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04:52AM | 12/26/04
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I have a copper line coming through my slab for water service. Right now the slab is broken up in the corner where the line comes in. I would like to pour new concrete to fill it in. I was told that concrete will eat the copper if directly placed against the pipe, but I've also read that the copper will actually corrode concrete. Which is it? I know of other homes that have concrete poured right against the copper also, and have not heard any complaints. Most importantly, I would like to know if any corrosion will occur, how long would this take to happen.


05:55AM | 12/26/04
Concrete does eat copper and our building and plumbing codes require the copper to be insulated from the concrete. I discussed this in your last post below on Friday.

The amount of time it takes to eat through varies widely. I've seen it last over twenty years and I've seen fail within two years. I don't know why there is a difference. It may be the composition of the concrete or other factors


03:26PM | 08/08/07
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Was curious if there was a response to this item regarding unprotected copper plumbing in which a new concrete foundation had been poured directly onto?

Does conrete erode copper plumbing when poured directly onto it during construction?


03:24PM | 08/09/07
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The home in question was our first "new" home is about 3 1/2 years old. 11,000 in damages by the time the slab was busted open to find and repair the leak, replace carpeting and laminates, baseboard, bathroom tub and tiling. a real nightmare.

thanks again!


05:51PM | 10/26/18
it would seem to me that painted copper tubing would be ok to pour concrete over, can anyone affirm that is a safe bet?


08:19PM | 11/12/18
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Because there are conflicting answers to the Q. of concrete and copper, wouldn't it be best to ask a chemist this question? Just wondering.

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