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05:50AM | 10/22/05
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We have a bookcase that we stained and applied a coat of polyurethane. However, after letting it dry for 2 days, it is still "tacky"...not tacky-wet but tacky-so that a glass would not slide across the top. I thought it was maybe a humidity problem (we live in FL) but the bookcase has been inside now for 3 days and no change. Should we just continue to put on a 2nd coat (light sand first) and it will fix itself? (right!) or what do you suggest?

My husband seems to think the high gloss is the problem--Can you put satin polyurethane on top of gloss? Is that even a solution?


12:53PM | 10/23/05
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normally this would be from low temperature and humidity, but it can be from bad mix of chemicals in the can. Gloss simply has more solids than satin, which has deglosseer added, so I doubt that will make a difference. Is the gloos well mixed in can, and is old? Those could makea difference.

Anopther possibility is incompatable materials. Are the stain and the poly both oil based and both from the same manufacturere?

try using a rag with mineral spirits to gently wipe the surface and then give it a couple hours to dry and see if that clears it up. that can accelerate the flashing off.

finally, the second caot can have some small amt of japan dryer added to it to accelerate cure rate.

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02:37PM | 10/31/05
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I would sand it lightly with very fine sand paper and then wipe with mineral spirits (paint thinner) but use the odorless type as it is less likely to leave an oily residue. Then wait a day for the solvents to flash off before you out on another coat of urethane. After sanding you can apply a coat of satin over the gloss finish if you want but I doubt that is the cause of the tacky problem.

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