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04:45AM | 05/13/04
Dear Plumber Tom,

I have a new hot water boiler system (hot water and heat) Seems that when ever the water circulator pump for the hot water zone kicks in it leaks out of the pressure relief valve on the storage tank. I called the plumber who installed it and he came out and replaced it.

A week later it was doing it again only this time I opened and closed the pressure release valve thinking that it might just need to be reseated but then, the backflow preventer going to the boiler (the feed line from the hot water tank going to the boiler) started to leak so I called the plumber and he replaced both the valve on the water heater tank and the backflow preventer and said “that’s strange, I never had so many problems with these two things and that the backflow preventer must have been defective”.

Then a week after that the tank was leaking again and I just figured that that was the way it was gona be (this is also what the plumber told me, “ sometimes they just do that” so I just left it that way. Then 3-4 weeks after that the backflow preventer started to leak again so I called the plumber.

He said that a bunch of other customers started having the same problems and that he found out that the city had upgraded equipment and that could be affecting the system (too much pressure) he said that I should replace the main pressure reducing valve on the main line and install some kind of overflow tank (sorta like an expansion tank?) about $350.

I also noticed that when I turn on the water it sounds kinda like a jet engine, interestingly this is how the plumber described it also.

I was thinking that since the house was unoccupied and unheated for 4 years that maybe the pres reduce valve is bad (all the plumbing after the meter is new)

So any ways I am not sure if these problems are due to his plumbing job or something else. What do you think?

Thank you,

Mark K

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