04:47AM | 12/06/04
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i have been looking up toilets and honestly am confused...

whats the difference in round vs. elongated

whats the difference in gravity flush vs. the other kind

and why is the prices so different??

i am just looking for 2 normal toilets for a family to use and all i wanted to have to decide on was the LOOK of it, :) i know it sounds very simple.


05:57AM | 12/06/04
The bowl of an elongated toilet is more pointed and comes out about 2 1/2" further than a round bowl. They are cleaner for people to use and they are required on commercial jobs. You may also want to consider a high rise toilet. They are much easier to use on the knees. Also one piece toilets are the quietest.

A gravity toilet is what we are normally used to. An assisted toilet uses air to help push the water out of the bowl. Prices are different because since the 1.6 gallon per flush toilets have come out there has been continual redesign to try to achieve a toilet that will flush the first time. More money does NOT mean a better flush. Toto is the national leader for good flushes and is a sponsor on this site.


06:34AM | 12/07/04
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ok, i understand the sizing now...but the flush bit still gets me...

been on-line window shopping and found a few designs i like at American Standard and Kohler...Kohler has one i really like and says Jettd Bowl Ingenium flushing the site trys to explain this but i think i was havnig a major blonde moment, right over my be honest, i could care less about all the fancy stuff you don't see, i am looking at the toilets visual appeal only and seem to find all the EXPENSIVE ones. go figure right...

thank you


12:52PM | 12/07/04
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if you are like my SWMBO, the higer the price, the more desirable the item




06:38PM | 12/07/04
My first post as moderator is one of honesty. I will not set an American Standard or Kohler toilet. When the low use of water per flush toilets came on the market, it has turned out design is everything. Companies that were the top toilet brands loss their reputation. I've had so many problems with some of the toilet brands I will not even try their new models anymore. However, plumbers all over the country disagree on which toilets will flush and which ones will not. Mostly between new construction plumbers and service plumbers. The pity is almost half of the bathrooms in this country now have a plunger in them. Gross.

All plumbers seem to agree on the Toto. They're kinda like Google. Good ideas and heavy growth. I do not think people need the air assisted flush toilets either. Amount spent is no indication of whether or not the thing will flush. The best source I know of is on a plumbers forum and at the bottom of the page is about Terry Love and then his report on toilets. Also whatever toilets qualify for California's rebate program.

erik peterson

03:28AM | 12/09/04
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Kohler Wellworth........very good for the money ($100) Round bowls flush better than elongated in any brand or model. Air-assist toilets are VERY noisey/annoying and last only several years before they wear out. One-piece are better looking but perform poorly. Most people and many plumbers install toilets in-correctly using 4x3 wax closet rings, this effectively reduces the drain line by one full size (easier to clog). Use 4x4 closet wax for full volume and the 4x3 for the rare occasion its required. erik


07:37AM | 12/09/04
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i like honest answers...this info helps alot, seeing as we are doing most all the work ourselves also...we will bring in the occasional PRO when needed but only for the part needed, not for the whole job, no need to...and i guess i'm not your typical woman, i hate shopping, i wish everything came standard and the only thing i had to pick was color and style, style being old fashion, plain and modern...and the cheaper the better right now, i'm on a tight budget with this one.

thanks again


05:01PM | 12/09/04
Thanks for posting Erik. Please respond often. From your previous postings I have learned that you are a California plumber with over 30 years of experience. Your response on toilets has caused me to review my positions.

1. Wellworth. It only flushes 250 grams per flush when we're trying to get 500 and over. I have only had the new construction plumbers endorse them and I'm presuming you are a service plumber.

2. The round front toilets do flush better than the elongated and I did not know that. The Kohler Wellworth elongated only removes 125 grams.

3. One piece. I have still carried over my preference for one piece toilets from before the 1.6 gallon per flush toilets. I am uncertain on your observation that they are generally poor flushers but I am going to be alert to it.

4. Bowl Waxes. I must be misunderstanding your statement that plumbers often use the wrong size bowl waxes. There is only one diameter size of bowl wax. I believe you are saying that you prefer the regular bowl wax over the no seep bowl waxes with the plastic insert. If so, then I agree. If you are talking different diameters I would appreciate your explaining for me.

Thanks again for posting Erik and please return.

erik peterson

03:23PM | 12/10/04
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Again most plumbers/handymen or weekend warriors use the incorrect size wax ring....yes there are certainly more than one size. Most use 4"x3" wax ring when the correct size should be a flat 4". As to the one-piece toilets its obvious that they operate on a "swirling" action as opposed to "cascading" water from a conventional toilet which has gravity assisting the flush. Most people simply like the asthetics of a "one-piece". This is one of the reasons I dont reply much...having to repeat and explain is really time consuming. erik


04:33PM | 12/10/04
Got it. Sorry.
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