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07:30PM | 06/14/04
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I just bought a house that is 5 years old. The intake vents are located in the entryway. Whenever the a/c goes on, the noise from these vents is so loud. If someone is sitting in the living room, you can barely hear the television. Can anyone give some suggestions on how I can fix this? This is driving me crazy!


08:23AM | 06/16/04
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Thanks for your reply. I have a couple of questions for you. The suggestions you gave...Is this something I would need to call someone to come in and do or is this something I can possibly do myself. As you can tell I'm not real savvy on projects such as these but am willing to do whatever to fix this before I lose my mind over this noise. I was hoping I could do something simple to at least minimize the noise a little. I cant believe the people who lived in the house before I bought it had bought it brand new and didnt make the builder come back and fix these intake vents. UNBELIEVABLE!


08:33AM | 06/16/04
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Another possible way to reduce noise is to reduce pressure drop across the filter. Hkestenhotz suggestion to add an additional air return probably requires a service tech to do right. Depending on the location of your air returns (attic or crawlspace) you need to find another location for an air return grill, frame it into the wall, floor or ceiling, then use insulated duct and a wye to connect to the existing line. If you are not familiar with running duct, it is very difficult to get a good seal and strong connection.

My other thought was, what kind of filter is in the hallway air return grill? If it is a permanent filter, has it been kept clean? Many permanent air filters like Aller-Pure have high filtering efficiency, and very high pressure drop. This causes a lot of whistling. Changing to lower pressure drop filter may reduce the filtering efficiency, but could silence the air movement. To find out if this is a solution, remove the grill cover and any filter, turn the system on and see if the noise is reduced. If so, replace the filter with low resistance filter type.

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