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08:16PM | 04/24/05
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There is a class action lawsuit on the current water pipes that my house has. They basically spring leaks very commonly, I put in a claim, and it was denied because they said I didn't meet the timeframe deadline to put in a claim before 16yrs of the water meter installation. I can appeal this so that's why I'm trying to find out life expectancies of the various plumbing pipes(any type of pvc, copper, etc.) Thanks for any help, or info.


07:14PM | 04/26/05
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The problem is there is no set life expectancy. Everything depends on the type of water that flows through the water pipes. The class action lawsuit dealt with plumbing pipes that were made of polybutylene (pb). This piping was affected by the chlorine that was put into the water to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, it made the fittings that connected pb piping brittle. After a few years of the chlorine the fittings broke. Not everyone was affected by the problem. The manufacturer was sued and a timeframe was announced in the papers and on the internet for people to collect and have their piping redone. Those that were within the timeframe collected. There are many sites on the net that discuss PB piping and how to manage it. Copper water piping has a longer lifespan than galvanized about 75 to 100 years depending on the water type. If you have corrosive water, it can go out in as little as 15 years. I have replaced many water systems with PEX piping that had copper water systems due to the water type. There is an area in Minnesota that has acidic water (nothing dangerous almost like lemon juice) but it breaks down the copper. Galvanized piping has a 40 to 70 year lifespan. With high calcium rates that time is shorter. PEX piping has an unknown lifespan, because it is just now being installed, but studies show it is resistant to acidic water, calcium and minerals and iron. It is, however, affected by sunlight, so it must be encased in walls and floors.

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Raymond VinZant Plumbing Prof.

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