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11:56AM | 01/16/07
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Here's an interesting question ...I have about 10 feet of baseboard pipe in my bedroom that doesn't have any fins on it. So basically, I don;t get heat from that section of pipe. Does anyone make any "clip-on" fins? or does anyone know how to "jury-rig" fins? I really don;t want to crack open the system and replace that length of pipe, especially in the winter.


04:40AM | 01/27/07
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I have Santa Fin system with only fins on 5 feet of a 20 foot run. Why was this done? Where can I find a snap on fin kit?


04:10AM | 01/29/07
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It is a 12X12 room with a cathedral cieling and skylight. It also gets very liitle sun light. This room is on the second floor and is the first room on the run.

Seems like 20ft of fin is too much but 5 more feet may do the trick. Any idea if you can buy fins and attach them to the existing piping?


05:06AM | 12/25/08
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Hi i in the same situation. FINS are missing its cold and i need to replace the fins NOT the pipe. any help or suggestions are appreciated thanks


06:00PM | 12/10/13
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for fins on bare pipe take a look at fin clamp element
by Fab Tek Logic.


11:38AM | 02/04/16

Fin Clamp Elements, 12" is $30-$40 dollars each.
Very easy to install, no cut or solder.


11:18AM | 02/06/19
I bought some of those Fin Clamp replacement fins for my baseboard heat. I have about 7-8 feet of bare pipes with no fins on them so needless to say I get no heat from that section of the baseboard. The pipes are 1 inch so I bought the 1 inch fins. It does fit over the pipe but its not completely snugged to the pipe and I am getting no heat from it still even though the pipe is hot. Do you know if I need to solder a section of the fins to the pipe so the heat transfers to the fins or do I need to get the 3/4 fins to have it fit very snug to the pipe itself so the heat can transfer to the fins?


09:46AM | 10/02/20
How often should you replace hot water heat fins. Mine are 53 years old.


05:57PM | 10/03/20
There is no need to replace them if they are working. You should carefully vacuum them and if necessary use a soft paint brush to clean them. While you're at it straighten any that are bent.

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