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08:33AM | 06/01/08
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we have a direct vent gas water heater and it works great. On the mainfloor the hotwater is ideal. Our problem is that recently the hotwater on the second floor (shower and sink) the water is lukewarm. I even try the shower with no cold water and all that comes out is lukewarm.

In terms of the piping, the hotwater comes out of the tank and goes to a splitter that brings the hotwater to the main floor (2 sinks, and a dishwasher and all working great). I think it is a "T" splitter with the other pipe going upstairs to supply the hotwater for the upstairs bathroom.

So I am not sure what the problem is because the hotwater is working...but for whatever reason it is not making its way to the second floor (which is wierd because it used to)

Any suggestions????


09:46AM | 06/01/08
Member Since: 05/31/08
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I will check it out...but it is wierd because both the bathroom sink and the tub faucet and shower all give lukewarm water....but the hotwater on the mainfloor kitchen sink and mainfloor bathroom sink both give hot hot water....but for some reason it is not getting drawn up to the second floor. The laundry tub in the basement is hot hot water too. I just can`t figure out why the 2nd floor is only getting lukewarm water?


01:05AM | 11/05/14
i know this is an old thread/posting, but how did you solve your issue? what ended up being the problem? i'm going through this same issue and can't figure things out. we first went through the temp issue, but now it has progressed to the flow as well. please assist...


06:21AM | 11/06/14
You have a crossover probably from your shower valve.


06:23AM | 11/11/14
The first posting was from 2008 LOL.


07:18PM | 03/24/15
This is my problem as well I was told I probably need a bigger hwheater? What to do? pls. help Lori


11:16AM | 01/02/16
I am also having this exact problem. Is there someone who can shed some light on this


07:46PM | 03/02/18
dip tube is shot


07:49PM | 03/02/18
if it's only the hot water pressure and volume up stairs and cold is good and 1st floor is good, i would bet anything cold water feed dip tube is deteriorated or just gone . cheap fix, replace anode rod while in there too. its next to fail

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