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04:09PM | 01/07/05
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Hey! I have this Algebra assignment where you have to figure out the recommended slope for a house deck. Here is the exact wording: A deck should slope away from your house so that the water won't pool on the wood. What is the recommended slope for a deck? Can you help me out?


03:06PM | 01/09/05
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That is the strangest algebra assignment I've ever heard of . They provide no formula or information?

The answer can depend on the deck style and direction the surface runs and whether there is a protected space in under the deck, in effect a room, making the deck surface a roof also.

The lowest pitch for a roof memebrane is 1/4"rise per foot of run. some decks can be built with a pitch of only 1/8" rise per foot of run.

Pitch is the standard of measure menat useed in construction for sloping surfaces, such as roofs, decks, and stairs. it is always represented in figures denoting rise over run.

So a deck that is eight feet wide will be needing 1" of drop to pitch away from the house 1/8"/1'

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03:35AM | 01/11/05
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We recommend to slant your deck 1/8" for every 8' you go away from the house.


04:27AM | 01/11/05
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such a minimal nominal 1/8" for eight whole feet does nothing to slope water away in the real world where the framing lumber can have a 1/4" crown in half of that eight feet, leading water right back at the house again.

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10:15AM | 01/11/05
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most of all make sure it is flashed properly at he rim joist! To keep the house from rotting.


02:29PM | 01/11/05
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The next math question wil be to calculate the cost of repairing the rot, LOL

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