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03:23AM | 10/29/00
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Your best bet is to replace the coil. More holes may devolope in the future. Also, repairing the holes is labor intensive and is not in your best interest. Sounds like you may have a coil that was poorly manufactured from the start, but that was then. Go with the new coil.
P.S. there is a HVAC section: Heating/Ventalation/Air Conditioning.


03:23AM | 10/29/00
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Your best bet is to replace the coil. More holes may devolope in the future. Also, repairing the holes is labor intensive and is not in your best interest. Sounds like you may have a coil that was poorly manufactured from the start, but that was then. Go with the new coil.
P.S. there is a HVAC section: Heating/Ventalation/Air Conditioning.


08:17AM | 10/29/00
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Thanks Hollywood for responding. I have one more question for you. the coil itself costs around $1200. The person who came here to check the coils told me he would give me a discount on coils if I buy the matching condenser unit also along with the coil (Trane for $1915 or Janitrol for $1750). Do you think it is a good idea to replace both simultaneously ? The condenser unit is working but it is 8 yrs. old.



12:19AM | 10/31/00
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I would love to tell you to go with the new equipment, but It,s not that old!.... Why can't anyone find the leak on the Evep coil? Did anyone try to find it? Sounds like lazyness on the contractors part is costing you big bucks....2 Ton evap. in NY installed,....about 6/700.00


02:21PM | 10/31/00
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Mr. Hollywood, The tech. found 3 leaks in the evaporator coil and he told me it was not worth fixing it since there may be many more which is not found yet. He gave me quote on Bryant/Trane evaporator coil for $1175 installed. The other one is willing to give me a discount on the eva. coil if I buy condenser unit along with it. I really wonder if it is worth fixing the leak and have this 8 yr. old eqpt.


03:49PM | 10/31/00
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OK,..Here is what you should do: Replace the Evap, and the Evap only! 8 years is not alot for an A/C. The price is what I have a problem with...And I mean A big problem! Look for other contractors for a better price PLEASE....... Whole sale,.A coil will cost him $300.00 MAX. for a 2 ton coil and maybe he would charge you 400 w/ markup. All together maybe 650.00 less tax.... Sales are the only thing on their minds. Do not throw the baybe out with the bath water. I agre that the evap should be replaced. No need for an entire new system. If it was say,..12 years old, I could see it, but not now!!!

Hope this helped.


04:17PM | 05/21/13
I have a similar situation. We just replaced our central airconditioning system in 2005 (8 years ago). Now our service company is telling us we have a leak causing us to loose fluid. They are recommending we replace the coil at a cost of $1720. The warranty on the coil was only for 5 years, but is 8 years a common time to have a replace a coil and is it worth it? They are not recommending replacing the outside unit yet, but I wonder if the cost we are quoted (which includes labor) is fair. We have a large CarrierInfinity unit with a 14 seer.


10:05AM | 06/02/13
I live in a tropical place and AC is on 24/7. My unit is 7 years old and from initial installation I've had regular maintenance. 2 weeks ago the system stopped cooling, so our maintenance company added freon. 2 days ago the unit stopped cooling again so we shut it off all together at the advice of our tech.

Yesterday, after he inspected the system he recommends we replace the coil. And listed several other things he would have to replace as well. ( I'm not sure how he came to the conclusion that the coil was the only area leaking, except to say that he could hear and see freon leaking from it)

My questions are:

1 - because we've had the unit serviced regularly, and part of the service is cleaning the coil, would they not have noticed a growing problem with the coil during the service check

2 - is it common to replace the entire handler when the coil is the problem ( we are being told that because the handler is in a bad location it is difficult to get to the coil

3 - are there any particular questions I should ask to be sure the tech knows what he is talking about?

4 - if the coil is in a bad location to remove / exchange, how were they able to clean it. ( I'm willing to accept that they just spray it with something, but wanted your opinion)

Thank you for your time.


01:03PM | 08/29/13
To BV001206 (Debbie)...did you ever get your questions answered? I was recently told the same thing but for my home (coils eroding on a 2010 system...time to replace the system). I don't even know how this is possible. Meanwhile, I can't get in contact with the installer and I'm losing money paying for service techs to (a) tell me something different every time they show up and (b) paying the service techs to recharge/refill the freon.



03:29PM | 09/18/13
My unit is 9 years old Heil 2.5 ton 10 seer, my coil is leaking as well, to replace entire unit $3,400 replace coil and stay with r22 is $1,000 my question is what should I do, go with new 410a system or replace coil???


10:18AM | 04/18/14
I am a consumer protection attorney working in Washington, DC and Maryland. My firm is investigating Carrier and Lennox air conditioners. It would be helpful to our investigation if we could speak to anyone who has such a unit installed in their home or business. If you are willing to have a brief conversation, I can be reached at 202-789-3960 or by e-mail at Thank you in advance for your consideration. Brendan Thompson

Duane, Moderator

09:38PM | 04/21/14
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Even though the ac is 8 years old I highly recommend to replace the condenser and evaporator.
Your old unit is a R22 unit, and the phase out process for that refrigerant has begun, so in a few years it will be either all gone or very expensive. I would install a r-410 unit, and confirm that it is properly sized. Do your home work on the quality of the brand of unit before buying.

Thanks for your question.
Duane Cotton, expert moderator


11:41PM | 06/25/14
To both Debbie (BV00126) and Kevin (BV001949):
I have the same situation and questions as the 2 of you. In fact, I have read and found evidence of legal class action lawsuits under consideration towards Lennox, which is the brand I had purchased new, had professionally installed, serviced and maintained twice a year. Before the unit was 4 years old (only 3 summer seasons), the evaporator coil was shot and had to be replaced.

After I found out how difficult this 'coil' is to get to, I'm wondering the same questions as Debbie. It seems odd that the coil would perform perfectly for 3 summers and before the start of the next season, have such bad leaks that the coolant had almost entirely leaked out and the unit beyond repair. All of this without any indication of reduced coolant amount during any of the previous service/maintenance calls? The part they took out looked disgustingly old, worn, and corroded.

Before I pay any money towards the replacement work, I'm insisting from the 'Lennox contractor' that he provide answers to these questions, and may well visit a lawyer myself. I am tempted to bring an additional suit against the contracting agent for Lennox, since there is no possible way that they are unaware of this problem!

I'm curious as to what you may have found out, or your situations were resolved. Thanks!



10:27AM | 07/04/14
My AC evaporator coil is bad the inspector tell me that I should replace the inside unit and the out side unit for 4,300. can I just replace the coil? Please Help


10:00PM | 07/15/14
I bought a new home with a Lennox A/C four years ago and was informed today that I need a new evaporator coil. The A/C stopped cooling and Freon was added. However, 10 days later, it needed Freon again and it was determined that the evaporator coil needs to be replaced. I am very upset about this issue because I feel ripped off by Lennox. The company should provide assistance in replacing this part.

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