10:40AM | 11/15/07
Member Since: 04/01/05
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I take it you are on city water, right.

I am glad that you are happy with your choice. What part of the country are in?

You will find that you will use very little salt and your water will be very soft all the time.

Gives us an update occasionaly on what you have discovered.

Andy Chistensen, CWS-II


01:27PM | 05/08/08
Member Since: 05/07/08
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I have been looking for a water softener however my wife's Doctor has advised her to get a no salt softener. I didn't know there was such a thing until he mentioned it.

Anyway, three different companies seem to be well regarded. Pelican, Easywater and Safewater. Have you any information or comments on these three. They all have no salt softeners.


01:30PM | 05/08/08
Member Since: 05/07/08
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I have been looking for a no salt water softener because my wife's Doctor has advised her to get the no salt type. I didn't know there was such a thing. I did find out that this web site had a comparison by They seem to rate the Pelican very highly at five stars. Two other brands I have looked at are Easywater (Frieje) and Safewater.

Do you have any information on these three companies or units.



10:22PM | 05/11/08
Member Since: 02/10/08
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Hi Bill, I bought a Pelican salt-free softener a few months ago and am very pleased with it. I had some initial minor problems when the media clogged up my faucet screen filters and toilet pumps but those problems seem to be related to installation and have not recurred. I picked Pelican over some other salt free conditioners because they claim that the media will last indefinitely while others say theirs may need to be replaced after about 5 years. I had a conventional salt water softener before and I like the water quality MUCH better with the Pelican. Good luck! Jane


03:44AM | 05/12/08
Member Since: 05/07/08
4 lifetime posts
Thanks for your information about Pelican. I am trying to decide between the Pelican and Easywater which is the Freije system. Both are non salt. Does anyone have any comments about the Easywater System or Pelican.


03:48AM | 05/12/08
Member Since: 05/07/08
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There are many no salt conditioners or softeners available. I am in the process of looking for one right now. My wife has been advised not to use the type that requires salt so I am looking for the best no salt one. Some of the companies I have found are Pelican, Easywater and Safewater. Of these three I am leaning toward the Pelican or Easywater. Does anyone have any experience with either of these?


11:25AM | 06/02/08
Member Since: 06/01/08
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I too had to cutback on my salt intake. I purchased the Easywater and I have had great results.

The water does not feel exactly the same as it did with my salt softener, but I like the new feel better. I don't have that slimy feel that I was getting with my salt softener.

I didn't have a lot of scale buildup to get rid of because I had a salt softener before, but the build up that did exist has gone away.

I really like the Easywater, especially since I do not have to carry those heavy salt bags anymore.


11:32AM | 07/09/08
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ANY NEW personal resident experiances with this type of softener?? has any one had one for more than a few months? like a year or two? we are looking at the Pelican system, and would really appreciate any personal feedback.......Thanks


02:15PM | 10/22/08
Member Since: 10/21/08
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I've personally researched many different water softener, treatment and conditioner technologies on the market that deal with hard water problems. Thankfully, I've come across an impressive, affordable and easy No-Salt or Salt-Free water softener option called the HardnessMaster Premium Whole House Electronic Hard Water Conditioner & Descaler System for city or well source water. For those that are interested, I know that the company Vitasalus at or sells the HardnessMaster whole home system for a fraction of the cost of other companies. Plus, they back their Hardness Master product with a strong 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty.
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