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10:33PM | 03/17/01
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I have just purchased a home which is on a well system. The well was dug in 1997-98. Prior to closing on the home, 3/13 to be exact, I checked the well and faucets inside the home. The level of teh water in teh well was about 8' from the top and all the inside faucets ran beautifully. 4 days later, today, we moved our first load of boxes in. As we were getting ready to leave, we started to clean up and NO WATER from teh faucets. The toilets did flush, however. I checked the outside faucet, and water did come out, although not at very high pressure and it is running hot and cold. When I checked the level of the well water, IT IS DOWN 40 FEET!!!! and the pump is continually running. 1. How do I turn off the pump? 2. Does this sound like a broken hot water pipe somewhere? I was not able to get under teh crawl space, and I have no idea how to turn off the well pump of even the water supply to the house.

Thanks for any help!



01:54AM | 03/19/01
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The pump should be on it's own circuit breaker, hopefully labeled.

Did you check the hot water heater? The previous owner may have shut off a valve.

It probably is a leak though some localities have big flucuations in water level. Ask your neighbors about their wells.


09:18AM | 03/19/01
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A broken hot water pipe would not prevent the cold water in the faucets from working. If you are getting constant up-and-down water pressure, the problem may be your pressure tank. When the pressure tank fails, the well pump keeps cycling on and off, trying to keep up pressure.
You really need to check the crawl space to make sure it's not flooded or just what's happening.


11:34PM | 03/27/01
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Thanks for the replies. A plumber came out and looked at it, and thankfully no leaks. What they think might have happened, is when the real estate agent chlorinated the well, he left all the faucets running for 4 hours straight. I checked the level of the well recently, and it is back up, so I know there is water tehre. ALso, we have not had any mroe instances of no water. They are running city water in the enxt few months, so hopefully we don't have to rely on the well for much longer.

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