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09:40AM | 09/14/02
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i appreciate the comments from previous visiors but i am confused about a new a/c installation i am looking at. the house has base board heat and therefore i need an air handler in my attic but confused by which model is better and condseners are better. i looked at the carrier, lennox and trane. are they about similar and is there a better compressor for these units, ie scroll, or are many of the compressors very reliable today. do u recommend an air cleaner and which type is most effective and easy to maintain. would an lcd thermostat be better than an analog one. and how safe and lasting are the flexible duct lines that are run off the main sheet metal trunk lines. it was also recommended to add an attic fan with a thermostat(usually included in the fan manufacturering). is there one that is better than the other. and one last thing and most importantly, which refrigerate do u recommend at this date and time. should i get a system with the old r22 or one with r410 available such as the carrier and trane
thanks anthony, i know its a lot but these are the issues i have to decide on


05:12PM | 09/16/02
Hi! I am not an expert in HVAC, but I know that an air conditioner (like any other device) will perform as good as its installation allows. Trane, Carrier and Lennox are all reliable brands in my opinion, so I would look for a reputable installer in your neighborhood. I'd rather have a medium quality unit installed by a professional than the top quality unit installed by a dummy.


09:44AM | 09/19/02
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HKestenholz, can you explain your answer? You came up with a similar assinine response to my post about geothermal (which only confirmed to me you don't know squat about it). Are you some kind of nut? This person ask a perfectly reasonable question(s) and you are off in the ozone with an answer! Having a bad day or something? Prozac prescription run out?



12:00PM | 09/19/02
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I have to second the motion, H seems a bit unbalanced lately.

One thing for sure when dealing with mechanical/construction contractors, they are all experts in their own minds. And when the system doesn't work, well it's certainly not their fault. I had a client that used to be in HVAC, certified MENSA and all that. He has quite the opinion of himself and probably could have run a good business if he had enough personality to retain employees for more than a few months at a time. Notice he's no client anymore, as I couldn't stand him either. Basically went bankrupt after being sued because he couldn't get employees to do the jobs he bid on.

I think it's great folks are looking for more opinions than from the ones trying to sell them something.

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01:45PM | 09/19/02
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Considering your valuable advice these days....

I'd be curious to know opinions on analog vs digital thermostats, flex duct off the trunk lines, etc. Hardly seem like political questions to me. FWIW, I prefer a digital thermostat for programming abilities and flex duct in short straight runs seems to work nearly as well as hard pipe.

The "recommended" companies are going to come out and likely have different opinions and suggestions, but they will most certainly be trying to get the job. Nothing in it for the folks (are there any?) that give advice on the heating/air forum. Alot of installers will badmouth other installers, talk in uncomprehensible phrases, and dismiss any questions because they are the "professionals", which is a word used quite loosely today.


05:31AM | 09/20/02
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Hey lets not start a war here but i appreciate everyones input. My last and greatest concern is the refrigerate. Anyone who knows anything about r410 and r22. Should i save a few bucks now and get r22 or spend a little more and get the r410 and not have to worry about conversion and the high price of r22 in the future. thanks

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