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02:39PM | 11/11/02
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I have a 2 yr old toilet that runs in the middle of the night sometimes for an hr or so, sometimes 15 min. around.

I replaced the flapper however the toilet still runs albeit not as much as previously, but it still runs.

Anybody have any suggestions other than throwing the toilet out and getting a new one?


05:53AM | 11/12/02
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Often caused by the fill valve leaking. That's the one on the left that's connected to the float. You can replace that assembly for less than 10 $.


08:42AM | 11/12/02
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thanks, I'll give it a shot.


05:47AM | 11/16/02
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I actually lowered the float cup an inch and now the toilet stopped running! However, I have another slight problem. When I flush, not much water drops out of the tank (the pressure is very weak). the flapper chain is taut, and I tried adjusting that float thing up and down that's attached to the flapper chain. Not sure how to get better pressure when I flush. (I also opened the water valve all the way)


12:12PM | 11/16/02
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Thes fill devices often get plugged up with 'goop' from the water (rust, scale, etc. Also, have seen the turn on/off valve get partially clogged when used after a long time when scale breaks away. May have to clean out the turn on/off valve and/or replace the fill mechanism.
PS: That flapper chain should not be taught as that could cause the flapper to not fully seat and leak. Also should not have too much slack in chain that could become caught under the flapper.

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