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03:14PM | 05/07/09
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I have just purchased a home that the return air filter grill latches are missing. These are the two latches that hold the grill in place, they are round on one side that you turn to move the holding bar into place to hold the grill. Does anyone know if I can purchase these two replacement latches, and if so where. I really don't want to pay $160.oo for a replacement grill when all that's wrong are the missing latches. Thanks to anyone for your help.


05:11AM | 12/10/09
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Did you have any luck finding the latches? I have the same problem.


08:49PM | 07/22/10
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Driving me NUTZ! I have contacted more than FOUR Grille manufacturers - No-One seems to know who makes these things. I think they must be made in Lower Slobovia and shipped by SUBMARINE to the US! In fact ONLY TWO of the 5 grilles in my house use these fasteners - and ONE has broken. Whenever the AC starts, the grille now slams up into the filter box. I've included a top and a side view of the broken fastener. If anyone has a CLUE (HEY BOB VILA!) - sure would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
8830 return air filter gr


07:52PM | 07/23/10
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?? Plumbers Epoxy - - Don't think so. Finally got fed up - fortunately I still had the busted one. Traced out the extended shape on a piece of aluminum. Put 2 holes in it with clearance for #4 machine screws (in the right place). Then got my trusty Dremel with burr and hogged out the shape. Went to L0we$ and picked up a #43 drill bit and a 4-40 tap (came in a set for $4). Put 2 matching holes in the remains of the latch, tapped them out, and attached the new latch extension with a couple of #4-40 screws. Works like a champ.
8832 return air filter gr


07:25AM | 09/06/10
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Is ther any way you can make me one?--it would be much cheaper than me trying to buy/rent the tools and figuring it out myself. I will gladly pay you for one. I have searched high and low--very frustrating.




12:49PM | 09/16/10
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I work for a home builder and i have just come acroos the same issue and in doing some home work the part is made by a co. named shoemaker but is no longer made they went to the new thumb latch

here is web page looks like you have got the ticket on how to fix the issue


11:27PM | 04/15/13
There is also a company that sells several brands of grilles in Suwanee GA called JEDCO Supply. I recently shopped there and they were pretty nice. This model is does not have the latches but it won't cost 160.00 to replace the whole grille from them.

!!fpo!!jedco rhfw 0198master


05:11PM | 08/16/15
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I have the exact grill as pictured under the post and do not know how to open it to change the filter. I am scared to start pulling and pushing because, with my luck, I will break the darn thing. Any help is appreciated.


11:18AM | 09/07/15
Well I'm glad to see, I am not the only person, to have this problem we these cheap doors,
and so called latches.


02:13PM | 11/12/15
We have the same issue. Ours is on the ceiling and the door slams open when the AC or heater turns on. I will try a twist tie or paper clip as the covers are only 5 yrs old. A white twist tie should at least blend in with the white cover. Any other suggestions much appreciated.


12:24PM | 01/28/16
Also running into this... currently it's zip tied as a temp workaround.

I wonder if something like this could be used:

Plan B at this point is just to use 2 self tapping screws (however this will be a pain each time the filter is changed).


10:28PM | 09/13/16
I solved the problem with my intake register that has no latches.

I bought window latches and installed one on each side of the register grille and grille frame.

It works and keeps the grille closed. To open once a month to change the filter, it's super easy!
Img 0358


10:31PM | 09/13/16
Here is the other window latch on my air conditioning intake grille register. It works great to open and close for changing filters!
Img 0359


08:05PM | 08/09/17
Just wanted to shout out that my husband and I bought a pack of
magnets and if your grill is metal these work great to hold it
in place.


06:51AM | 03/03/18
Thought the magnets were a great idea. Weren't strong enough to hold my 20"x30" ceiling grill. Any other ideas? I'm 5'3" w 12ft ceilings-so want something easy to use and do!!!


07:58AM | 09/06/18
Magnets must be medium size rare earth.


08:56AM | 10/19/18
return air latches are often called "quarter turn latch".


