Weekend Warrior

01:35AM | 03/16/05
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Every valve in both of our tubs leak right out the handles. The Hot, Cold, and Shower Valve (yes, all 6) all run water out the handle- and it's more than a trickle.

How do I begin to fix this??

doug seibert

02:07AM | 03/16/05
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Here's a diagram.....

.......#6 is a nut that squeezes the Packing around the stem (#7)......This is the location of your leak.........

To repair.....FIRST try tightening this packing nut......remove parts 1-5......

You'll need a set of Deep Plumbers sockets (cheap stamped metal hollow sockets) to reach the packing nut.......temporarily reinstall the handle and turn the water ON........

NOW using the socket tighten the packing nut until the water stops leaking around the stem.....

IF IT DOESN'T STOP LEAKING......then you'll need to REPLACE the packing........

Weekend Warrior

08:19AM | 10/02/05
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...and finally got to work on this... for about 5 minutes.

My faucets don't appear to be quite the same as the diagram. Mine have a nut between the handle and escuchen which appears to be attached to the nipple.

I took the handle off (it sits on a square 'boss' which is too big to get the nut over)and unthreaded the nut- the nipple came with it- but that's it. I can't get any of it out.

And since the 'boss' is too big to get the nut/nipple off, I can't get the escuchen off either.

So I can't get any of it apart, nor can I see behind the escuchen to see what I am doin wrong.

Any input here?

doug seibert

01:16PM | 10/02/05
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....NO plumbing repairs after 5:00.......It's always best to wait till the hardware/plumbing store is Open before starting a project.....

I'll bet that "square boss" is a HANDLE ADAPTER .....the stem/shaft must be might need a handle puller....

.......and the various nipples and nuts all need to be removed in order.......sometimes you need a sharp pair of "channelocks" to grab those small knurled trim nuts.......once you get the stem cleared you'll see them.......

Old plumbing might take all the "tools" in your bag......

Weekend Warrior

05:27PM | 10/19/05
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The 'bosses' were adapters and (2 out of 3)of the leaks were solved by tightening the packing nuts.

However, the shower valve handle WILL NOT come off!! I took the center screw out and attempted to remove the handle. I assume it is a knurled type attachment and should pull straight off- it doesn't appear to be threaded onto the stem.

But I think there is so much gunk in there it's not releasing.

Any tricks of the trade here??

doug seibert

07:04PM | 10/19/05
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Here's the handle puller I refered to:

Weekend Warrior

06:28AM | 10/23/05
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By George, that looks like it'll work!!

Weekend Warrior

06:09AM | 09/13/06
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I recently replaced all the doo-dads on the stem of the leaking bathroom faucet.

I took everything to the hardware store and the plumbing guy picked out all the replacements (friction washers, packing, double-bevel thingy, etc). There is no #11 as shown in the diagram, and #13 seems to be installed in place of it. Don't know if that's an issue.

I reinstalled the stem, but I can't seem to get enough water out of the faucet. If I back off the lock nut and back out the stem to the point that I do get enough water, then the thing won't shut off all the way.

The only thing I can think I may have done wrong, is maybe I tightened the double bevel thing on the end of the stem too much and it is mushroomed out a little.

Any other ideas??

doug seibert

07:10PM | 09/13/06
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That was a year ago......!

Here's the exploded view link again...... 'cuz the link changed slightly........

#11 is the flat "rubber" washer......

#13 is the metal "seat" attached to the faucet can be replaced if necessary with a special (square) wrench

If you stick a beveled washer in there it 'of course' is going to decrease the volume of water available...........

When you work with rebuilding your-own old faucets you've got to take your TIME.......

learn how tight each element needs to be and which needs sealant/gasket/packing......

lube all the moving pieces........

use good tools so the fixture remains intact......

keep everything real clean.....

don't accept ANY leaks......

realize that you MAY need to disassemble/reassemble it a time or two until it all works correctly.....remember you're payin YOU to do the work.......

sometimes you'll need TWO hardware trips to find a washer slightly thinner/thicker.......

and sometimes NOTHING will seem to work........

"...measure once.....cut twice....throw that one away and cut a new one...."

Weekend Warrior

03:47AM | 09/14/06
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Yes it was a year ago. I had installed a valve in the line so the water would not run constantly until it was fixxed- then the 'honey-do list' got shuffled and here we are a year!

Anyway, I'll tear it all apart and give it another go, after another trip to the store.

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