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04:25PM | 03/17/07
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big sigh




05:22PM | 09/23/09
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Wow. Not sure if you'll ever get this since your post was a couple of years ago. I have the same ones in my house. I restored eight and need one more. Did you ever find one?


03:42AM | 09/24/09
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I gave up looking... I galled G.E. as well and checked all the local rehouse shops for a a couple of years.

If someone posts some for sale, I'll still take 3 if I can get 'em.




03:59PM | 05/26/11
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This is a total shot in the dark, but I have 3 of these that I am willing to let go for a super reasonable price. Let me know if you are still in need.


04:06PM | 06/23/11
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I'm interested in the 3 air wall registers if they are still available.


04:14PM | 06/23/11
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They are still available. Please send me your contact info my email is below (just remove the sevens)



06:39PM | 07/04/11
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sent you an email, message me back on the forum if you don't recieve it. thanks.


10:17PM | 12/14/11
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Hello. Not sure if anyone is still following this thread but I have a house full of these registers and I am desparately looking for a way to remove them so I can clean out the ducts. I can't seem to figure out a way that they come off. If anyone knows please shoot me a message. If I can get them off properly I am willing to sell them if anyone is still interested. I have 10 in my house.


10:39AM | 01/14/12
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talarczyk - I have the same registers and would buy yours if still available. I have some ideas on how to get them off.

Per the above email scrambling convention, my email is below!



10:51AM | 01/24/12
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Any one know where I can find mounting clips for these registers? I lost one of mine, and I'd rather find one than try to fabricate one! Thanks!


01:54PM | 02/05/12
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If anyone is still looking for these I do have 5 currently. Send me an email if interested in a couple.
Remove the 3's for the correct email.


06:16PM | 10/14/12
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FINALLY! I know this is about acquiring these vents, but finding help removing is not easy. Thanks to crljenak for confirming that the middle fin comes out. I thought it was something like that, but was afraid to pry too hard. So, here's the secret. The top of the middle vent pulls out and then the whole thing pivots down and off. I actually had to push the middle vent and bend the 2 little pieces of metal along the top a bit to loosen the fin up enough for it to pull free. I'm posting a pic so you can see the bracket on top backside.


12:07PM | 11/18/12
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I have one of these and seven of the type shown in the picture (using the knob as the air volume adjustment rather than the pull chain). If you are interested please contact me at 444tre444its@444gma444il.444com444.
Img 0587


06:30PM | 12/01/12
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If your still looking for your exact style ge heat register , I just picked up 12 of them. My email is punger3183@comcast. Net


06:38PM | 12/01/12
Member Since: 12/01/12
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If your still looking for your exact style ge heat register , I just picked up 12 of them. My email is punger3183@comcast. Net


06:40PM | 12/01/12
Member Since: 12/01/12
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If your still looking for your exact style ge heat register , I just picked up 12 of them. My email is punger3183@comcast. Net


01:25AM | 02/08/13
Looking for some of these registers with the knob - any still available?


11:01AM | 02/21/13
Hello. I'm looking for two of these for our '50s Cape Cod and any help in greatly appreciated.





11:38AM | 02/26/13
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Hey still looking for these.. I can be reached at


08:23PM | 05/20/13
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New email address and I'm still looking for these!

****** marcusconge*****AT********* icloud******.*****COM*****

HINT-Take out the stars.


05:14PM | 05/26/13
Is there a website where these can be found?


10:03PM | 06/21/13
I am looking for 3 airwall registers that have the knob on it. My email is Thank you


07:21PM | 10/02/13
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I could use 5 of either style, Knob or Chain control. I can be reached at Thanks


02:11PM | 01/31/14
I need 1 of the pull chain kind. Any out there?



02:53PM | 10/29/14
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i am in the market to buy 5 of these vents.

20141018 161957


10:17PM | 01/02/15
I'm looking to buy 3 of the General Electric Air Wall Registers, the
kind with the pull chain, must be in good condition.



09:28AM | 01/19/15
I am looking for these wall registers as well. Please contact me if you have them available.
Thank you,
805 **Brian** 459 **Osborn** 7737


06:52PM | 03/07/15
I just bought a house with these registers in it. They do not have a chain or a knob and when I took one off the wall it had no backing to it. It looks as though the just stay open all the time. Guessing maybe the original owners of the home didn't care. They are all different colors and I would possibly sell them for a reasonable amount. If you are interested just email me at pookyliar@aol

the_only_ Skylar

01:49AM | 04/28/15
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I'm after these ge vent covers too, if anyone has any they're looking to part with.

the_only_ Skylar

01:52AM | 04/28/15
Member Since: 04/28/15
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Here's where you can reach me (remove the 7s): sky777lar@777expe777rimentsinlight.77net


01:02PM | 05/14/15
does anyone have 3 for purchase? Thank you.


12:34PM | 09/06/15
Member Since: 09/06/15
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If anyone is interested in these registers I have 10 for sale in great shape. For more information my email address is


01:22PM | 09/13/15

Vent cover  2


08:33PM | 05/20/17
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I have the pull chain style in my house. I need one and could use some additional chains.


