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02:08PM | 06/23/05
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Our house is 2 years old. Ever since we moved in, the toilet randomly (at any hour and without provocation) makes the last few seconds (anywhere from 2-10) of flushing. The plumber who did the installation of the house said it had something to do with the valve on the inside being clean & recommended a "Vanish drop-in" type thing, specifying NOT blue ( of course, the toilet has refused to perform when he's been over and implementing his recommendation did not work). I think that it may be an issue of pressure fluctuation, but that's just my intuition. Any ideas?

Jim D

12:12AM | 06/24/05
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P86LBK - hi, I've seen this situation before and there's two things to check/do. First, check the fill valve mechanism for dirt/sediment that can come in via the fill water pipe. That valve should be able to be disassembled and quickly examined/cleaned. Don't forget to shut off the water feeding the tank! Once that's done, reassemble the valve and turn the water back on. Watch the tank fill up and make sure it cuts off about an inch from the top of the fill tube (where the fill water hose actually flows water into the tube). If it doesn't cut off, then it's normally possible to adjust the ballcock so it cuts off the fill valve at whatever level you need to have it cut off. Also, I recall one of the expert plumbers here saying not to have the fill tube hose inserted into the fill tube too far, as it can create a siphon condition which will cause continual flushing. If any of this is confusing, you should be able to find good instructions in a decent DIY Plumbing book at the big box stores and maybe even online at one of the major plumbing sites.

I believe your plumber may have meant for you to clean the fill valve as I described above...but if he's visited and he didn't do it, it makes me wonder a bit. Good luck - post back and let us know what you encounter! JIm D/West Point, VA

doug seibert

05:58AM | 06/24/05
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.......The flapper often gets crud build up....leaking and refilling...

Check out Toiletology's "Phantom Flush" article.......


09:13AM | 06/24/05
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Right after posting yesterday, I decided to check the potential pressure. Sure enough, the valves going into the tank (at the wall) were on wide open, so I turned them down a bit & the thing has not so much as peeped since then. Jim & Doug- thanks for your input. The plumber had cleaned the valve & that hadn't worked. The toiletology article did mention the high pressure. I suppose I ought to pass the info along to the plumber... Thanks again!

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