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02:16PM | 01/24/03
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I live in a house with baseboard forced-water heating. The house was renovated just before I moved in by DIYers, and the pipes all seem to be new (shiny copper, no PVC).

Some of the baseboard radiators will not heat. I just learned about bleeding them, so I did that, and they all spit out some air and then water. The one with the most air spit out some worrisome black liquid that stained my carpet (it came out unexpectedly forcefully) which I'm hoping was water...

Even though they have been bled, none of them are warming up. I thought perhaps I didn't bleed them long enough, because none of them spit out hot water before I closed the valve. But the info I read says to stop as soon as water starts coming out, so that's what I did. Could the problem be that they were not bled long enough?

I went in the basement to see if the hot water was not getting sent to those parts of the house for some reason, but my pipes are a disaster area - I can't distinguish the supply main from the return main, and there are just pipes everywhere.

So, what do you think? Should I re-bleed them? Of the 8 radiators upstairs, 5 of them are stone cold.

I haven't even tried bleeding the downstairs ones yet, since I don't know if what I'm doing is helping. Do you think that would make a difference?

Thanks in advance for the help/advice!


01:08PM | 05/26/03
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FYI, I had followed the procedure but apparently had not bled the radiators long enough. Everything I read said to bleed them until water came out, which I'd done. What I *should* have done was bleed them until HOT water came out. Since I couldn't get the to work, we ended up calling the landlord, and that's all he did - bleed them a lot longer than I had. Then they worked like a dream. Thanks for the help!

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