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08:26PM | 11/13/03
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We have a BAD sewer gas smell coming from the floor in our bacement mostly when we are doing laundery on cooler or cold days.
the vent pipe is a 3' pvc which seems to be enough, this home is only a year old on a septic system w/ 2-500 gal septic tanks and a leach field


06:05PM | 11/20/03
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Hi -
this is for more information.
What makes this extreamly unusual is the smell comes from two different rooms that are far apart. the one room has no plumbing near or around it. could this be a type of gas coming from the ground? any ideas suggestions ....... please help. my children sleep in this bacement.


01:24PM | 12/03/03
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Not that I am an expert but I too have a problem with my brand new home built this past April, I also have septic. One thing that I did find out with one of the smells I had was the builder never vented the house, well I shouldn't say he didn't vent it at all but he only vented one of the drains. Once we finished venting the rest of the drains through the roof we no longer had a bad smell coming from the bathrooms. It is imporant that each and every drian, exhust fan is vented right. I do still have a smell but this is something different, but I believe still somehow caused from the septic. I would just make sure that any plumbing in the basement is fully vented. I also posted a questions so if I get any replies to mine I will let you know, I know it's not easy when you don't know where to go to ask questions. Kat


06:32PM | 12/10/03
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Thank You for your reply!
I figured out the problem but not well pleased it will be a little expence.
To others that may have this type of problem our floor tile was snagged by the installer of our leach fild and a coupling broke loose somhow and was close enough to our leach field that when a larg amount of water goes through such as our large bath tub or wash machine there is enough movment to cause the gasses to come back up through the floor tile causing the odor yuk but glad to have figured it out.
and again thanks for you help : )


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