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05:01PM | 01/28/04
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Have a new doublewide on a block foundation with well water. We have no water. The crawl space temp is 48 degrees, so I determinded that it must be frozen underground outside. (The outside temp has been around 15-20) After digging, I found that the water line was only around 10" below the ground at the wall and then slopes downward. I tried to contact the man who drilled the well and installed the pump system, but he has gone to Florida for the winter. I dug from the wall out to around 8 ft. At this point the ground isn't frozen around the pipe so I believe I'm below the frost line. I built a large box and placed a torpedo heater in there to try to thaw it out. After 5 hours still no luck. The pipes don't feel really cold. When I took the cap off the well and turned the circuit breaker for the pump on, it sounds like it is pumping. I can hear bubbles and possibly water overflow. Still no water and no pressure at the gauge at the bladder tank. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

plumber Tom

02:18PM | 01/29/04
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Can you call someone in from the township or county in Pa? Do you know the depth of the well? Was the well included with the price of the double wide? Hopefully by the time you read this you'll be stepping out of a warm shower. It definately doesn't sound deep enough to prevent freezing. Find out the frost level in your area. Ask some neighbors until the county arrives.


05:40PM | 01/29/04
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Since we don't have public water, the township or county won't help. I was told that the frost level can get upto 2 1/2 ft, but at the present time it is only at 8". I spoke to another person who said that it could have frozen and then, since there was no low limit switch on the regulator, the pump could have built up pressure to blow the line off the pump. They said this is why I can hear the water running down in the well if I turn the breaker on. Now my dilemma is to figure out how I get the pump up out of the well (when installed we were told it was at 150 ft.) When I looked in the shaft, the line leaves the shaft and goes into the ground around five feet down, but I have no idea how to get to it unless I get a backhoe and dig 5' then cut the pipe used to line the well shaft. I am ok with indoor plumbing, but the well/pump is a whole new experience to me and I am clueless what I'd do even if I did that. I've contacted several local plumbers and no one seems to either know what to do or won't return my phonecalls.

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