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Graham Flooring

02:24AM | 12/16/03
OK .. here it is .. we bought a hot tub replaced all the jets, and the PVC glue is not holding. ( of course the only way to tell if its going to hold is to waste 300 gallons of water and watch it fill your backyard. (this has happened 4 times so far)
Is there a way to attach pvc flex schedule 40 in the cold? special glue? special primer. HELP ME!

I am holding a gun to the tub and threating to put it out of my misery!

plumber Tom

11:46AM | 12/16/03
Member Since: 05/10/03
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LOCK AND LOAD! Nah just kidding. All pvc glue manufactures recommend applying the glue at a certain temp. What temp does it say on the can? I like to apply the primer, then while the primer is still wet, run your dauber around the pipe end, then inside the fitting. Insert pipe into fitting and give just a 1/4 turn to spread the glue. I hope you are cutting the pvc with a pipe cutter (special wheels made for plastic pipe are available) and not using a hacksaw. It's a good idea to ream the ID and OD also to remove burrs ang get a perfect joint. The only other thing I can suggest is : Make on your male or female adapters, then if room allows stub out a small piece of schedule 40 pvc and then try to make some kind of transition to your flex. The pool types of plastic flex hose usually have a straight end where you could get a Fernco to go on. Best of luck and save the bullets. Happy Holiday's, Tom


03:03PM | 12/16/03
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I was going to suggest dynamite. Push on the handle ...and.VIOLA!! 400 pounds of fiberglass salad! O.K. try this I dont know what pipe size we have here get a hose barb to male fitting a p.v.c. to female pipe thread adaptor and 2 hose clamps, take a blow dryer go out screw the hose fitting into the adaptor slide the clamps on the hose, warm it with the dryer, slide the fitting into the hose, prime and glue the pipe end slide it together.Keep it warm 70 degrees or so for 5 minutes to give the the glue a chance to take. Heres a tip, If you can find the fast set blue p.v.c. cement use that. also keep the glue in where it's warm take it out when you're ready. GOOD LUCK. C.

plumber Tom

04:50PM | 12/16/03
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Good Advice C. It's nice to have others who reply with a little levity 1st, then get down to serious business. Welcome to the boards and Happy Holiday's! Tom

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