01:36PM | 08/14/17
Hello all! We just bought a 1953 house that's got these great vent covers. We are hoping to find a few more with or without the knob (just no chains) to complete the look.  Is anyone selling right now?



07:38PM | 08/17/17
Member Since: 05/20/17
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I need one of the pull chain style. I found a supplier for the chain and bell. My house was built in 1958. We are trying to replicate the style of the original house.


01:38PM | 12/22/17
Hi there, I have nine of these GE airwall registers that I'm not using if anyone is interested. Contact me at 777dark7773581777@777hot777mail. Remove 7's


04:08PM | 01/06/18
Emailed you about registers. Let me know if for some reason it didn’t go through.


10:23AM | 01/19/18
Update.. The 9 GE airwall registers I have have been sold. Thanks


10:05PM | 01/27/18
Hello, I am looking for two of these registers with the knob that turns to control the heat flow. They have two holes for the screws that hold them to the wall. Thank you. You can email me at 777michaelglenn65@777msn.777com (Remove the 7's)


10:24PM | 02/11/18
I have 5 or 6 of these General Electric Air Wall registers. See pics. They were painted white by someone. I can sell one at a time of all of them at once. Thanks Dave in CT. 860-655-5590


01:37PM | 02/18/18
Member Since: 02/18/18
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Looking for just one of these for my 50s home. Please email if you have one available for sale. 777dyussen777@gmail777.com999
Rem #s


05:48PM | 02/21/18
Looking for 4 of these to complete our HVAC system in style. 609-731-7100. Thank you!


10:06PM | 04/04/18
Hello, I am still looking for two of the registers with the knob on the front that controls the air flow. These have a screw hole at each end on the front for fastening to the duct. Please email at 777michaelglenn65@777msn.77com. Remove the 7's when emailing. Thanks.


05:20PM | 07/17/18
Hello, I am still looking for two of these registers. I need the version with the knob on the front that controls the heat flow. They need to be the version that has two screw holes on the front, one at each end. Please email me at mich777aelglen77n65@msn.77com remove the 7's when emailing. Thanks.


05:28PM | 09/26/18
Anyone still looking? I have two. No knob, no chain. Painted. 860-593-6709. Text or call.


08:54AM | 10/15/18
I am desperately seeking 7 of the ge air wall registers to complete my 1950’s home. I refinished all the ones I had like the picture. Please text me at 330-701-6943 with any available for a reasonable price!


06:14PM | 11/15/18
I have about 9 of those old style ones we are going to replace. Don’t know how get them out of wall. Any thoughts please.


02:23PM | 11/17/18
My house was built in 1957 and has these registers throughout.

They looked hideous when we first moved in. 12 coats of paint (an estimate) over 70 years will do that. But stripping the paint off was well worth the work involved.

Why would anyone paint them? What were people thinking in the 1970s? (based on some of the paint colors they used)

One question, has anyone considered getting their cleaned up registers plated? There’s a place nearby that will do a brushed nickel plating for a reasonable price. I’m wondering if it would be worth it.


07:34PM | 11/22/18
Member Since: 11/22/18
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Hi! I know it has been a couple of months since this has last been updated! I need about four of them if anyone has any they are willing to part with! I would love to pay a reasonable price!


01:28AM | 12/03/18
I am still looking for a couple of these awesome vents.


11:37PM | 12/05/18
Hello, I am still looking for two of these registers. I need the type with the two screws on the front and with the knob that controls the flow of the heat. You can reach me at
Remove the 7's when emailing. Thanks.


02:38PM | 02/17/19
Marcus, I have a number of these. Are you still in the market for some? How many?


12:43AM | 02/28/19
To the person above (BVO18697), do you have two with the knob on the front? If so, please contact me. Remove the 7's when replying. Thanks.


03:18PM | 03/13/19
i just need about 3-4 of the middle part cause mine are missing.... or a way to cover so my toddler dosent throw things in the gap


11:34AM | 05/08/19
Member Since: 05/08/19
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Looking for several registers. Contact me please if willing to sell. @BV018697 .


12:56PM | 06/04/19
I have one pull chain style to sell. Contact me for pictures. Remove the numbers.


01:09PM | 07/13/19
I am in need of 3 of these GE Air Wall ones ASAP! If anyone has any left please call or text me at9284586106


03:20PM | 07/27/19
I have 25 of these Airwall Registers (pull chain style) that I removed from a mid-century modern home in Beverly Hills. Contact me at


04:05PM | 10/06/19
I have 6 of these registers. They are 15" by 6". Our house was built in 1950s. They all work but have been painted over. If interested text me at 416 895 9387


05:02PM | 04/14/20
Ive got a couple, I can send pictures if you like.


06:17PM | 05/15/20
I need two


09:42AM | 06/28/20
This thread appears to still be going strong, I have 3 I am looking to part with. If anyone needs any send email located in CT


11:42AM | 07/01/20
We have one (see photo). Please email if interested.


02:42PM | 07/30/20
Now in the world do these things come off?

