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05:52PM | 07/29/03
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we live in Florida. when we moved down here, my mom says someone told her not to put toilet paper in the toilet, that it hurts the septic tank. I know that certain kinds of toilet paper will break down a septic tank over time, namely if the toilet paper is scented or has designs on it. but my mom uses regular toilet paper and doesn't put it in the toilet, but rather throws it away in the waste bucket next to the toilet, which is gross, embarrassing, and unsanitary. I'd love to be able to show her something to prove to her it's ok to flush toilet paper and prove once and for all and get her to do it. can someone provide a link somewhere to prove this or take a minute or two and write out a detailed entry explaining that it's ok? I'd really appreciate it, thanks.


08:08AM | 08/01/03
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Hi runningpaul82,
I have worked with the elderly for 25 years and toilet paper becomes an issue for one reason or another(septic or city sewer).I would bet a weeks pay that mom overflowed the toilet and may have been told that there was too much paper in it.At any rate,if reassuring her that paper can go down the pipe doesn't work,nor the hygenic issues, then you best drop it.It is quite a common occurance for seniors.I am only assuming your mom is "older",if I am incorrect you may need to have a septic service person explain things.

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01:06PM | 08/01/03
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no, this didn't happen after it overflowed. when we moved down here she says someone told her the septic tanks in florida weren't very good, and not to flush toilet paper down the toilet. no one else I've ever talked to here has heard of that. from what I've read people in mexico also do that, because in places there the sewers and septic tanks are very weak. since posting this question I've gone around looking more and have accumulated hopefully enough evidence to convince her it's ok.

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