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11:40AM | 09/07/04
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The toilet's insides were recently replaced. Now, the bowl fills with very little water...AND when flushed, the water in the toilet bowl erupts like a volcano...big air bubbles, spewing and sound effects! However, if the flush handle is pushed very slow, it isn't so bad and if the handle is held down to allow the bowl to fill with more water it works just fine. I think there must be air in the line or something. Please help!


07:05PM | 09/07/04
I doubt that it is air. Many think there is air in their water lines but any air pushes out quickly. Toilets are not all the same and often you need the correct parts.

What brand of toilet do you have? Did you install a Fluidmaster 400A or what kind of fill valve. What kind of flapper? Is water coming out the refill tube of the fill valve? Is the water line set 1" below the overflow tube? How much water remains in the tank after the flapper closes?


05:14AM | 09/08/04
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The toilet is 26-28 years old.

Fluidmaster 400 was installed. It has a black canister that goes up and down. I believe the flapper was part of the package, but I'm not sure.

Water comes out of the little grey tube and and goes into the white tube refill tube. The grey tubing is a little long, so it is bunched up, but water does come out. The water stops when the level in the tank reaches about 1" below the white tube.

Yes, the water level comes to about 1" below the top of the white tube.

After flushing, about 2-3" remains in the bottom of the tank when the flap goes back down.

Just about as soon as the flap goes down, water stops going into the bowl.


08:06PM | 09/09/04
You should cut the refill tube off so that the end of it does not stick down into the overflow tube below the water level. This does not address your current problem but this will cause siphonage and the toilet will keep running.

The bowl should keep filling after the flapper closes. Does water continue to flow out the refill tube after the flapper closes and until the fill valve shuts off? If the level in the bowl is not deep enough to create the trap seal then that could account for the volcanic noise.

Gosh, I wish we knew what kind of toilet this is and the year of manufacturer.

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