I've read above, something about "pulling the middle plate off?" but it's not making sense to me.
Ours are the ones with the knob, and they have no visible screw holes. I can see a screw in each side, behind the small fin (not the big center). No way to reach them. Nothing appears to pop off, but the one I tried had a lot of paint on it. Please post here.


05:56PM | 09/05/20
I have a 1950's home that has these registers. white ge airwall registers. I'd love to accumulate a few spare ones, as a few are really rusting (bathroom). Hate to have to replace any with modern register covers.


05:39PM | 09/06/20
Hoping someone has 10 registers they would want to sell. Preferably with chain but would also take knob. Please text me at 4196127979


09:44AM | 09/13/20
On the above post, I should have mentioned I need the ones with screw holes visible on both sides. 419-612-7979


11:21AM | 11/12/20
I want to replace mine. Have a house full of them. Anyone know what model wall supply Register will replace these. You can freaken have my old ones...

m Layton us at yah oo com




08:21PM | 11/19/20
Hello, just recently bought a house and they entire house as the General GE Electric Airwall Registers in it.


09:25PM | 11/23/20
Hey there! If anyone is looking to part with about 5 of these wall registers, I could absolutely make an offer :)


04:42PM | 12/08/20
I am looking for just the center piece that you remove to un screw it from the wall. Please send me an email if you have a spare. Thanks
Remove stars for email


05:49PM | 03/01/21
Can anyone respond to the question about how to remove the register style that has no visible screws on the side? The know that opens the vent was broken off and the register is in the closed position. I want to take it out and repair the opening mechanism. Any help appreciated.


11:34AM | 03/15/21
I have about 20 original GE wal air registers available for sale. They come from the original GE Progress Home in Charlotte, NC from 1954. Have original marketing material from when house was built. Please email me at if interested.


04:51PM | 03/29/21
I am also in search of two older General Electric vent covers that look like the attached image. I have everything for my house but the tabs broke on two of the covers so I cannot install the center insert anymore. On that note, if anyone knows what metal they are actually made out of, I might be able to repair what I have. Thanks!
pmillion at gmail dot com


05:02PM | 03/29/21
RESPONSE To the guy wanting to know how to remove the vent covers... the center fin will snap/pull out and then you can access the screws that mount it to the wall. There are two tabs that key into the top part and the base of said fin sits in a couple holes on the bottom. I can't post any images for some reason so I hope that all makes sense. Good luck.


10:27AM | 04/07/21
Have 23 knob versions available from GE Progress home from 1954 here in Charlotte, NC.
828-226-2750; feel free to call/text
Can ship.


07:51PM | 04/09/21
I have 3 of the GE wall registers. They are 15 x 6. They have the chain design. They are original to my house from 1950s. Text me if interested in buying 416 895 9387.


07:52PM | 04/09/21
I have 3 of the GE wall registers. They are 15 x 6. They have the chain design. They are original to my house from 1950s. Text me if interested in buying 416 895 9387.


07:53PM | 04/09/21
I have 3 of the GE wall registers. They are 15 x 6. They have the chain design. They are original to my house from 1950s. Text me if interested in buying 416 895 9387.


08:34AM | 04/19/21
Still have 8 knob versions available from GE Progress home from 1954 here in Charlotte, NC. Four are thin profile (0.75”) and four are a deeper profile (2.75”). Comes with all interior air box parts that I was able to salvage (anchor tabs/screws, diffuser, springs, rod, etc..). or 828-226-2750; feel free to call/text for pictures. Can also ship.


02:48PM | 04/19/21
I am now sold out


06:46PM | 07/08/21
Got some for sale


06:11PM | 08/04/21
My house is full of them, in perfect condition as well! If you need them we are planning to switch them out soon.


07:09PM | 10/04/21
Member Since: 10/04/21
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I'm looking for 15x6 GE air-wall registers.


02:21PM | 10/24/21
I have several like this. They're coming out within the week since we're replacing all ductwork and putting the vents in the floor. I think there are about 8 or 9. Mine do not have a knob or pull chain like some of the others. My house was built in 1955.


02:23PM | 10/24/21
Oops, forgot to add contact info stacey.christine at g/m/a/i/l


08:03AM | 11/28/21
I am looking for chain style Two of them. Email at


03:45PM | 12/08/21
Member Since: 12/08/21
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I have 6 of the General Electric Air-Wall Registers for sale for a reasonable price. They have the pull chain. Please email me at Make me an offer...


09:12PM | 12/14/21
I’m confused about these vents. I have several above the baseboards on exterior walls, but the house is on a slab. I also have registers in the ceiling.

I don’t think these registers work. Only one room in the house has them.
Can duct work be in the concrete slab?


10:02PM | 01/10/22
I recently purchased a home and it has these vents all through it. We are renovating and the contractor took apart one of the vents and lost the middle fin/bar, so I am now trying to find another vent to replace it, or even just the middle fin/bar if someone has a damaged one that this could be salvaged from. I have been checking the usual places (EBAY, Etsy), but no luck yet. If anyone has some suggestions as to where I could find one or has one to sell, I would be interested. I can be reached at Thanks, Peter

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