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11:41AM | 07/19/02
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I recently moved into a brand new home and noticed that my lights flicker seconds before my central air unit kicks on. I don't think this is normal. The builder sent out an electrician and he said that my central air unit requires a 40watt "something" and I had a 30watt "something" instead.(I forgot the exact name) He changed that out and said that should solve the problem. It helped a little, but I can still tell by my lights when my central air is about to come on. Does anybody have any suggestions. My builder is trying to lead me to believe that a little flickering of lights is normal. I don't think so.


09:52AM | 07/28/02
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dont buy his answer,,,,,there is something wrong with the wiring the flights dim in only a certain room when a/c is about to kick on? he may have the a/c mixed with a rooms lighting circuit and should not or there may be a bad ground connection for that room or the whole house have reputable electrician do an independent check/fix and charge it to the builder....good luck and post back with your findings/fix. LJ


11:35AM | 07/28/02
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Dear Carla,
First and foremost, I beilive you would need at least a 200 amp service for your home. Other than that, there are or should be 4 main wires coming in from the power source.
#1 and 2 will be the two main lugs.( 110 and 110 volts. Then you should have two more wires coming in. These will or should be a green wire for ground and a white wire for the neutral. The other thing I would check is maybe you have a loose connection somewhere. Last and not least is the service wires coming in may not be large enough to support all the draw you require. My advice is to call a reputable electrician and have him inspect the home and determine where the problem is.


11:38AM | 07/28/02
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Dear Carla,
PS. Also have an HVAC tech. check your ground unit ( A/C ) for starting problems. Sometimes brand new units are defective and due to a compressor malfunction, may draw more amps than necessary.


11:40AM | 07/29/02
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I believe what you are experiencing is completely normal. A drop of just a few volts on incandescent lighting doesnt seem like much but is very perceptable to the human eye. I would even dare to say that you are only having a drop of a couple volts, this would be excellent!

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with the wiring, plus a bad ground connection wont have any effect at all on this (thats just a guess pulled out of the air).


10:37AM | 07/30/02
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Blinking lights can be caused by a lot of things.
Since the A/C is on both but not on the neutral this is a possibility it is creating a huge drop in the line. This leaves the power company lines and the A/C unit to be checked.
Generally light blinking can be attributed to a bad or loose neutral connection, or an imbalance is the overall system but since iit is happening when the Air unit cycles That would be a good place to start.
If indeed it is a new house the lights should not blink unless the runs are extremely long and circuits are undersized creating a voltage drop to the point where the lights are dimming.
I would call the power company ask them to check there lines and an HCAC guy to checck the unit and if it is the unit bill the GC.


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