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07:59AM | 05/05/04
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I recently bought a townhome, with now HOA. Since I have been there I hav e had problem with the cold water pressure in the master bath shower/tub. unfortunately I have passed the time to try to put this problem back on the previous owners and I am trying to fix this on little funds.

Problem: The cold water for the bath/shower just trickles in hot water is fine. the water to the sink and tolate cold water seems to have plenty of pressure.

So far I have tried to replace the fascete valve for the cold water thinking that was the problem. To determin this as the problem we took off the valve and turned on the water to the house. we thought it was shooting out the hole. After we replaced the valve on the fascet and still had the problem we realized that the hot water was on and was what was shooting through the hole. We tried turning the water on and off to clear any debre, but after an hour of that, we figured that was not working, we also tried to stick a metal wire down the fascet through the cold water valve hole, but we could only go about 4 inches.

About the townhome:

the townhome built in '72 is 2 stories. 2.5 bathrooms and the master bath is the only one on the East side of the house. The living room east side has unfinished brick wall and about a 4 foot wide finished area where pipes run up to the bath room. I dont see any access panel to this area. The shower is tile, and looking at the showerhead to the right of the shower is a closet (south) of shower, Tolate and sink are north of shower. There is a little wall tape arround the hole of the tolate connection.

At this point im lost, I dont know enough abuot was was done before I owned the place. I dont know if the inspector should have seen this and could be held responible.

My Father had the thought that there might be a vavle on the wall downstairs cutting off water to just the shower/tub, but I am not sure if there are seperate cold waters going up for the sink and shower or if there is one main connection and it slipts. I dont know what is the norm. I wonder if there are ways to fix the problem with out going into the wall or the shower tile.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

plumber Tom

12:06AM | 05/06/04
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I don't know who you can go after, but you should have at least reviewed the home inspectors report. There should be some mention on there as to water piping size, pressure or something. Does your toilet fill up slow, and how is the pressure on the lav? The norm going to the 2nd floor, would be the size coming off the meter, then 1/2" to each individual fixture. Buy a psi test gauge and determine your water pressure.


05:15AM | 05/06/04
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The Toilate fills up quickly. the cold water in the tub/shower is really so low its hard to consider it pressure, I could pour water faster then it comes out.

I was reading the inspector's report and there is no mention of the problem, and his report doesnt go into pipe detail.

Thanks for the reply.

erik peterson

06:07AM | 05/08/04
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call an experienced repair-plumber, this is likely a localized restriction at the tub/shower valve. erik


05:10PM | 06/03/17
hot water pressure is fine but have no cold water pressure just dribbles.


03:15AM | 07/26/18
It could be the sensor that prevents getting to hot in the tub is broke or the cold side is just turned down to tight or what it most likely is something is stuck in the line on the cold side somewhere going to tub.


01:37PM | 02/28/22
I have pressure in kitchen and bathroom sink but no hot or cold pressure in bathtub

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