cost maybe $200.00. The water stayed crystal clear, and no, it didnt' turn green.

I'm opening the pool again this summer, (my kids are bugging me), and I'll hook up the old barrel heater and see if it has any leaks. If there is too many, I'm going to scrap it and maybe try and fabricate some copper headers.

I'll keep you all posted.



07:28AM | 09/04/09
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would love to see some pictures of your pool heater.




05:17AM | 06/01/10
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Wondering if you could send various photos of your pool heater contraption. Please and thank you. We've been trying to heat a pool, but nothing has worked that we've tried. Aside from spending loads of money on a prefab model.



02:25PM | 06/12/10
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I just read your article on the wood burning pool heater and was wndering if you could send me a picture of it please?

Thank you.


10:53PM | 02/14/13
i am very interested how you built it i tried the barrel idea but it did not work. could you please send me pic's


10:50AM | 03/06/13
Maybe you could use those graphic sklils some more and put your biography in order,,it goes to various pages when you hit your back' or on to..' link. I couldn't get them in order


10:35AM | 03/08/13
My pool heater runs on nuaartl gas. The company installed it when they built the pool. The gas company had to bring out a larger meter to handle the increased demand, but there was no charge for the installation and checking the other gas appliances in the house after the change-out. I live in the Dallas area and don't heat the pool in the winter. I heat the spa. Unless we're having a terribly cold winter and I use the spa a lot I don't notice much of a difference in my gas bill. I think if you've already got nuaartl gas service to your house you need to stick with nuaartl gas for the pool heater.


11:04AM | 03/08/13
My recommendation would be to colsunt with a Jandy sales agent or a store were they have this product.This is a serious question because your dealing with to explosive elements gas and propane. I am sure you are aware of the seriousness. So I ve done some research on your behalf and found these links to access for any further information on converting. Hope I ve been of some help and hope you will check out these links as well as causation.This was a great question that you asked. Enjoyed the opportunity to answer for you. Best t!!!Patriot Supply HEATWISE ProductsNOTE: The same gas valve is used for both natural gas and propane without any valve and can be used to convert a natural gas unit to LP (or vice versa). 70k Cached Similar pages PDF] Installation and Operation Manual Laars Lite 2 Pool and Spa HeaterFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat View as HTMLDo not convert this heater from natural gas to. propane gas, or propane to RS units installed with Jandy Surge Protection Kits will be covered for Similar pages


01:31PM | 04/10/13
am designing a swimming pool heat exchanger but i need to know the appropriate flow rates. help cos i feel stuck


10:14PM | 04/22/13
please send pics to Thank you.


07:07AM | 04/25/13
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 about landscaping toronto
Sizing a gas pool heater involves many factors. Basically, a heater is sized according to the surface area of the pool and the difference between the pool and the average air temperatures. Other factors also affect the heating load for outdoor pools, such as wind exposure, humidity levels, and cool night temperatures. Therefore, pools located in areas with higher average wind speeds at the pool surface, lower humidity, and cool nights will require a larger heater.


10:29PM | 04/29/13
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Have you tried the TimberLine wood fired water stove. They are meant to heat hot tubs and pools. They come in three different sizes and have added safety features such as built in temp gage and a pressure release valve. Their large wood fire pool heater is ideal for anyone that has wood at their disposal.



03:44AM | 05/10/13
Looks good thanks! Greetz


03:45AM | 05/10/13
thanks a lot for reading. Greet from holland.


07:22AM | 05/30/13
Thanks for sharing such a nice information..this will work as a normal temperature

Swimming Pool Heaters


06:40AM | 06/03/13
hye, i' m peter from FRANCE i dont know a lot of English just some memory of schoolfrom 25 years !!
i also try to heat my pool with wood but i put the copper coil into a drum full of water then putit in the fire ; it work but not as i wish.Did you put copper directly in fire ?
If you have got photos it will be nice.
Thank you in advance
my E.mail:


10:33AM | 09/04/13
Hi just read about what you have done and it sounds very good could you please email me some pics please ? thank you

Diyer laurel

05:38PM | 04/03/14
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Not sure if you are still emailing picture of your heater or not however we are looking to build one this spring for our pool. My email address is Thanks!


03:51PM | 02/13/15
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New to the forum. I'am building a wood fired pool heater using a old fisher wood stove. will be using stainless steel pipe mounted to the inside top of the stove. Here is my question?. many people doing this use 50-100 ft or more of copper tube i guess the stuff you buy from home depoit or such. people say some problems are, making sure the water never gets cut off or it could melt the tube or the soilder. plus others have said it put strain on your pump going down to 1/2" in size. I was going to use 1 1/2 stainless sch 40 to do two things. #1 it wont hurt the flow rate. and #2 someone had mentioned its better to have more flow not so hot but heating a larger quanity. So which is more correct? lots (like 100') of 1/2" copper tube or lets say 24' of 1 1/2 stainless pipe. thanks for any advice my name is dave


11:44AM | 04/09/17
hi all hope someone may be able to help i have a WSP Siverdome wood burning stove that doesnt appear to be heating the water i have had a fire burning for 5 hours but there is no change in the temperature of the water I am at a loss to why
I have attached a pic of the set up at the inlet and outlet on the burner..there are a couple of what may be drain plugs above the inlet and outlet im wondering if these need to be opened or closed to allow the water to circulate within the woddburner
Img 20170409 163459


04:59PM | 06/24/18
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From heating the water after a chilly night or extending your swimming season in the spring and fall, in the Swim carries fuel pool heaters, propane pool warmers, sun pool warmers and pool warmness pumps to help make your pool water temperature ideal any time of day, night time and 12 months.

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05:01PM | 06/24/18
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From heating the water after a chilly night or extending your swimming season in the spring and fall, in the Swim carries fuel pool heaters, propane pool warmers, sun pool warmers and pool warmness pumps to help make your pool water temperature ideal any time of day, night time and 12 months.

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05:02PM | 06/24/18
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From heating the water after a chilly night or extending your swimming season in the spring and fall, in the Swim carries fuel pool heaters, propane pool warmers, sun pool warmers and pool warmness pumps to help make your pool water temperature ideal any time of day, night time and 12 months.

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