12:35AM | 11/29/18
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I have a missing twist screw for the air filter cover on the side wall in my hallway. I have been searching for a replacement for years but nobody seems to carry it. I finally put in a regular screw, but instead of being able to twist out both screws/bolts, I now have to use a screwdriver for one of them......any ideas?


01:58PM | 01/08/19
Same problem here. Those latches broke. Fell from the ceiling one evening. Could have killed someone. I have pets. Looks like all these grilles are made so cheap and filter replacement is more difficult than it needs to be. I'm leaving the cover off until someone makes a decent product. They are dangerous when in the ceiling.


12:34AM | 04/16/19
You have to get Neodymium magnets. Just tried these in mine and they work beautifully. These magnets are so strong that it’s very difficult to even separate them.


12:37PM | 04/22/19
Thanks everyone...I will try these solutions


05:46PM | 04/30/19
Very funny, going through same frustration


09:40PM | 05/18/19
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How do you secure the latches on the air filter grill? I have turned them every which way, and there is nothing for them to hook on to. Appreciate any help on this. It's probably very simple but driving me crazy.


02:21AM | 07/21/19
I also have the same cheap plastic screws holding my ceiling AC filter grill closed and both latches broke. Saw the magnet suggestion and they worked like a charm! 6 magnets evenly spaced across the latch side. Six pack of magnets - $2.98 at Lowes. Thank you everyone!


05:23PM | 08/08/19
BVO1980 how to you keep them from falling off when you open the grill to change filter?


01:32PM | 01/04/20
Magnets seem to hold well...i now fear break the cheap thing when i have to pull down on it to open...smh


11:41AM | 03/15/20
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Many filter grilles are held in place by 2 thumb nuts or thumb screws. when one or both special fasteners are missing, a quick way to hold the grille is to drill a hole, insert plastic or metal anchor (if needed) & use a thumb screw. OW remove the frame & drill holes through it, concentric with grille holes, insert a flat head screw & attach frame. Use a thumb nut.


04:29PM | 07/09/20
Try a swivel staple safety hasp. The hasp rotates to hold it in place and you don't need to add a padlock.


04:35PM | 07/19/20
I used plastic screen fasteners purchased at Lowe's. Works pretty well and changing filter is easy. I did have to drill a small hole to attach each fastener.


02:35PM | 12/01/20
The frame on my grille is too small for the window latch idea and the hasp won't work either (and would look like hell). My 1970's old return grille had the screws that stuck through the grille with small nuts and it was good. I like the thumb screw idea and will try that one. Why are these made so poorly?


11:03PM | 12/03/20
I saw a video on youtube using this type of specialty magnet designed for fixing broken/worn air filter return grill latches. I might give it a try because I have similar problem but is quite pricey for 2 set of magnets, $24.99.


11:05PM | 12/03/20
I saw a video on youtube using this type of specialty magnet designed for fixing broken/worn air filter return grill latches. I might give it a try because I have similar problem but is quite pricey for 2 set of magnets, $24.99.


03:31PM | 02/03/21
Both of my grill fasters broke off.
Frame turn fasteners work great: turn fastners&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=03d5466c83c5b91aae1c151ea8e94252


09:39PM | 03/30/21
Try using frame turn button (for securing pictures into a frame).
Uxcell Frame Turn Button, 3/4" Plastic Drop Shape with Screws for Hanging Pictures, Photos, Drawings and Posters (Amazon).


08:22PM | 05/02/21
If you have the screw in instead of latches you can go to a good Hardware store and buy thumb screws to replace your lost screws.
A thumb screw is flat and allows you to handle it. Just look up thumb screws and go buy them.

if you have latches but cannot replace them. Just drill a small hole thru the face of you grille in two places and use the thumb screws instead.


05:12PM | 06/21/21
My ceiling cover is screwed in with six screws. I can’t see a way to access the filter without crawling over ducting. Plus whoever installed attic access ladder put it in backwards!


07:46PM | 06/25/21
How did you remove the latches in order to repair them?


10:10AM | 08/31/21
I believe what everyone is looking for are slide on clip nuts. This will clip onto the interior frame so that you have somewhere to screw the thumb screw in in order to hold the cover to the frame.

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