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11:33AM | 05/11/04
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An electrician said that I should use #6 wire for a project. I have no idea what this is? Does it equate to 12/2?

I am breaking off from a 220 Volt outlet to two 110 V outlets.



05:03PM | 05/11/04
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NO #6 wire is not the same as 12/2.


04:24AM | 05/12/04
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07:20AM | 05/12/04
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Wire sizes for residential are noted in two parts. The 12/2 wire means 12 gauge, 2 conductors (plus ground in most cases). It is capable of carrying up to 20 amps of 110 V electricity assuming we are talking US current. The smaller the gauge designation, the larger the wire and vice versa, so thinner wire, like 14/2 can carry up to 15 amps, while larger wire 10/2 can handle 30 amp loads. Wire size is determined by load and distance. Distance is important due to voltage drops that occur with longer distance. So a 30 amp load traveling 20 feet may use 10 AWG wire, while the same load going 80 feet may require 8 AWG (larger wire).

You were told you need #6 wire. If the load is a 220 appliance, you need 6/3, if the load is 110 v, you need 6/2. #6 wire gauge is thick and stiff to work with. It also happens to be expensive due to the size and amount of copper in it. The #6 wire size may be carrying a load of 40 to 60 amps depending on distance.

I am not an electrician and the information above should not be relied on to design or construct electrical systems. Please consult a qualified electrician before starting your project.


02:54PM | 05/13/04
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I hate to say this but this simple question tells me you should not be doing any type of electrical work. You don't have the knowledge to do it correctly. You should hire an electrician or get yourself a good book and read a bit first.

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